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    Those who heard Jesus speak when He walked among men did not really understand Him; nor is He understood today. He was offensive then and now, (Matt. 13:13-15). Fallen man is very sensitive to both his sin and inferiority in the presence of Jesus and under the influence of His pure word.
    Concerning his own people Paul wrote: "Who both killed the Lord Jesus; and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men; forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway; for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost", (I Thess. 2: 15-16). He loved his own brethren, as pertained to the flesh, in spite of their sins, (Rom. 9:1-5). But they rejected him as resoundingly as they had rejected his Lord.
    At Mt. Sinai Israel trembled as she heard the voice of the Living God as He spoke audibly to install Moses as their leader. But within a few short weeks they turned away from his leadership, (Ex. 31:1). In less than two years they were ready to stone Joshua and Caleb for

encouraging them to trust in the Living God and to go forth in obedience to His command, (Num. 14:10). The scriptures record a repetition of this same attitude for the 1500 years that followed.
    Stephen inquired of them: "Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted?" (Acts 7:52). And when Saul, the persecutor, became Paul, the apostle of Jesus Christ, he also was persecuted.
    With a heart fully as heavy as that of Paul, Moses had served as God I s mouthpiece to Israel: "Ye are NOT my people and I will NOT be your God!" (Hos. 1:9). The reason: "There is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land", (Hos. 4:1).
    Did not Isaiah declare: "Except the Lord of hosts had left us a seed, we had been as Sodom"? Only a REMNANT would be left. Had there been TEN righteous men in Sodom, it would have been spared. But Paul envisioned Gentiles, who had once NOT BEEN GOD IS PEOPLE becoming children of God -- declared righteous through FAITH.
    The covenant nation had stumbled over Immanuel -- the virgin1s son. He had become "a stumblingstone and rock of offense" and a snare to the
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    In a very special way the Holy Spirit was with Israel, the covenant nation. He was her companion and teacher -- carefully guarding her interests, (Hag. 2:5; Neh. 9:20; Isa. 59:19).
    But Israel sinned very grievously against Him -- rebelling, vexing and always resisting the Holy Spirit, (Isa. 63:10; Micah 2:7; Acts 7:51). In view of this great sin God: revealed her failure -- pointing out specific ways wherein she had transgressed -- provoking, tempting erring in heart and never knowing His way, (2 Chron. 24:20). He denied her blessings -- not permitting her to enter His "rest", (Psa. 95:7-11; Heb. 3:7-19). He witnessed against her, (Neh. 9:30); and foretold her coming judgment, (Micah 3: 8-12).
    In spite of all this, God proclaimed a coming restoration and ultimate fruitfulness from the once-

barren nation (Isa. 32:15-16, 44:3) -- holding forth wonderful promises of a glorious future, (Ezek. 2:2; 3:12-14; 8:3; Joel 2:28-29; Zech. 12:10).
    The Spirit is, further, portrayed as active in the building of both the Tabernacle and Temple. He provided the plans for their construction, (I Chron. 28:12), bestowed special skills for their design and workmanship, (Ex. 31:1-6; 35:30-32; 28:3); moved the hearts of the people to liberality in providing their furnishings, (Ex. 35:21-29), and ultimately showing that the tabernacle was only "typical", and could not actually grant one entrance "into the holiest", (Heb. 9:8).
    The nature of the Spirit's dealing with men in Old Testament times was varied. He is pictured as: 1) coming "upon" men such as: Gideon; (Judges 6:34); Amasai, (I Sam.10:6, 10); and David, (I Sam. 16:13). 2) of being IN others --inspiring them to act upon inward promptings. Among these were: Joseph, (Gen. 41:38); Joshua, (Num. 27:18), Daniel, (Dan. 4:8-9); and the prophets, (Neh. 9:39; I Pet.l:10-ll). And 3) He is portrayed as "resting upon" some, (Num. 11: 25-26); while "moving upon" others, (Judges 13:25).


    Not everyone knows that missionary Edgar Sullivan (Okinawa) is bearing mission (rent) costs, of $220 per month, plus trying to maintain a radio broadcast, at $26 per 15-minute program......from his own
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    It is interesting to consider the case of "a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon", (Luke 2:25-32). A just man, and devout, he was waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was UPON him.
    Try to visualize the sacred scene in ancient Jerusalem wherein a young woman, accompanied by her husband, brings her firstborn son to the temple for the purpose of PRESENTING HIM TO GOD. They have brought for an offering the SACRIFICE OF THE POOR -- "a pair of turtle doves, or two young pigeons" -- for they have no lamb.
    Note how they bow in holy reverence as they wait.
    Approaching them one may see an old man. His very bearing and attitude speak of his devoutness of character. He is one who knows how to conduct himself within the sanctuary of God. In his countenance one may detect, by discerning eye, a JOY that reaches far beneath the surface. It is the joy of a LIFE-LONG HOPE FULFILLED -- the ardent expectancy of the years finally come to realization!
    Watch him as he reaches out his hands and takes from the mother's bosom the son of her love -- the child of prophecy. To Him has been revealed, by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's anointed One.
    In his eyes one may catch a glimmer of light seldom seen among men. He holds the child in His arms -- in SILENT ADORATION. Then, he lifts his eyes toward heaven. And there

flows from his lips a simple word of JOYFUL PRAISE:   "Lord, now let thou thy servant
  depart in peace,
    According to Thy Word:
  For mine eyes have seen thy
    Which Thou hast prepared be-
    fore the face of all people;
  A Light to lighten the Gentiles,
    And the glory of thy people,
   The Holy Spirit has carefully, faithfully and providentially brought together every element necessary to the fulfilling both of the Divine Word and Purpose.


inhabitants of Jerusalem, (Isa. 8:13-15). And when Jesus reminded them that the words of the prophet had been fulfilled with regard to Himself they were ready to slay Him (Matt. 21:42-46).
    The Word of our Lord is a "rock" upon which we may safely build our lives, (Matt. 7:24-27). He is the firm foundation-stone on which the church is built. Upon that rock we may stand fast and secure; the very gates of hell will not be able to prevail there, (Matt. 16:15-18). But to those who oppose Him, the Son of God is a mighty crushing grindstone Who will make His enemies like the dust of the threshing floor.
    Blessed is he who is not offended in Jesus, but who yields ALL to Him as Saviour, Lord and King!

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personal support.
    Here is a real opportunity for others to be genuine "fellow-helpers" in the truth. WILL IT BE YOU?

    People who enjoy the greatest opportunities in life often value them least. Those possessing the most Bibles seem to know least of what the Bible teaches.
    Having grown up in Nazareth, Jesus was more familiar to that people than to any other city on earth. They recognized Him as Joseph's son; but they did NOT know Him as "the Lord from heaven". He moved to
Capernaum, where most of His mighty works were done. The curious crowd questioned: If How is it that He saith I came down from heaven"? He came into the world that He had created, and to a people He had set apart for Himself, but they did not know Him or receive Him, (Jn. 1:11-12).
    Millions today speak flatteringly of Jesus and His teachings, but so very few believe that "all authority in heaven and in earth" belong to Him, (Matt. 28:l8-20). Others claim, in His name, to do many wonderful works -- all of which He will repudiate, because they are contrary to the order of His Word, (Matt. 7:21-23).
    When Peter confessed Jesus as "The Christ, the Son of the Living God", the Lord declared that he could have known it ONLY by a direct revelation from the heavenly Father, Matt. 16:16-17). Nor can anyone know and believe in Jesus until the Father has opened his heart and mind -- inclining him to do so, (Matt. 11:27; Jn. 6:44).
    Nazareth was proud of the home-town boy who had made good -- and expected that He should be proud of them. But the idea that "the Lord from heaven" had grown up among them WAS PREPOSTEROUS! Nor did they believe that Isaiah had written of Him, (Luke 4:16-32).
    So today; many fail to hear the message because of their familiarity with the messenger. Knowing him so well, he surely will have nothing significant to say. What a pity!! For the pure word of God; so potentially rich and glorious, is neglected, or despised, to the eternal poverty of the careless.