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    Of all the titles used to indicate the relationship existing between Jesus and His people, the one recorded in John l4:6 is the most comprehensive. "I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. This passage suggests the exclusiveness of His Saviourhood. He alone can reconcile sinful men to God.
    Jesus does not merely "make" or "prepare" the way; He IS the way to the Father, the Father's house and Kingdom. This suggests His mediatorship. No one can approach the Father except he come through Jesus. Only those "in Christ" can truly "know God"; and they alone are known of Him. Surely no Christian can long ponder this thought without being inflamed with a missionary desire.
    In perfect harmony with this passage are the words of Jesus in John 10 where He claimed to be the "door" into the sheep-fold and, at the same time, the "Good Shepherd" who gives His life for the sheep -- that He may lead them into the way everlasting.
    Some Christians give to the Lord's work weekly; others give weakly.


    While considering Jesus' claim to be "the truth" one must ponder the age-old question repeated by Pilate: "What IS truth"? Why have men of all ages asked this question? From whence comes this driving consciousness that SOMEWHERE there is a trustworthy basis for determining right and wrong, truth and error?
    In the Scriptures "truth" is contrasted with: a lie, pretense and error. Truth ever invites investigation; it has nothing to fear. Truth may be: kept, performed, acknowledged, sought after, known, believed, obeyed, loved, turned from and changed into a lie. In at least six instances the Scriptures themselves are referred to as "the word of truth". God's word is likened unto a shield -- for defense. To the Christian soldier it is a two-edged sword -- piercing to the dividing of soul and spirit; a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Divine truth is likened to an arrow whose point is of steel, whose center is of medicinal wood and whose end is of gold. First it wounds. Then it heals. But it finally enriches.
    But "What IS truth"? The "law of the Lord" is truth, (Psa. 119:

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142, 15l). The works of God are truth, (Dan. 4:37). Only once, in the history of the ages, has truth been personified in man. This personification was exhibited in the life and person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He was ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The words which fell from His lips are forever true. His coming as God-incarnate was to the end that He might reveal to mankind the truth about the Father, He alone was able to do this. Paul described Him as the One in whom is hidden "all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge", (Col: 2:9). And he who, in experience, knows Jesus Christ as "the truth" is liberated from the thrawldom and bondage of sin. He is set free -- "free indeed", (John 8:32, 36).
May every voice be hushed in me
    Except Thy living Word;
Let every move be crushed in me
    That does not own Thee Lord.
-- Wells


    "In Him was life; and the life was the light of men", (John 1:4). This was the testimony borne by the apostle John in the prologue to his Gospel. The express purpose of Jesus' coming was that men "might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly", (Jn. 10:10). He was both the giver and sustainer of life. In another setting He claimed to be "the resurrection and the life" and declared: "He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live", (Jn. 11:25). Rebuking the Jews who were blindly searching the Scriptures (which testified of Him) and thinking that therein they had the basis for claiming eternal life, He said: "Ye will not come to me that ye MIGHT have life", (John 5:40).
    The life that Jesus possessed was like the life of the Father (John 5:26), and was manifested in the flesh that men might have hope, (I John 1:2-4), But this life is not something for the FUTURE ONLY. Meyer was right in referring to Him as "the principle and source of life in its temporal development and future consummation, so that whoever has not received Him into himself, by faith, has become a prey to spiritual and eternal death".
    To KNOW GOD, in Jesus Christ, is "life eternal" (John 17:3). As believers "He is our life", (Col. 3:4). God "has given us ETERNAL LIFE, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life", (I John 4:11-12).


    What man ever made such serious claims for himself as those made by Jesus Christ? What greatness He attributed to Himself!! What mere man could hope to gain a sympathetic hearing while claiming to be: greater than the temple, the prophets, the wisest king of Israel; the angels and the sabbath? Who, but the Son of God, ever offered himself as: the "bread of life", the "light of the world", "the way, the truth and the life?"
    Surely Jesus considered himself more than a man. And He expected that others should regard Him as more than mere man. Doubtless men have not yet grasped the full significance of: His coming, His purposes, His power and His person. We ought to bow our hearts before Him in humble adoration, praise, worship and thanksgiving for the many indescribable benefits that He has bestowed upon us.
    And if YOU have never trusted in Him as your PERSONAL SAVIOUR, wisdom demands that you do so while the day of grace and opportunity is still yours.


DON ROSS -- On May 27 Bro. Don Ross and family arrived from Sao Paulo, Brazil to welcome a new granddaughter and begin a visit among supporting churches. For the next few weeks they may be reached:

c/o Michael Rogers
Route 2, Box 194-A
Bradford, AR 72020

EDGAR POTTER -- After June 10 all correspondence to the Potters should be sent to:
    4192 44th Lane
    Avondale, CO 81022.
The Potters hope to obtain visas permitting them to enter upon a new mission endeavor in the Madeira Islands -- off North Africa.

  RETURNING TO SOUTH AMERICA: Though the exact time of departure is not known, it is understood that both brethren Steve Montgomery and Eldwyn Rogers are planning an early departure for their respective fields of Brazil and Paraguay.


    With "abounding iniquity" it is not surprising that "the love of many shall wax cold", (Matt. 24:14). Jesus Himself clearly prophecied it -- of His own people. BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU!! As a matter of fact, one of Jesus' primary purposes in foretelling such a condition was that His people be armed against it.
    It is apparent, even in our church, that some who have been faithful through the years are beginning to be side-tracked by other things. In seeking one's own enjoyment a person is NEVER truly seeking the Lord and His kingdom!
    To wander away from the fold designed for the spiritual health and safety of God's sheep is a dangerous thing when there are devouring, blood-thirsty wolves seeking the destruction of the unsuspecting.
    If every member of the church

were just like you, HOW LONG COULD LANDMARK CHURCH STAND AS A WITNESS in this community? Does it really matter to you? Would you feel any great loss if her doors were closed forever -- as is happening to SO MANY churches throughout the country?
    YOU may not care! But there are a faithful few who DO CARE, and who are prepared to make any sacrifice "to sustain its worship, ordinances, discipline and doctrines; to contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry, the expenses of the church ... and the spread of the gospel through all nations".

    During the next few months at Landmark our Sunday Morning worship services will consist of studies in THE REVELATION. Several have asked for such a study, and it is surely needed in this day of confusion and presumption relative to prophetic matters.
    If you have friends who are un-churched, be sure to invite them to come with you to those services -- that we may share these wonderful, comforting and challenging words together.
    Whether you want it, and whether or not you are prepared for it, the end of this present world-system is hurriedly approaching. Soon this earth is to be invaded by supernatural forces from without -- both good and evil. There is coming a great struggle --- a final battle for the souls of men. Only NOW may you prepare to STAND in this coming hour of trial.
    See you THIS SUNDAY!!

There is a God, all nature cries,
I see it in the painted skies.
I see it in the flow'ring spring,
I hear it when the birdlings sing.
I see it in the flowing rain,
I see it stamped on hail and snow,
I see it when the streamlets flow.
I see it in the clouds that soar,
I hear it when the thunders roar.
I see it when the morning shines,
I see it when the day declines,
I see it in the morning height,
I see it in the smallest mite,
I see it everywhere abroad.
I feel -- I KNOW -- there is a God!