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    That God is worthy of honor should be obvious to all men. "A son honoreth his father, and a servant his master: if I then be a Father, where is mine honor? if I be a master, where is my fear? saith the Lord of hosts", (Mal. 1:6).
    Honor is due both to the Father and the Son; nor can a person truly honor the one while despising the other, (John 5:23). Whoever honors the Lord will be honored by Him, (I Sam. 2:30; John 12:26).
    There are various ways in which men may honor God. He may be honored by acts of worship, praise and thanksgiving", (Psa. 26:8; 66:2; 71:8; 96:6; 104:1; 145:5; Dan. 4:37; I Tim. 1:17; Rev. 4:11; 7:12; 19:1, 7). We may also honor God: by lives of positive holiness, (Jer. 33:8-9); by choosing God's way instead of walking after our own lust's, (Isa. 58:13-14); and by deeds of love and mercy, (Prov. 3:9; 14:31).
    It is a wicked people who honor the Lord only with their lips; they will surely not go unpunished, (Isa 29:13-14; 43:25; 58:2; Matt.15:8; Romans 2:23).
Let us so live and witness that we may truly honor His worthy name in deed and in truth. E.G.


    It was the privilege of this editor to spend the weekend of February 24 - 28 with relatives and friends in Florida. This was the first time I had been able to visit my parents for two years, (I actually spend less time with my peop1e than do many missionaries who are laboring on foreign fields.)
    On Sunday I spoke on the radio broadcast and in both services for the Central Missionary Baptist Church of Arcadia where my brother, Albert, is pastor. Then, on Monday, there came the fulfillment of a long-time desire to visit the Florida Baptist College & Seminary where I was treated most graciously and invited to speak in their morning chapel service.
    What I heard and observed in the Florida Baptist Schools deepened my appreciation of what they are doing for some 55 young ministers whose lives have been dedicated to God's service. Our own Bro. Rick waWa is enthusiastic, and appears to be progressing well in his studies.
    As always , it is good to be back home. And I look forward with much eagerness and expectancy of growth in the weeks to come.
-- the Editor

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    So far as I know, Dr. Ray Brooks, editor of the BAPTIST MONITOR, has never been so labeled; but I needed balance in my heading. And since he recently wrote an article entitled "Speckled Byrd's and New Lightism" I felt that he should not have any objection. It is my firm conviction that nothing is gained by the use of such debasing connotations -- that they so prejudice vital issues as to hinder an honest appraisal of evidences.
    The time is at hand that calls for a clarification of REAL ISSUES. Name-calling and attempted defamation of character have never been recognized as acceptable of Christian behavior. Nothing worthwhile has ever built by the employment of unworthy means.
    The REAL ISSUE appears to be whether there is any real advantage in submitting one's life to follow God's order in a New Testament

Church. There is no division over what, theoreticc1lly, constitutes a New Testament assembly; there is considerable diversity relative to the practical benefits derived from losing one's self in the glad servitude of Jesus Christ as a member of His body.
    Is it really worthwhile to yield one's self whole-heartedly to follow God's order? Can one follow the divine order for Christian discipleship, in this age, while refusing the "reproach" that so often comes to those who value the blood-purchased church of Jesus Christ above their own lives or interests? If there are no LASTING BENEFITS reserved for fidelity to God's order, then why insist that one message and order is any better than another? Is fidelity to Baptist principles any better than to "protestant" or "inter-denominational" principles -- which many seem to hold with few enemies in this world?
    In his recent article Dr. Brooks revived the "Speckled Byrd" epithet in connection with his debunking of so-called "New Lightism". Since I know that his statement is a perversion of what Bro. Edward Byrd actually teaches (and seriously doubt that the Dr. has ever discussed the matter with Bro. Byrd -- even if he KNOWS HIM), I am deeply concerned. Would it not be far better -- far more Christian -- to permit a brother to speak for himself? (I would much rather speak for myself than have ten of my most beloved brethren attempt to explain what I believe.)
    Thus, in the interest of

fairness, unity and clarity, I PROPOSE to open the columns of the CLARION HERALD to brethren Ray Brooks and Edward Byrd -- INVITING BOTH to submit articles on the biblical basis of their beliefs concerning: "DISTINCTIVE BLESSINGS AVAILIBIE TO GOD'S PEOPLE THROUGH FIDELITY TO HIS ORDER FOR THIS PRESENT AGE". I assume that both of these brethren recognize that, in the intention of Jesus Christ, DICIPLESHIP necessarily implied submission to His lordship in a Testament church.
    I have NOT discussed the matter of such articles with either brother, but feel that positive articles (with specific biblical foundation) from the pens of both would go a long way toward establishing the excelling superiority of biblical principles over individual personalities -- of humble service over worldly recognition.
    This offer made with only two conditions: 1) The articles are to be of a positive nature, and 2) The length of each must be confined to the space available in a single issue of the CLARION HERALD.
-- Eugene L. Garner


    One man will break out in a cold sweat. Another will become angry and dogmatically insist that the principle of "grace" is being violated -- since "all judgment is past for the child of God"! A third will shake his head in bewilderment that anyone should imply that WORKS has any role in the destiny of the believer. ALL manifest symptoms of the same psychological problem --

PISTOPHOBIA, "the fear of faithfulness".
    Is it not strange that Gospel ministers, who claim to believe in the plenary-verbal inspiration of the Scriptures, should shudder at the proclamation of the one basic life-principle that God requires of ALL who would walk with Him in white? Is not faithfulness one of the basic qualities of God's own nature, (1 Cor. 1:9; 10:13; 2 Thess. 3:3; I Pet. 4:9; 1 John 1:9). And has He not consistently commended the faithfulness of men in all generations? lives and ministries that would not be turned aside from following His order?
    Is it not alarming that promises specifically addressed "to the FAITHFUL IN CHRIST JESUS" can be wrested by an unconscionable ministry and presumptuously misappropriated as belonging equally to all who have once professed to believe on Jesus, (Eph.1:1) No wonder so few Baptist leaders are able, in our day, to unblushingly promise DISTINCTIVE BLESSINGS to those who will faithfully devote themselves to the "divine order" established by our Lord and faithfully preserved (through loving obedience) by the blood of martyrs and the suffering of multitudes who would be ashamed of the cowardice manifested by those claiming to follow in their train.
    Stewards of the manifold grace of God, there is ONE condition to God's approval: "that a man be found FAITHFUL!" To receive God's commendation men must abandon their "phobia (fear) and devote their lives to "pistos" -- faithfulness!


    "For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body, according to the working "Thereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself,!! (Phil. 3:20-21).
    God already views men of faith as being seated in the heavenlies, "in Christ", who is our life. Our highest allegiance fit to another state. Nevertheless, while living in this present world -- a world of corruption and sin -- we are not antagonistic toward its CIVIL ORDER.
    That order was ordained of God for a realm that still insists on opposing Him.
    We eagerly and expectantly await the coming of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, from heaven. He will come to complete our salvation by the redemption of our bodies, (Rom. 8:23; 13:11; I Thess. 1:10) He will re-fashion "the body of our humiliation". This refers to our present bodies as being subject to suffering, indignities and the effects of sin.
    There is nothing in the Scriptures to justify the theory of the "inherent vileness of our frame" -- so as to be proper objects of contempt, (1 Thes. 5:23). The fact that the Son of God took upon Himself "the likeness of men" proves that the human body was no hindrance to moral character when God dwelt in it. instead of "passing the buck" to one's "old sinful body", we ought to be honest enough to admit that; the REAL problem is one of personal sinful lusts. The problem will never be solved so long as we dishonestly refuse to admit that it exists!
    At the coming of the Lord Jesus, He will conform all who have unashamedly identified themselves with Him to His own glorious likeness. This will involve a conformity "to the body of His glory" -- through the exercise of the power that is His to subject all things unto Himself.
    No other hope is so bright as the radiant expectancy of being conformed to Christ, so as to share His fullness and glory at His coming and Kingdom. E.G.