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    Every child of God should quickly respond to everything impressed upon his heart by the Holy Spirit; and he should do it quickly. Neither time nor desire will permit delay. Death comes suddenly. Opportunities which present themselves for doing special service are brief and often far between. If not seized immediately they are forever forfeited.
    This very day YOU may be inclined to speak some word or perform some task that may result in eternal enrichment to another soul. Tomorrow the inclination will be silent as the tomb. Every day the reminder comes that death is no respecter of persons. Someone is called home -- leaving plans and high purposes behind him, unfulfilled.
    So, if the Spirit of the Lord moves upon YOUR heart to act TODAY, do not think that tomorrow will be better suited for the task; YOU have no assurance of tomorrow!
    Our SINCERE APPRECIAUON to those who recently sent liberal offerings in support of this printed ministry. They had the effect of keeping this ministry alive. THANKS! E.G.


    It is possible for Christians to experience a genuine, respectful intimacy with God. We are His sons and daughters. He is our Father. The relationship implies, on the part of a child, that all is reverent, respectful and submissive. On the part of the Father it implies tender love and active benevolence.
    As children of God it is proper and becoming to exercise the privilege of approaching our Father just as children do an earthly parent. And we may be assured that His compassionate heart will receive us graciously and love us freely. But, let us NEVER go before Him as presumptuous children -- spoiled, impudent and disrespectful. This would be a complete abuse of the privilege involved in the true relationship existing between us. Our conduct and speech should ever be such as manifest a right attitude toward Him Who is not only our Father, but who is also GOD.
    Jesus, "the first among many brethren", has set a proper example for us in this. His approach to the heavenly Father was always characterized by veneration mingled with affectionate speech. Never was He presumptuous; nor did His speech

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lack dignity or respect. "Holy Father", "Righteous Father", and such terms always characterize His reverent address. Thus, we may know that any degree of "familiarity" that He did not manifest is surely inappropriate for us. After all, He IS our pattern IN ALL THINGS -- in behavior and speech as well as in faith and love.
    Even in our approach to the Father, we should be Christ-like.


    John 14 records a conversation between Jesus and His disciples following their observance of the Passover together and the institution of the Lord's Supper. It is quite possible that the words were spoken on the way to the Garden of Gethsemane where the Master was betrayed with a kiss.
    "Let not your hearts be troubled" urged the Master; "ye believe in God, BELIEVE ALSO IN ME!" And still

there are men who pretend that Jesus never claimed anything extraordinary for Himself. Ordinary men do NOT claim from their fellows such trust as is appropriate only when God is its object. Jesus DID! They might approach the Father in HIS NAME -- and find all their need supplied, (John 16:22-23).
    For His disciples Jesus confirmed the belief that in the Father's house are "many mansions"; were it not so, He would have corrected the mistaken idea, (2 Cor. 5:1; Heb. 11:10, 14-16; 13:14; Rev. 3:12). Contrary to some modern theological philosophies, Jesus Christ never accommodated His teaching to popular misconceptions. He corrected erroneous teachings wherever he confronted them.
    Jesus, further, assured His little flock that He was going to prepare a special place for them, (comp. Jn. 13:33, 36; Heb. 6:19-20). Having prepared such a place, He will return and receive His people unto Himself -- a return that was later confirmed by both angelic and apostolic promise, (Acts 1:11; 2 Thess. 1:7-10; 2:1-17).
    At His return, with all His rewards (Rev. 22:12), all those will be honored who have faithfully yielded themselves to His rightful lordship (Jn. 12:24). In answer to His prayer, they will be with Him to behold and share His glory, (Jn. 17:24; Rom. 8:16-18). And so shall they forevermore dwell with their glorious Lord and King, (I Thess. 4:17).
    What a day that will be!!
Are YOU ready for the judgment day??


    Looking back over a period of more than 1900 years, the Lord's Supper brings us face to face with Him who was the despised Nazarene, the Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief. It bids us remember that He, in the fulness of His being, was given to death for us, instead of us, and that, because of this, we have escaped the penalty of eternal death. It is, further, declarative of our union with and sustenance by Christ.
    As an ordinance of God, it has a specific position in His order. It must follow baptism. Baptism signifies one's death to sin and BIRTH to a New Life in Christ. The Lord's Supper signifies the SUSTENANCE of this new life through partaking of Him Who is the "Bread of Life". Thus, the ordinance signifying a birth must precede that which symbolizes a feast. Not only is this the LOGICAL order; the scriptures give no example of baptism following the Supper. Baptism always comes BEFORE the Supper in the Scriptures, and it must ever be kept that way to preserve God's order.
    There is also a proper position for the Lord's Supper related to character. It is distinctly an ordinance OF THE CHURCH. In its observance a BODY OF BELIEVERS testify of their union with Christ. "For we, being many, are ONE BODY" -- one loaf. And Paul shows, in First Corinthians ll:l8-20 that a proper church relationship is the only proper place for the observance

of the Lord's Supper.
    The Lord's Supper is NOT the testimony of Christians, but of the CHURCH; it is NOT a symbol of Christian fellowship, but of CHURCH fellowship. Christ has given plenty of means for the expression of Christian fellowship -- means which may be employed in any place and at any time; but He has given to His CHURCH but one expression definitely laid down to symbolize her relationship to Him. And that is the Lord's Supper.
    Nor is the Lord's Supper the property of Christians individually. It must never be taken from its proper position and introduced hither and thither among the various assemblies of men. Its ONLY proper setting is IN THE CHURCH OF GOD! It is the testimony of the espoused Bride of Christ. By it she tells of her attachment to Him who is her living Head. Thus, it would be desecration of the ordinance to remove it from the place our Lord has put it; to use it apart from His ordained purpose is nothing short of prostitution.
    The practice of our forefathers in confining its observance to individual churches (as they met in church capacity) ought not be set aside for personal expediency. It is a serious thing to so desecrate the Lord's ordinances as to pervert or destroy the true teaching of their symbolism. E.G.
It's a good thing to remember,
   A better thing to do,
To work with the CONSTRUCTION gang,
   And not the wrecking crew!


    The great sin of Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum was a simple neglect of Christ and the Gospel. These people were NOT sinners above other Galileans; they were not antagonistic, scornful or violently opposed to the Christ; they simply DID NOTHING!
    A passive apathy, that is never touched more deeply than the ears by the living message of the gospel, is the thing that brings our Lord's most severe rebuke. Just be nice, go to church; listen politely and respectfully, tell yourself that you are a good Christian, and feel that you have done your duty; by such action you will surely be following in the steps of Chorazin,
Bethsaida and Capernaum.
    All one has to do to ultimately hear the Lord's reproach is to simply sit back and listen to His Word every Sunday; be proud that you have a pastor who preaches what you consider, in some vague and general way, to be TRUE, but which has no application to your own heart and life; that is all you have to do!
    As surely as negative VICES ruin a man in mind, body and soul; so, the negative SIN of simple indifference will put such a barrier between one and Christ that His blessings cannot flow. Such is a dangerous situation.
    Unless the sailors, manning the lower decks of a storm-tossed vessel, fasten themselves to something stationary, they will be swept out to sea by the very first great wave breaking across the deck. The sick man who WILL NOT take the medicine prescribed for His recovery commits suicide --- by simply DOING NOTHING! And YOU, lost one, may be eternally condemned because you believe not the Gospel, (John 36; I John 5:9-12).
    Such as are truly wise will trust in Jesus without delay.
Ye sinners! fear the Lord,
   While yet 'tis called today;
Soon will the awful voice of death
   Command your souls away.
Soon will the harvest close,
   The Summer soon be o'er;
And soon your injured, angry God
   Will hear your prayers no more.
Then, while 'tis called today,
   Oh! hear the gospel's sound;
Come, sinners! haste, Oh! haste
   While pardon may be found.