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    Universal dominion has been promised to the "son of David", though there are intimations that the human and divine are to be blended in Him. Upon the Davidic Covenant (2 Sam. 7:8-17) is based the promise that David's son will reign over an unending kingdom. Peter recalled this promise in his great message on the day of Pentecost, (Acts 2:30). In Jesus Christ is united the finite and the infinite, the divine and the human, the absolute and the relative, in the most mysterious of all unions.
    "Son of Man" is a title indicating that in the One assuming it is fulfilled the Old Testament fore-view of blessing through a coming man. To Adam was given the command to multiply, fill and subdue the earth. Instead, he yielded himself servant to God's archenemy and fell from a position of intimate relationship with his Maker -- losing his authority, by default, to the Tempter.
    God announced that His purpose was not defeated in such usurpation. The "seed of the woman" would yet crush the serpent's head.
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    In accord with the authorization of a broadened educational effort within our church, at our last Business Meeting, three new studies will begin next week. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the next 10 weeks.
    A choice of one to three classes will be offered -- according to the desire and interest of the student. The schedule is as follows:

  6:30-7:15 BIBLE MANNER & CUS-
      ION (Studies in Galatians).

    Anyone who is interested in better preparing himself (or herself) for the Lord's service is welcome to attend these classes. But it should be understood that they are NOT for fun or curiosity; they will involve serious study. And records will be kept (of attendance, grades, etc.).
    Let us pray that this effort will contribute -- not only to the strengthening of individual lives but also to the continuing growth of the church.

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The Clarion Herald The Clarion Herald


    To those of you who have taken time to write during the past month we express our deep appreciation. The response to our request for letters during the month of January has been most heartening. Your words of encouragement have blessed our hearts and your liberal offerings to assist in the expense of publishing the CLARION HERALD have gone a long way toward lightening the load.
    Lord willing, with our next issue we will begin our seventh year of publishing this paper. It is our desire, through this ministry, to be a source of positive blessing and spiritual enrichment to all who lend an ear. Pray for us! And your letters are welcome at any time during the year.
-- The Editor
    "Never was there a great and gracious heart that was not also tender and compassionate."


    Is God's satisfaction with us guaranteed by our living of outwardly honest and decent lives? Is He pleased with our fulfilling the outward "letter" of His law? Is it enough that we refrain from any gross offences and conduct ourselves in such a way that no one can speak evil of us? Is good behavior that is merely "outward" sufficient? NO; God is concerned about our hearts. Outwardly one may appear to be an angel of light, while he is inwardly dark and devilish.
    God demands LOVE; if our living is not rooted therein, it is not acceptable to Him. "LOVE is the fulfilling of the law", (Rom. 13:10). God says: "My son, give Me thine heart"; He wants our love and devotion.
    Before we can truly love God from the heart we must be changed from what we are by nature. There must be a radical, wonderful transformation. We must be renewed by the power of God. We must be saved by divine grace. But once we have truly experienced the saving love of God, in Jesus Christ, we will WANT to reciprocate His love.
    Jesus said: "Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven", (Matt. 5:20). Man is often impressed by outward appearances of piety, but God searches the heart. And unless love reigns therein He will reject it as unacceptable.
    Is the law being fulfilled in YOUR life?

Part VII - ITS COMMISSION .. Cont'd.

    Baptism, according to the New Testament order, is a symbolic, pictorial act that bears its own witness -- pointing back to the finished work of Christ, and forward to our ultimate entrance into its full enjoyment. It recalls His death for our sins -- picturing His burial and resurrection. It symbolizes our death to the past -- wherein we renounce and repudiate our old life of slavish devotion to sin and alienation from righteousness.
    Baptism is an initiatory act of faith-obedience. Herein the true believer submits himself under the authority of Jesus Christ -- becoming identified with Him in His death, burial and resurrection. In this act he publicly proclaims his faith in Christ -- transferring the title-deed of his life into the name of His dear Lord. Henceforth, he will be the Lord's alone -- to love, honor, cherish, worship and serve Him ONLY -- walking in the way of His appointment.
    In still another sense, baptism suggests an induction into the army of Jesus -- the company of the sanctified. It pledges allegiance and loyal service to Him as Lord. Herein one puts on the proper uniform for Christian warfare.
    Then brought to baptism by a faith that is rooted in love, one becomes as a member of His body on earth. In this sense one is declared to be "baptized into Christ", (Gal. 3:26-29; comp. 5:24). This is an act both of

initiation and identification, (Rom. 6). It expresses one's HOPE of being raised in the likeness of Christ at His return -- conformed to His image to share His very nature and authority in the Kingdom of Righteousness. Even NOW it obligates one to walk in the power of His risen life.
    Anything commanded by the Saviour, Lord and Head of the church is important to those who love and worship Him. Something of baptism's importance is suggested by the role it was to fill with regard to His own mission. It was NECESSARY to the fulfilling of His earthly ministry -- both as an act of identification and dedication.
    The Son of Man would not begin His own earthly ministry until He had FIRST been baptized by John, the Baptist. He has, Himself, set the order, guidelines or blueprint whereby His church is to function. Submission to that order is NECESSARY if one would share the fulness of blessing, joy, peace and glory in His coming reign. Nor is it sufficient to merely START in the right direction, (Luke 9:62); there must be a CONTINUING in the way of faith-obedience, (Heb. 3:14; Acts 14:22; etc.).
-- Eugene L. Garner
Although our sins are great indeed,
God's mercies far exceed it;
His hand can give the help we need,
However much we need it.
He is the shepherd of the sheep
Who Israel doth guard and keep
And shall from sin redeem him.
-- Author Unknown

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"THE SON OF MAN" ... Continued
God later chose a single man through whom His purpose would be accomplished; all nations would be blessed through Abraham, (Genesis 12:3). From His loins would come kings and a preeminent "Seed" who would do wonderful things.
    While it is certain that "son of man" in Psalms 8:4 refers first to "mankind", it is equally certain that the potentialities offered will remain unfulfilled except there first appears a unique "Son of Man" to redeem that which was lost by the fall of the first Adam. Hence, Paul interprets this Psalm as finding its fulfillment in Jesus
who will subject all things unto Himself in the coming age, (Heb. 2 5-9).
    According to Isaiah, a maiden was to give birth to One Who would be called "God with us". A child was to be "born"; a son "given", upon whose shoulders should rest the government of the universe, (Isa. 7:14; 9:6-7). It was AS A MAN that this king should reign righteously and that princes should rule justly with Him (Isa.32:l-3) bringing protection, provision, comfort and enlightenment.
    To this same "Son of Man" belongs the right of judgment, (Jn. 5:22-23, 25-26). In the parable of the Tares it is the "Son of Man" who sends forth his angels to gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father", (Matt. 13:41-43). The "Son of Man" possesses both "angels" and a "kingdom".
    It was Jesus' claim that the Word which He spoke would judge men in the last day. His "judgment" will involve a universal "rule" of righteous government from the throne of David -- Himself seated as King of kings and Lord of lords. Then He will have entered into the fulness of that blessedness, honor and glory inherent in His Divine Birthright.
    Son of Mary, Son of David, Son of Man, Son of God. Wonder of wonders it is that such an One should come to "seek and to save that which was lost"!!