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    Two thousand years ago Christianity came into history singing because it had such a transcendent hope. Not all the martyrdoms by fire or sword, or by beasts in Roman amphitheaters, could silence that song or quench that hope.
    And WHAT A HOPE it is! In one aspect or another it gleams on every page of the New Testament epistles. To mention only one reference consider I Peter 1:3: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a living hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; to an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you".
    Think of it: flaw1ess! Faultless! Fadeless! With immortal bodies which disease can never touch and sinless minds which sin can never darken, we shall live, in pure rapture, with our ever-living, ever-loving, everlasting Savior-King unto "the age of the ages"!
-- Revised from J.S. Baxter


    "But my people would not hearken to my voice: and Israel would none of me. So I gave them up unto their own hearts lust: and they walked in their own counsels", (Psa. 81:11-12).
    Let it never be imagined that the Most High God is a mere tribal deity, moved by petty anger. And let no child of God be embarrassed over God's abrupt abandonment of the covenant-nation. It was not done in retaliatory resentment but in vindicating proof that MAN NEEDS A SAVIOUR.
    The nation could not be prepared for Messiah without recognizing its own dismal failure when left to its own moral powers and personal devices. Proud presumption imagined that it could do quite well for itself if left alone. So God left it alone.
    History has built a very impressive case against human competency. Yet, there are multitudes who still insist that within every man there is "a spark of divine fire" that only needs fanning to become a life of usefulness and victory over all evil. Such people despise the doctrine of "total depravity" -- that every man, instead, is born with an

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innate tendency to evil -- a condition from which he can never rescue himself.
    The whole of mankind is lost and cannot find its way. The prospect of man's regaining paradise BY HIMSELF is hopeless. Were it possible surely six thousand years is time enough for him to prove himself! The emptiness and wretchedness of every human heart longs and waits for SOMEONE!
    God abandoned the covenant nation in order that her false hopes might be blasted. It was not because He was provoked with her so much as because He LOVED her and wanted to do her GOOD. But she had to be emptied before she could be filled.
    So it is today. Every human heart must come to an end of itself and recognize its own wretchedness before it CAN find its need adequately fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
    Have YOU reached the end? Will YOU submit your all to Him -- NOW??


    Did you ever wonder why moths and butterflies deposit their eggs on certain leaves -- cabbage, for example? Neither of them ever taste a cabbage leaf, yet this is the appropriate food for the young larvae that will emerge from their eggs. How do they arrive at this knowledge? Through education? chance?
    Someone says, "Why, of course, it is INSTINCT! They do it in order that their young may survive". But, where did they get this "instinct"? Who gave them such knowledge?
    There are various kinds of caterpillar forms. Among them are the cabbage caterpillar and the willow caterpillar. The one lays its eggs on a cabbage leaf, the other on the leaf of a willow. It is significant that they never get confused and deposit their eggs on the wrong kind of leaf. Whoever ignores God must find some sort of reasonable explanation for this. Who can give it?
    In her caterpillar state the butterfly had no teacher. She never knew her parent -- who had already perished. Thus, such knowledge was not, and is not, transmitted from one generation to another. If it is "logical thinking" we see in this winged creature it is suggestive of a profound mentality. Her analytical ability must far excel that manifested by the supposedly "superior" (?) intellect of the rationalistic scientist.
    Is there REALLY any answer apart from the intervention of an all-wise Creator?                       E.G.


    In words that are clear and precise, Paul declares "FAITH" to be the only principle of life that is acceptable to God. And this faith involves nothing short of the "total abandonment of one's self unto Jesus Christ as Lord". (See Galatians 2:20-2l).
    The old "self" must be crucified (continuous action is here implied) nailed to the cross. In the initial experience of salvation it is essential that one turn FROM self; by faith, UNTO Jesus Christ. Then, in Christian baptism, one publicly declares that he HAS DIED to self (the old man, with his affections and lusts). He, pictorially and symbolically, makes such a declaration when buried in the baptismal grave. Thereafter this "old self" is to be RECKONED, or counted, dead -- crucified and nailed to the cross with Jesus. Then, with Paul, one should be conscious of a daily "dying" -- constantly repudiating the "old man", making no provision for him, and refusing him a place in the direction of one's daily living.
    Every member of Christ's body should be able to make, with Paul, the daily confession: "I no longer live", (Gal. 2:20; ASV) The secret of victory in Christian living is not to be found in some new method or technique; it is found in the unique and revolutionary principle of an EXCHANGED LIFE-- "Not I, but Christ liveth IN ME". Nor can right standing with God be divorced from right LIVING; faith must never be isolated from behavior; one must

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have a faith that behaves.
    The law of Moses required what men could never produce; it offered no help -- even to those who desired to meet its demands. But once our lives are emptied of self, the Lord Jesus comes in to LIVE THROUGH US; "He IS our life", (Col. 3:4).
    It is a false and unscriptural practice that would separate Christian behavior from the Gospel. It is not enough to hope for heaven in some far distant future; the "good news" is that we may have Christ RIGHT NOW -- "Christ IN you, the hope of glory", (Col. 1:27). Such a Gospel is relevant. It is adequate for our present need. But anything less is inadequate, unscriptural, and will result in such cowardice of life as God will never justify.
    If we would live victorious lives as Christians, then we must live by "the faith of the Son of God". He loved us, and still does. He expects us to reciprocate that love. He gave Himself for us. With Him God will also "freely give us all things" that are necessary to such a life of faith as is acceptable in His sight. And as our lives are yielded to Him, He WORKS WITHIN US -- "both to will and do" of His own good pleasure, (Phil. 2:12-13; John 6:29). Best of all, He is adequate for - ALL OUR NEEDS -- for a all our days, (Eph. 3:20; Matt. 28:20).
-- Eugene L. Garner

    "The man who tries to keep a book account of the good he does never does enough good to pay for the binding of the book". -- W.J Bryan

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    As the CLARION HERALD goes into the mail this week the editor is in Gainesville, Florida. He is moderating a religious discussion between Dr. Albert Garner (representing the Northside MBC) and Mr. J.T. Smith (representing the Northeast Church of Christ). Eld. Bob Gallups is pastor of the Northside MBC.
    The editor looks forward to the opportunity of spending a week with his brother (Albert) and nephew (George) who is Registrar of the Florida Baptist College.

Sinners, will you scorn the message,
    Coming from the courts above?
Mercy beams in every passage;
    Every line is full of love;
        Oh! believe it,
    Every line is full of love.

Now the heralds of salvation
    Joyful news from heaven proclaim!
Sinners freed from condemnation,
    Through the all-toning Lamb!
        Life receiving
    Through the all-atoning Lamb!

O ye angels, hovering round us,         Waiting spirits, speed your
Haste ye to the court of heaven,
    Tidings bear without delay:
        Rebel sinners
    Glad the message will obey.
-- J. Allen


    During the week of June 3-9 it will be the privilege of this editor to speak for the Rock Hill MBC, of West Monroe, Louisiana, in a Revival Effort. It is always a joy to visit with this church and her pastor, of some 18 years, Brother Leonard Garlington. (Now, lest I be misunderstood: that is NOT his age; he has been pastor that long.)
    I look forward to a great tine of fellowship in the Word -- and expect God to do a work in the hearts of His people, while bringing lost ones to the Savior. E.G.
Brethren, let us love one another; for LOVE IS OF GOD.