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    "0 Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches", (Psalm 164:24).
    How vast are the unrecognized mercies of the Lord! They surround us on every side; yet, we seldom recognize them or acknowledge them to His praise. 0, that we might have eyes to SEE what the Lord is doing for us! And hearts so filled with thankfulness that we will praise Him for the blessing of life, the sufficiency of His daily provision and the unspeakable gift of His dear Son.
    The things God has made show forth His infinite goodness, wisdom and power. Recognition of this will strengthen our faith and stir us up to love, adoration and praise. "0 give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good for His mercy endureth forever", (Psa. 136:1).

The glories of my Maker, God,
   My joyful voice shall sing,
And call the nations to adore
   Their Former and their King.
The brightness of our Maker's name
   The wide creation fills;
And His unbounded grandeur flies
   Beyond the heavenly hills.


We never forget to say, "Give me",
   When needy how quickly we plead,
But how oft we forget to say,
      "Thank you".
   When the Lord has supplied
      every need.

We never forget to say, "Help me",
   In trouble how quickly we pray;
But how oft we forget to say,
      "Thank you",
   When He's chased all the trou-
      bless away.

We never forget to say, "Spare me",
   From sorrow, from sickness and
But how oft we forget to say,
      "Thank you",
   To the One who has kept through
      the years.

It seems that we only say "Thank
   Each time that Thanksgiving
      draws near;
Is it fair to say "Give me" so
   And "Thank you" just one time
      a year?
-- Harriet Heine
    "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord", (Psa. 92:1).

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    However much men may argue and philosophize over the work of the Holy Spirit OUTSIDE the body of Christ, it is clearly God's intention, through the church, to call out from among the Gentiles "a people for His name", And the church is His chosen agency for the evangelization of the world.
    The SPECIAL MINISTRY of the Holy Spirit, as promised by the Christ, and sent to undertake a NEW ROLE on the Day of Pentecost, is a ministry designed to ENABLE the New Testament church (the institution established by Jesus during His own personal ministry) to fulfill the role for which it was created.
    According to Jesus' own promise and order the Holy Spirit works, in this special role, through the faithful life and witness of New Testament assemblies, to" "reprove the world of RIGHTEOUSNESS, because

I go to my Father, and ye see me no more", (John 16:10). It is surely the responsibility of every local assembly to so LIVE as to openly manifest the very righteousness of Christ in its corporate life, as well as in the lives of its individual members.
    Consciousness of standing in the presence of divine holiness (or perfect righteousness) has ever caused alarm in the hearts of sinful men -- bringing an acknowledgement" of sinfulness and unworthiness, (Isa. 6:1-5; Job 42:5-6).
    When a New Testament church lives according to God's pattern the Holy Spirit works through it to make men conscious of their spiritual need. He, further, shows them that the sense of fulfillment, after which their hearts so deeply yearn, may be found ONLY as a functioning member of such an assembly. Thus, as a new covenant people set the gaze of their hearts steadfastly upon the risen, living Christ, they clearly reflect the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Then spirit-convicted men -- seeing the works of Christ manifested in our common life -- will acknowledge that God is in us "of a truth" and "glorify" our Father who is in heaven. E.G.
    Satan's best work is done by people who claim to love the Lord.
    One of the greatest thrills in life comes from a difficult task well done.
    You can tell how big a man is by observing how much it takes to discourage him.


    Through the special ministry of the Holy Spirit, promised to His church, Jesus declared that the world will be reproved (convicted, or convinced) "of JUDGMENT, because the prince of this world is judged"; and it is surely ridiculous to follow a fallen leader to his eternal ruin!
    Judgment is one of the chief functions of a New Testament church. We are to judge ourselves -- lest we be judged with the world (I Cor. 11:31-32). We must also judge our brethren in the body -- remembering that each of us IS his brother's keeper. But, we must "judge righteous judgment"; that is, our judgment must be according to the principles of God's word. Unless we learn, and are faithful in the exercise of, this judgment we will be UNQUALIFIED to inherit the Kingdom with our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Whoever has not already fled to Jesus for refuge ALREADY STANDS UNDER A SENTENCE OF CONDEMNATION -- because of His rejection of Christ's provision for his salvation, (John 3:18).
    It is the present task of the church to warn men everywhere of impending judgment - - a judgment that will be without respect of persons -- and to call all men to repentance, (Acts 17:30-31; Romans 2:1-16).
    In every properly-functioning New Testament assembly the world may observe the principle of righteous judgment being demonstrated -- for the benefit of both the body and the erring, and for the glory

of God. When an erring brother refuses the loving counsel of the church -- insisting on following a path of his own appointment (a path that is both contrary to God IS word and destined to ruin) he is CUT OFF from the body. He is" actually "severed from Christ", so far as the blessings and benefits of the new covenant relationship are concerned, (John 15;6; Gal. 5:4; Matt. 18:17). Such a person is "delivered unto Satan", his chosen master, "for the destruction of the flesh; that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus", (I Cor. 5:5). Such action is actually designed to RESTORE such an one to a walk of uprightness before God.
    Judgment within the body of Christ is designed as a WITNESS to the world of the SORER PUNISHMENT awaiting all who reject the Saviour (I Peter 4:17-19). E.G.


    Through the life and testimony of New Testament churches, the Holy Spirit glorifies the Living Christ -- showing how He has made adequate provision for every human need.
    By the sacrifice of Himself, on the cross of Calvary, Jesus Christ has "put away sin" -- enabling every trusting soul to escape its guilt, power and consequences. And the Spirit declares how the very righteousness demanded by a Holy God has been satisfactorily met by our Divine Substitute.
    The Spirit calls all men to repentance, faith and surrender to the rightful lordship of Jesus. He offers forgiveness, pardon, life,

peace and security -- with joy unspeakable and full of glory! He even shows how the Son of Man has taken OUR PLACE in Judgment. By His own death He has delivered all from the condemnation of original sin and its consequences. And, through the blood of His cross, Jesus has made provision for the continuous cleansing of all whose hearts and lives are truly abandoned to His mastery.
    Has the Holy Spirit so opened your eyes as to reveal that you are a lost, condemned, hell-bound and hell-deserving sinner? Do you see yourself as a careless church member -- needing repentance and rededication of your life to Jesus' mastery? Or, perhaps you are one
called by the grace of God to minister to others for His glory; instead, you have endeavored to glorify yourself through promoting your own personal philosophy rather than submitting yourself to the wisdom of God's order?
    How will YOU respond to the special witness of the Spirit?
-- Eugene L. Garner


Eternal Spirit! by whose power
   Are burst the bands of death,
On our cold hearts thy blessing
   And stir them with thy breath.

'Tis thine to point the heavenly
   Each rising fear control,
And, with a warm, enlivening ray,
   To melt the icy soul.

'Tis thine to cheer us, when dis-
   To raise us when we fall;
To calm the doubting, troubled
   And aid when sinners call.

'Tis thine to bring God's sacred
   And write it on our heart;
There its reviving truths record,
   And there its peace impart.

Almighty Spirit! visit thus
   Our hearts, and guide our ways;
Pour down thy quickening grace on
   And tune our lips to praise!
-- Wm. Hiley Bathurst