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MORMON?" (A Review)

    This question is the title of an intriguing 257-page book recently published by Vision House ($4.98). It involves extensive research into the true origin of "The Book of Mormon", one of the sacred books which the Latter Day Saints consider inspired. On its integrity three and one-half million souls rest the hope of their salvation. From the very beginning (in 1830), deep controversy has raged around the origin of this document -- whose fol1owers claim to have been divinely given. They see it as a progression beyond the New Testament scriptures, and containing an authoritative historical record of the original tribes that inhabited America. Even beside the fact that so much of it is in direct contradiction of the accepted Word of God (the Holy Bible), many have he1d it to be a fraud -- perpetrated by a master of deception.
    In the book, authored by Wayne L. Dowdrey, Howard A. Davis and Donald R. Scales, one will be held spellbound by the intrigue, deception, fraud, thievery and lying that was practiced in the holy name of Jesus by the founders of the Mormon

cult. It seems that any honest reader should be compelled to admit that these researchers have forever removed any shadow of doubt relative to the fraudulent nature of the document. Little place is left for doubt that the manuscript of Solomon Spaulding's biblically-styled novel, "Manuscript Found", was stolen from a printing office in Pittsburg, remodeled by Sidney Rigdar (a Campbel1ite preacher) and Oliver Cowdery, and submitted to the world as a work of divine inspiration on which men must rest their hope of sa1vationl (It has now been proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that 12 pages of Spaulding1s manuscript, IN HIS OWN HANDWRITING, has inadvertently been included in what is purported to be the original translation of the plates delivered to Smith by the angel, Moroni. Those 12 pages are now housed in a vault in the historical section of the Mormon Headquarters at Salt Lake City, Utah.)
    It is a marvel that seemingly intelligent men can, in the face of such a massive accumulation of historical, scientific and moral evidence to the contrary, practice the "sacrifice of the intellect" rather than repudiate the CONTINUING
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    Our message has now gone into some homes at least 200 times! And our sense of responsibility ever deepens.
    Some view our message as too hard to understand; others as being too straight-forward. One has questioned our sincerity; another our sanity. Our METHOD of sounding an alarm has caused some of our friends to question whether we have forsaken our stated principles. Their honest concern and counsel are appreciated. Such judgmental error (based on too little evidence) has sometimes been made as to cause the editor to feel it needful to apologize to persons not in mind at the time of writing.
    To wield a pen in the holy name of Jesus is a weighty undertaking. We need, we earnestly desire, YOUR PRAYER-SUPPORT in this ministry!
    Believing our message needful, we undertake for another year.
--the Editor


    Though it has been disappointing to see some turn aside from the fellowship during the past months, the Lord has greatly encouraged our hearts in the manifestation of His saving grace.
    During the past month two adults have made a public profession of their faith in Christ and asked for scriptural baptism -- both of them previously members of so-called churches which had not met their spiritual needs. They came to our services through a Bible Study that Bro. Clay Thompson is conducting in his home, in Madison, Wisconsin, each Thursday evening. The really thrilling thing is that they sought the fellowship of the church (which is 75 miles away from them) without being coerced IN ANY WAY to do so. This proves that God is still able, through the simple, faithful presentation of His Word, to reach the hearts of men and bring them to earnestly seek HIS ORDER for their lives.
    On Sunday morning, January 29, Brother Eugene Lindeman was baptized into our fellowship. Following the service, on that same morning, Sister Dianne Storner came -- giving a thrilling testimony, and seeking scriptural baptism. She will be baptized in the near future. God continues to work, and we rejoice in what He is doing. Our expectation is that He will continue to bless wherever the good seed of His word is sown in simplicity and in faithfulness. AMEN!      E.G.


    In the latter partĚ of the fourth century A. D. AErius, an elder of the church of Sebastia in Pontus, voiced his opposition to the corruptions that were fast destroying the testimony of the "official" church. According to Epiphanius, bishop of Cyprus, who died early in the fifth century, AErius was a "heretic" ho obstinately defended four great errors. It is interesting to note what he used as a basis for his charge. These were:
    1) That "bishops" were not to be distinguished from "presbyters" or "elders", by any divine right, because, according to the New Testament, their office and authority were absolutely the same. (That he was on firm scriptural ground is evident from such passages as: Acts 20:17; Titus 1:5, 7; I Peter 5:1-2 where the terms are both applied to the same persons.)
    2) That it was wrong to offer up prayers for the dead (which some were already beginning to do at this early date).
    3) That there was no authority in the Word of God for the celebration of Easter, as a religious solemnity.
    4) That fasts ought not be pre-fixed to the annual return of days, as the time of Lent and the week preceding Easter. For simple Christians it is a blessing that our rule of duty is plain: we must regard as acceptable for divine worship only what is specifically commanded or clearly, and approvingly, exemplified by the practice of the churches in New

Testament times. AErius appears to have been motivated by this high principle. He surely deserves to be commended for holding the only principle that manifests a becoming deference to the wisdom and Authority of God in establishing a definite "order" of spiritual worship -- the only principle that can assure a "unity of the spirit in the bonds of peace" among His people -- to the consummation of the age. (Based on Jones' History, pp.194-197)
Back of all that foes have plotted,
    Back of all that saints have
Back of schemes by men or demons,
    Moves a higher, hidden hand.

Warp and woof are Heaven's making,
    All the pattern good and wise;
Tho' on earth's side oft perplexing,
    Clear and right to heavenly eyes.

All earth's agents act with freedom,
    Choosing, whether love or hate,
Faith in God, or bold defiance;
    None are shackled slaves of fate.

Yet the Hand that guides is hidden,
    Moving secret and unseen,
Firmly guiding life's great drama,
    Every act and shifting scene.

Even human wrath, unknowing,
    Serves the one controlling Will;
Man proposes, God disposes;
    All things His design fulfil.

To that goal of all the ages,
    All of history's windings tend;
And despite all foes or factions,
    God proves Victor in the end.
-- Author Unknown

    A faithful Christian steward can make no wiser investment than in spreading the Gospel through men devoted to its proclamation according to the divine pattern.
    Such an opportunity is now available on the island of Kauai -- in the Hawaiian group. There Brother Lonnie C. Ford is laboring faithfully to establish a strung New Testament church. To work with a multi-national group, as he is doing, requires great love, wisdom patience and study. It is a shame that he must turn aside from a gospel ministry to meet family needs!!
    A faithful, persistent investment in this work will reap great interest in eternity. You may contact him at: Route 1, Box 259-X, Kapaa, Hawaii 96746.

DECEPTION! Why not simply follow Jesus Who is "the Way, the Truth and the Life" -- whose word is the only criterion of judgment that really matters (John 12:48)?
    Former Mormon Egyptologist, and official translator of what was purported to be the original manuscript of their "Book of Abraham", has set a good example for all honest Mormons to follow. Discovering that the precious manuscript (from which the "Book of Abraham" was supposedly translated miraculously by Joseph Smith) was nothing more than a common pagan burial papyrus (containing the Egyptian "Book of Breathings"), Dee Jay Nelson urged his superiors to acknowledge and repudiate the fraud. When they resorted to a master cover-up instead, Nelson repudiated Mormonism -- as every soul who is truly concerned for his eternal destiny will ultimately be compelled to do. There is NO OTHER HONORABLE ALTERNATIVE!
    Do not be too surprised if the supply of the above-mentioned title is exhausted before you get to your book store. It is such a devastating "expose" that a lot of Mormon wealth could be expended to deplete the supply. But, surely, Vision House Publishers will not permit too much time to pass before publishing a SECOND EDITION!
-- Eugene L. Garner

    "The latter part of a wise man's live is taken up in curing all of the follies, prejudices and false opinions he had contracted in the former." -- Jonathan Swift