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    On Sunday evening, March 14, Bro. Rick Wade brought his first message since surrendering to the ministry. It was to the encouragement and spiritual enrichment of all who heard. It has been a real joy to observe Bro. Rick's growth during the past year. His whole-heartedness in the way of the Lord has challenged my own heart to a deeper commitment in the Lord's service. Though working 55 hours a week on his job, Bro. Rick attends six classes each week in addition to leading singing in our regular services. It is his desire to spend fewer hours on his job that he may devote more time to his studies. Let us pray that God will make this possible. By God's grace, and with the prayer-support of his brethren, Bro. Rick has the potential of being such a servant as the Lord can use mightily in His service. Let us not fail him! -- Eugene L. Garner


    We were saddened to learn that early this month the building housing THE REMINDER, edited by Bro. Edward Byrd, was burned -- destroying most of his printing equipment and supplies (a loss of approximately $9,000). There is a possibility that an attempt will be made to "farm out" the printing in order to get out an April issue of THE REMINDER, but it will be very expensive. Also, in an attempt to salvage everything possible, the files of address plates were scattered. If you are a regular recipient of THE REMINDER and do not receive one in April, it would be a good thing to write Bro. Byrd -- sending your address (and a liberal offering would surely be in order) and asking to be placed back on the mailing list. This editor expects to do more than express his sympathy. There are so few papers being published that have any real "content" that it is unthinkable to permit the REMINDER to cease publication. And I am confident that many brethren will join me in contributing toward the extension of its life and desperately-needed message. AMEN! Should you not know how to contact

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THE REMINDER, you may write: Pastor Edward Byrd Route One Harrison, Arkansas 72601 -- Eugene L. Garner IN APPRECIATION OF OUR MUSICIANS At the close of our service last Sunday evening Bro. Danny Easterline surprised Vada and Marilynda Garner by presenting to each a gift certificate for $35.00. This was done in behalf of the whole church as a token of appreciation for their steadfastness at the musical instruments in all of our services. To have his family working with him is a delight to any pastor. I am most grateful for a wife and children who are both willing and capable of contributing something to the services of our church. E.G. ***** "Most people are content to suffer in silence if they are sure everyone knows they are doing it."


    "Take heed that ye do not your alms (righteousness) before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven",(Matt. 6:1) It is possible for a Christian to do "good" in such a "bad" manner that the Lord cannot approve it. The Christian life is so delicate as to require a certain amount of poise and balance. It is necessary to beware of extremes -- being neither ostentatious nor reclusive in doing what is right, (Contrast: Matt. 5:16; 6:1). We must learn to live in such a way that our light will shine without attracting attention to ourselves; it should be obvious that we are only "reflectors" of Christ's glory, (2 Cor. 3:10). Furthermore, it is necessary that each man make the conscious, deliberate choice of PLEASING HIMSELF or PLEASING GOD. No other choice is open to us. We attempt to please others ONLY that they may have a good opinion of US -- and that is ultimately to PLEASE OURSELVES -- self-gratification! What appears to others as UNSELFISH service may, in fact, be only a subtle, cleverly concealed form of selfishness. Sin is VERY deceptive. Acceptable living requires that every Christian live in a consciousness of His relationship to God. Like our Master, we must seek only, and always, the FATHER'S glory. In order to do this it is necessary to remember that we are always IN HIS PRESENCE. He observes all that we do. He discerns each thought and

motive. He knows whether we are serving ourselves or whether we are serving Him. All that is done "as unto HIM" will receive His approval, blessing and reward. E.G. THE GREAT CONTRAST Many attempts have been made to describe God -- speculating as to how He would speak and act if He ever came to earth. The Hindus speak of the incarnation of Vishnu. Homer and Virgil wrote of the appearance of the gods -- depicting them as they were supposed to appear. They were filled with passion, anger, lust, greed, contention, and strife. They came down to mingle in battle and to participate with contending armies. They are pictured as manifesting the same attitudes and characteristics as sinful men. They were mere men with great power and gigantic passions. What a contrast is all this with the character of Jesus Christ as He stands revealed in the Gospel records! He appeared AS GOD in human flesh. The form was that of a man; but the spirit was that of a just, loving, holy and righteous God. He walked, tired, slept and ate as a man; but He thought, spoke and acted like God. One of the greatest contrasts of Jesus with "mere men" was His attitude toward sin. No sterner voice was ever raised against sin. With marvelous insight He unmasked it in others. He revealed the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, covetousness in the rich young ruler, adultery in the woman at Sychar, treachery in Judas Iscariot -- and

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predicted the denial of Simon Peter. As for His disciples, the holier they become, the more keenly aware they are of remaining defilement. But He was unique in that He had no consciousness of sin-guiltiness. He truthfully claimed to be sinlessly perfect. Jesus of Nazareth never confessed a single sin. Never did he seek pardon or forgiveness. He had no occasion to apologize for any word or deed. Never did He classify Himself as a sinner. The utterly amazing thing is that no one else accused Him of sin -- except as they thought He "blasphemed" in claiming power to forgive sin. The more one learns of Jesus the firmer will be his conviction that uninspired men could never have drawn such a character. Such a life could only be DISCOVERED -- observed by men -- as lived out in a body of flesh and blood by One Who was fully unique among men. RELIGIOUS DRUNKARDS It is a well-known fact that many movie-goers who are continually being excited and stirred in the world of "make-believe" become emotional drunkards. There are also religious drunkards, Bible conference drunkards and church drunkards, who go from meeting to meeting, constantly being STIRRED but doing nothing about it. Their souls soon become "fed up", their moral muscles deteriorate and they lose their capacity for being aroused. Presently they suffer from a moral let-down, a religious hangover. They delude


    Page - 4 themselves. They have heard the best preachers; they have read the best books; they have had their ears tickled and their emotions thrilled as with a stimulant; the doses have to be increased, so after a while there is no effect, no matter what they read. Vance Havner GRAND JUNCTION MISSION Though we have no definite word concerning the status of the work proposed by Bro. Jim Burks in Grand Junction, Colorado, it is understood that he has moved on the
field. Until we receive his address, you may write him in care of Ron Hagen, 177 Sunset Drive, Grand Junction, Colo. 81501. GOOD NEWS FROM CHILE From Santiago, Chile Missionary Eldwyn D. Rogers writes of the wonderful entrance the Lord has given his family to their new field of labor. Providentially providing living quarters, granting safety in the move from Paraguay to Chile and implanting in the hearts of their new neighbors a desire to seek spiritual counsel, the Lord has so manifested His wisdom, faithfulness, love and power as to leave the Rogers' praising His trustworthiness. Let us pray that the Lord will open wide the door in this new field of labor -- making the ministry of Bro. Rogers and his family fruitful to the eternal praise and glory of God. Should you care to write to the Rogers family you may address them at: Casilla 273 Santiago, Chile (S.A.) POTTER'S HOPE FOR AUGUST DEPARTURE As we go to press this week we await the arrival of Bro. Ed Potter who is coming to Chicago in an effort to arrange passage for his family to the Madeira Islands in late August. We look forward to Bro. Ed's coming, and plan for him to speak for us on Wednesday evening and Friday through Sunday -- trusting that he and the church will be mutually blessed.