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You sent the money across the sea
That bought a Bible for young
    Sing Lee;
And young Sing Lee, when he'd read
Proceeded to turn his back on sin.
Then he rested neither night or day
Till his brother walked in the
    narrow way.
And his brother worked till he had
Away from the gods his wife & son.
The woman told of her new found joy,
And Christ was preached by the
    happy boy.

Some of the folks who heard him
Decided the one true God to seek.
It wasn't long till half the town
Had left its idols of wood & stone.
And the work's not ended yet, my
YOU started something that ne'er
    shall end.
When you sent the money across the
That bought a Bible for young Sing
-- Amelia Price Ayres
    A true missionary is God's man in God's place, doing God's work in God's way for God's glory.


    "Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful" (I Cor. 4:2). The word "steward is from the Greek "oikonomos" and usually suggests the manager of a household or estate. It is a combination of two other words: -- "oikos", a house, and "nemo", to arrange. Such were often slaves who had been found trustworthy.
    Figuratively, the word is used in the New Testament of those to whom the preaching and teaching Of God's Word has been committed, (I Cor. 4:1); of bishops, elders or pastors in the churches, (Tit. 1:7) and of believers in general,(I Pet. 4:10). Stewardship involves the responsibility to USE FAITHFUILY whatever the Lord has committed to one's trust, (Lk. 19:13; I Tim. 6:20; I Pet. 4:10).
    Whatever use we make of our time, talents, material goods or opportunities to witness for Christ, we must ultimately give account thereof to our Lord and Master, (Matt. 12:36; Luke l2:48; 19:15; Rom. 14:12). A faithful stewardship assures one of rich dividends in the kingdom of God, (Luke 19:16-17; Matt. 25:34-36). Slackness will lead to their eternal loss, (Lk. 19:24-26).

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    It is well for us to remember that we are NOT OUR OWN. God not only made us for His own purpose and glory; He has also redeemed us from spiritual bondage at tremendous cost. We are "bought with a price" -- the precious blood of Jesus, (I Cor. 6:20). Nor are we the real owners of anything. Whatever we possess has been divinely bestowed; and God is closely observing the use each of us makes OF HIS GOODS -- our stewardship over that which He has temporarily committed unto our trust.
    Is it not RIGHT that God should have the priority in our Lives? Is it not WISDOM to joyfully render to Him such praise, worship, honor, adoration and service as is due to His holy name? Since the earth is His, and the fulness thereof; since to Him belong the beasts of the field; the cattle on a thousand hills, and all things that men value, surely we NEED HIM! Further-
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    Concluding His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus urged His disciples to build their lives on a foundation that would stand the stress and strain that all must face, (Matt. 6:46-49). Whether one builds on a foundation of rock or of sand, is determined by his response to the word of God.
    Jesus Christ spoke with authority concerning both the SCRIPTURES and LIFE. His illustrations are a combination of Scripture and practical experience,(Prov. 10:25). Being reared as the son of a carpenter He knew about houses and the proper method of construction. But the house illustrations are designed to teach the importance of RIGHT LIVING -- of building one's LIFE upon such a foundation as will enable it to stand the tests of time.
    There are indications that the two houses Jesus described may have been identical in appearance. It is obvious that they were located in the same area and subjected to the same tests, (see Acts 14:22; 2 Tim. 3:12; 2 Sam. 22:5; Psa.32:6; Nahum 1:8). To discern the difference it is necessary to look beneath the surface -- beyond the disguise; it was in the FOUNDATION.
    One builder dug deep -- building on an impregnable rock, (Lk. 6:48; I Cor. 3:11; Romans 8:35-38; I Peter 1:5; Psalm 125:1; Jude 1). The other was in a hurry and, thus, built on the shifting sands. He disregarded the basic rules of construction. He "knew what he wanted" and did not seek or hear

instruction. He, obviously, did not stop to think things through. If a life-house is to stand it must be built by one who first LISTENS to Jesus' instruction and then DOES WHAT HE COMMANDS, (Mk. 13:3l; Jn. 6:63, 68; 7:46; 12:48; l4:l5-l6, 21-24; 17:6; I John 2:3; Rev. 3:8; Mal. 1:6; Luke 6:46).
    Too often people have not the slightest idea of what Jesus has said. They are often confused in this matter for they have never given any attention to the scriptures. Since no honorable person condemns an individual or institution without a hearing, the first step necessary toward building a life-house that is REAL is to give Jesus Christ a chance to be heard.
    Having heard what He has commanded, we must DO it -- for the good of all and the glory of God. Knowledge becomes relevant to life ONLY as it is translated into right ACTIONS. It is possible to know a great deal of truth without being a Christian. To find acceptance with God our knowledge must be transformed into right actions; theory into practice and theology into righteous living.
    There is little point in seeking the service of a doctor if one is not prepared to follow his directions. Nor is it reasonable to hire a counselor if one is not prepared to act on his advice. Yet there are myriads of people who attend the services of church regularly enough to have obtained a fair head-knowledge of what the Lord requires -- but who make little deliberate effort to translate that knowledge into RIGHT LIVING. A rock-

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foundation for one's life must, therefore, involve both hearing and doing what the Lord has commanded.
    He who builds on Christ, and His Word, is WISE, (Job 28:28; Prov. 4:7; Hosea 14:9; 2 Tim. 3:15; Prov. 3:13-14; 8:11; Eccl. 2:13; Lk. 21:15; Jas. 1:5). And whoever builds without such a foundation is a FOOL (Psa. 53:1; Prov. 14:9; 28:26; 18:2; Luke 16:26; Heb. 12:17).
    Jesus spoke with authority, and people were constantly astonished at His doctrine. He pressed for a right decision -- for the wholehearted dedication of heart and life. He was RIGHT. He spoke for the good of all men. Such as are truly WISE both HEAR what He says and DO what He commands. In our relationship to Jesus we are either "wise men" or "fools". Which are YOU?         E.G.


    Because of my absence for the meeting in Anchorage, this issue of the CLARION HERALD had to be prepared early. At publication time I will have been away from the services at Landmark for two successive Sundays -- something that I have done very few times in the 24 years of my association with the church.
    This schedule was made possible by brethren like Rick Wade and Perry Ferris who have graciously and willingly consented to lead in the services. My confidence in these brethren is such that I will not have to fear for the flock in my absence. THANKS, brethren! E.G.

STEWARDSHIP .... Continued

more, our hearts cry out for such spiritual nourishment and comradeship as He alone can offer. And the Son of God has promised that if we "seek first His kingdom and righteousness" all our needs will be adequately supplied.
    How are YOU using what God has entrusted to you? Let us render a faithful stewardship -- both in the use we make of our material possessions and in the witness we bear of God's grace toward an undeserving race.         E.G.

    Due to the pastor's absence at the time for our regular Quarterly Business Meeting, the meeting has been postponed until Saturday, July 31, at 7:00 P.M.
    Mark this date on your calendar and plan to be present. Business Meetings are always an important part of church life -- and the responsibility of EVERY member.


    On Sunday, June 27, Bro. Clovis Gomes Da Silva arrived from Porto Alegre -- a city in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. He is in Rockford for two weeks of training (at Woodward Governor Co.) connected with the mechanics of the engine of a DC-10 aircraft.
    Bro. Clovis was one of the first men to respond to the message of the missionaries we have supported in Brazil. For the past several years he has been preaching the gospel himself -- though it has been necessary for him to hold a secular job most of the time in order to support his family.
    It has been a real joy to have Bro. Clovis visit in our home and also to speak in the services of Landmark Church. Though apologetic for what he regards as his "poor English", we have had no problem understanding his message or discerning the love and dedication of the heart from which it flows.
    Welcome, Brother Clovis!! And we hope you may be able to come our way again.
-- Eugene L. Garner