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    Never before has the CLARION HERALD been published as a Special Issue as on this occasion. Nor will it become a standard practice. However, we felt that our many readers would appreciate it this time.
    Missionary Dick Ferris went home to be with the Lord on the morning of August 28. Many of his friends were unable to make the long journey to Denver for his funeral. Many did. His life and ministry were such as blessed thousands. This account of the services is given in the hope that other hearts may be challenged.

    Order of the Chapel Service was
    as follows:
    Obituary & Invocation, by Eld.
        Richard Kamerman
    Address: "A Fulfilled Ministry"
        by, - Eld. Eugene Garner
    Sermon, by Eld. Willard Spilman
    Benediction, by Eld. Edward Byrd

    Scripture Reading by Missionary
        Edgar D. Sullivan
    Benediction: Missionary Steve
    An Appeal to the Lost: by Perry


     (an address by the editor, delivered at the funeral of Dick Ferris, in Arvada, Colorado, August 31, 1974)

    Dick Ferris doesn't live here any more. His ministry is fulfilled; though the fulfillment of his dreams remain as a challenge to those of us who are left behind.
    His ministry was characterized by BOUNDLESS LIBERALITY. He gave himself. He gave his best. He gave his all.
    It was also characterized by LOVING SERVICE. Dick's love was a love that WAS REAL! It was steadfast, true, faithful and unquenchable. It might be said of him, as of His Lord, that "Having loved his own, he loved them unto the uttermost".
    He LOVED HIS LORD. A servant, who loved his Master, he "would not go out free". He knew at what terrible cost he had been liberated from the bondage and darkness of sin. His heart responded gladly to the love of Christ; he rejoiced in the constancy of His affections, as in the abundance of His provision.
    Often frustrated by the mysterious turns of divine providence; he refused to deny his calling, or to renounce his commission. Though he

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might not fully understand his Lord's design, he did not question His integrity. When he could not understand, he simply said, "The Lord's will be done".
    Bro. Dick LOVED HIS CHURCH, his pastor and his brethren. He fully recognized the wisdom of his Lord in setting the solitary in families and Christians in LOCAL ASSEMBLIES. He saw the function of a local church as absolutely NECESSARY to the maturing of Christian character and conduct. He saw his own NEED of the counsel and comfort of brethren in times of stress. Besides, he knew that it was his Lord's intention; and there was no question about his desire to OBEY the voice of his Master.
    HE LOVED HIS FAMILY, and spent himself to meet both their temporal and spiritual needs.
    HE LOVED THE BROTHERHOOD. He had deep respect for the plurality of churches that have been united in the common goal of heralding the

Gospel of the Kingdom. He made no dogmatic demands upon the FAITH of those who shared with him in the "fellowship of the Gospel". He believed in the lordship of Jesus Christ over the lives of his brethren as well as over his own.
    He LOVED HIS FELLOW-MISSIONARIES and was ever concerned to so conduct himself as NOT TO DISTRACT from due recognition of their labors, or adequate liberality toward their needs. He was neither JEALOUS nor GRASPING. He was a man of INTEGRITY.
    As Bro. Dick loved the brotherhood, so did the brotherhood love him. Never, in my 26 years of ministry, have I witnessed such a spontaneous outpouring of love as I have seen manifested toward this dear brother and his family. By a faithful stewardship of the "mammon of unrighteousness", he had made to himself FRIENDS, who, in the hour of this trial have manifested a love that cannot be gain-said.
    And Dick Ferris LOVED THE SOULS OF MEN. There is a sense in which he gave his very life FOR THE SOUL OF JAPAN! I trust that this thought may quicken in the hearts of my beloved Japanese brethren a DEEPER LOYALTY to the LIVING CHRIST Who can so manifest Himself through a human vessel that is available for His indwelling.
    Nor have Bro. Dick's life and labors been in vain. His love is written upon the hearts of the members of Bethel MBC, here in Arvada, whom he once served faithfully as pastor. And, in Kunitachi, Japan, there has been lighted a torch that

burns for the GLORY OF GOD! May that light BE SPREAD ABROAD from Bethel Baptist Church in Kunitachi! May its brilliancy continue to increase until there descends from heaven One Who is robed in such radiancy of Divine glory as will cause the sun to hide its face in shame -- until the Kingdom of God has been established, in righteousness throughout the whole earth!!
    Here was a ministry CHARACTERIZED BY QUIET SUFFERING. Doubtless some who tended to argue with his preaching have been silenced by the Quiet patience he has manifested in suffering.
    Brother Dick well knew that the Christian has been called of the Lord -- not only to believe on His name; but also to SUFFER FOR HIS SAKE, (Phil. 1:29). He was familiar with the words of Peter who declared that "Christ also suffered for us, LEAVING US AN EXAMPLE" that we should follow His steps. And he had heard the claim of the apostle to the Gentiles who wrote: "I am made a minister; Who now rejoice in my SUFFERINGS FOR YOU, and fill up that which is behind (or lacking) of the afflictions of Christ IN MY FLESH for his body's sake", (Col. 1:23-24).
    Is it UNREASONABLE that, in this time of sorrow, each of us who knew and loved him should ask ourselves, "Was it FOR ME that he suffered?" Is it possible that through the Quiet suffering of this beloved brother the Master attempts TO REACH OUR HARD HEARTS -- melting them to tenderness , compassion, brotherliness and to a LOVE THAT IS REAL? May we not discern more

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clearly the importance of sincerity diligence and earnest zeal in rescuing perishing souls WHILE WE HAVE OPPORTUNITY? And, ought it not arouse within our respective churches a fuller abandonment of ourselves and our resources to the faithful SERVICE OF JESUS?
    Thank God! that in Dick Ferris and his family we have been able to observe the sufficiency of Divine grace that is available to His children in the hour of trial!
    Having fought a good fight, and kept the faith; Brother Dick has finished the course. He has been promoted to a higher realm. For him the battle is over; the victory is won. Having laid aside his armour, he now DWELLS, IN PEACE, AT HOME. Nor was his life lived in vain.
    To the church at Corinth Paul wrote: "God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord ... Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is NOT IN VAIN in the Lord", (I Cor. 1:9; 15:58).
    If, in the midst of our deep grief, we find a sufficiency of divine grace enabling us to dedicate our lives more fully and irrevocably to God's service --
    If we can so fully identify ourselves with Christ, in His death, as to be immune to the harsh and unkind criticism of the few as we endeavor to serve the many -
    If this experience brings things into such clear focus that we can immediately recognize the folly of

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judging by worldly standards, and wait patiently on the Lord -
    If we can conclude with Paul that, having faithfully borne witness to the truth, God will always cause us to triumph in Christ -
    If this experience can help us on toward the triumph of a FAITH-LIFE; if it impresses more indelibly on our minds the necessity of taking a loss in this world to save our lives for the next -- Then, the loss of this loved one will help to promote our eternal joy, and in this, Dick too will rejoice.
    And, Brother Perry, IF the loss of this loved one challenges YOU to take up the mantle that he had dreamed you should wear so valiantly for Christ, and to run with patience in the way God opens before you -- remembering at what cost Jesus endured the cross and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God -- I am confident that Dick will share in the JOY of the race and in the FRUIT of your labors. If by a faithful testimony (though it be borne through tears) ONE PRECIOUS SOUL is brought to see his need of a Saviour, and to trust Him as a personal sin-bearer, there will be rejoicing in heaven; and Bro. Dick's voice will join in the chorus of praise to God's amazing grace.
    I am thankful, Sister Ferris, that in this hour of sadness and loss YOU and YOUR FAMILY have not wallowed in self-pity, or complained against the providential dealings of Him Who sees the sparrow fall. Rather, you have sought to turn this experience into an

opportunity of focusing the attention of OTHERS on the need of a right relationship with God. You have sought His honor, His glory and praise.
    May His COMFORT and PEACE continue to sustain you all! and enable you to bless the lives of others. Your steadfast love and faithful witness will NOT BE IN VAIN!


"God is our refuge and strength,
    A very present help in trouble,
Therefore will not we fear,
    Though the earth be removed,
And though the mountains be carried
    into the midst of the sea;
Though the waters thereof roar
    and be troubled,
Though the mountains shake with the
    swelling thereof", (Psa. 46:1-3)

    At this time we look to God for strength. For Brother Dick, however, the shadow of the valley of death is past. The months of pain, the countless moments of concern for his family, his loved ones and his friends, are now past.
    He no longer lives in the flesh; he has departed to be with Christ, which is far better.
    Oh, the JOY to have run the race -- to have run it well -- and, at last, to find one's self in the very presence of the King!
    Some of us present this morning knew Dick Ferris as a blood relative. Others knew him as a brother in the Lord; some knew him as our Missionary to Japan; still others knew him as a fellow mechanic, or a fellow employee, or as a neighbor or in some other capacity. But we

all knew him as a compassionate and loving friend who would help others in any way possible. It was a joy to be with him. He was a friend who did not seek his own, but preferred others before himself.
    But still, I would not glory in Bro. Dick. I would rather glory in Jesus Christ, and would submit to you that WHAT HE WAS to you and me, he was that BECAUSE OF CHRIST! To use his own words (as he spoke with Bro. Charlie Smith last June), "Wehn I was a well man, I was the Lord's; now that I am sick, I am still the Lord's". What he was, he was that IN CHRIST and because of Christ.
    So great was his desire to serve the Lord that his physical condition could not be considered until after his condition with God.
    To my knowledge he never wavered from his desire to serve God FIRST as long as he lived in the flesh. This was exemplified by something that happened the night before he went to be with the Lord; it illustrates, not only Dick's desire to serve God, but also his concern for those who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior -- and the urgency he felt to tell them; and to tell them NOW.
    As I stood beside his bed at about 10:30 that night, he said: "Willie, "Will you tell the people how to be saved?" He clasped my arm with both his hands and said, "Pull me outside. I want them to hear the Word!"
    This incident manifests the true heart of Bro. Dick, and it causes me to wonder: Do YOU know how to be saved? If so, ARE YOU SAVED?
    The Philippian jailer once asked

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"Sirs, What must I do to be saved?" The answer of Paul and Silas was: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house".
    We must understand that to "believe on" means more than just having a head knowledge. It involves a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with Christ. It involves trusting Him, depending on Him, and doing what He has commanded us to do.
    Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life: He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live; and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall NEVER DIE". Do YOU have eternal life?
    It brings us sorrow to think we have lost Bro. Ferris in the prime of life, and many of us have wondered "Why". I do not know why; I do know that it is "far better" for him to be "with the Lord". I also know that "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, to them that are called according to His purpose". And I expect to receive blessings even from this time of sorrow.
    I dare HOPE and PRAY that the Lord will use this, the temporary loss of my brother, to anchor the hearts of the wavering and to call lost souls to salvation.


    Services at Landmark were richly blessed last Sunday. So powerfully did the Spirit move that two brethren were humbled to confess and forsake sins (that had been a hindrance to our spiritual progress)

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and to receive the forgiveness of their brethren. Another asked for prayer that he might be enabled to cast aside a "weight" that is hindering his Christian race. And Bro. Lee Rose came professing his faith in Jesus Christ as a personal Saviour.
    Several visitors were present in our services. Praise the Lord!
    A door of opportunity has opened wide before us. Let us be found faithful to our Dear Lord -- serving Him with a single heart and Mind!      -- your Pastor
    Pictured above is a view of the new residence of Bro. Dick Ferris's family. It is located at 6055 Cody Street, Arvada, Colorado 80002. It was purchased with funds contributed, in a spontaneous manifestation of love, by brethren throughout the country who have appreciated Bro. Dick & his family, and their labors on the mission field.
    Brother Ferris, according to Bro. Richard Kamerman (who received the offerings designated for this purpose), manifested an indescribable joy in seeing his family so situated before making his final journey to the hospital. He spent about two weeks with them in this new home.
    The family asked me to express their DEEP HEART-FELT GRATITUDE to everyone I see who has shared in the liberality of Christian concern that has played such a powerful role in relieving their burden.
    My heart, too, has rejoiced in this commendable gesture of genuine Christian agape-love. E.G.
"SELF - sufficiency is Insufficiency; CHRIST - sufficiency is ALL - sufficiency."