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    "Let your forbearance be known to all men; the Lord is near", (Phil. 4:5, Young's Lit. Trans.).
    This admonition of the apostle Paul has a great deal to say to all who are inclined toward intolerance and impatience. Forbearance (or gentleness) is becoming in every child of God. It is possible because the Lord is near -- a present help in every trying situation.
    When, in the course of our human relationships; something tempts us to impatience, indignation or intolerance of others, our balance wheel lies in the consciousness that HE WHO IS ABLE to deal perfectly with every situation IS AT HAND.
    The quietness and calmness of spirit that avoids emotional and temperamental extremes is all too rare among those professing godliness in our day. Our influence for good; as our own spiritual progress, would be greatly prospered if we could develop in our hearts such calmness as is derived from constant reliance on Him Who is ever near -- the Master of every circumstance. Will you permit this peace to rule in YOUR heart? It may be yours -- by FAITH.

    Proud hearts are deceptive, (Ob. 3); so deceptive, in fact, that one of the deadliest of all sins is not feared, but condoned, among God's people. This is evidenced by the glaring inconsistencies of everyday conversation.
    One may say concerning a fellow Christian: "He is a good man, but he is PROUD", and there are few people who would challenge the statement as contradictory. But, let one say concerning the very same person: "He's a good man, but he is a THIEF", and there will immediately be a chorus of challenges in almost any Christian group.
    What is wrong? Is it not that our sin-blinded minds have made unscriptural distinctions between sins? Is it not that PRIDE has become so prevalent among the very people of God that the majority now recognize it as "acceptable"? Does this mean that God will now accept it as an appropriate attitude for His children?
    We need to learn anew that the self-righteous proud are guilty of just as damning a sin, in God's sight, as the thief, murderer or adulterer. WHAT ABOUT YOU??
    Are you truly HUMBLE? or PROUD??

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    Through the Prophet Micah God inquired of His people: "0 my people, what have I done unto thee? and wherein have I wearied thee"? (6:3), These are solemn words; they involve the heart-cry of a loving Lord Who yearns over His wayward people. HE CARES!!
    Think of it. What a tragedy that the people of the living God should ever fall into such a state as to become TIRED OF HIM! But is it not the very thing that happens so often -- even in this twentieth century?
    There are those professing godliness (even preachers, deacons, and Sunday School teachers) to whom prayer has become a burden, public worship tiresome, and they are actually BORED by the Word of God! It must be understood that when such is the case THE FAULT IS NEVER WITH GOD. And it is useless to blame the brethren! God knows

the whole truth, and it is foolish for us to attempt hiding it.
    Why should Israel have been wearied of Jehovah? Had He not faithfully delivered them from the bondage of Egypt -- giving them Moses, Aaron and Miriam to lead them? And should we be wearied of God when He has done no less for us?
    Weariness of God is a symptom of spiritual sickness. It reveals that there is something evil in one's life (whether of unspeakable iniquity or simply a bad attitude) that is taking the very heart out of prayer, Bible study and worship. The matter must be settled between the individual and God. He is faithful. Whether the problem is unbelief, hidden sin, an unforgiving spirit, or an acquiescence to ever changing moods, God will slay the monster if you will only bring it to Him.
    Or is there such malice in your heart that you will not be satisfied until you have disgraced the name of the Saviour by dragging others down to your sorry level? Even such a vengeful, despicable, retaliatory spirit as that may be conquered if it is brought to Jesus.
    If YOU have tired of God it is a sure witness of DISTANCE between you. Why not draw near once more? Then you may receive such refreshment as will enable you to rejoice along life's pathway -- to be a blessing instead of a curse.
    There is an alternative: continue to justify your slothfulness and face the shock of certain rejection and divine disapproval.


    Is it possible that you REALLY expect God to excuse you from condemnation on the basis of an alibi that you "just don't understand the Bible"? Have you ever searched its pages with diligence -- and with a willingness to do what God requires? (John 7:17).
    Do you imagine yourself GOOD ENOUGH to face God in judgment, though His Word declares all to be sinners, and worthy of death? Do you suppose His Word says in vain: "Except a man be BORN AGAIN he cannot see the Kingdom of God"? (Rom. 3:23; John 3:3-5).
    Are you afraid of being ridiculed, (Luke 9:26); Or are you stumbling over hypocrites -- allowing them to keep you away from the Saviour? (Rom, 2:l; 14:12; Ezek, l8:4).
    Are you so in love with the empty promises of this world that you are unwilling to exchange all for the Saviour? Is your heart not moved by the thought that He gave His all for you?
    Do you fear that He will not accept you? or that you cannot "hold out"? Perfect love casts out all tormenting fear; and you have His faithful promise: "He that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out", (John 6:37; Heb. 7:25; 2 Tim. 1:12).
    Is it possible that, while you are aware of your spiritual need -- knowing the danger of your present condition -- you still presumptuously imagine that "There is time enough yet"? (Prov. 27:1).
    Why not be wise and trust in

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Jesus TODAY? Know the real joy and peace of a PRESENT sa1vation!


    Frequently we hear well intentioned and sincere Bible students defend the apparent conflict between the Bible and science with the false statement, "We must remember that the Bible is not a scientific book. That is not its purpose. It was not intended to be scientific, for it is a book of redemption, not science. It deals with salvation and not science, so we must ignore the unscientific statements in the Bible and remember that if it is mistaken in its dealings with matters of science, it cannot be expected to be scientifically infallible".
    This is the biggest piece of nonsense ever attempted by well meaning but shallow thinking defenders of the Bible.
    Who is the Author of the Bible? If this book is not scientifically correct, then its Author is not scientific. God is the author. It is His revelation. It opens with: "In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth". And you say this Creator is not a scientist and does not understand natural phenomena and must be excused for His ignorance in scientific matters?
    Think about this and recognize the stupidity of such reasoning. Science is the knowledge of matter, natural phenomena, and of the physical universe. He who made all this did not know science? He

who created the stars does not know astronomy? He who created matter out of nothing does not know physics, and He who created life is ignorant of biology? He who made the chemical elements and formed the earth does not know geology? He who meted out the heavens with a span is ignorant of geometry and astronomy, and He who created the atom, which no one has seen, does not understand nuclear physics?
    It is a dangerous and vicious mistake to try to defend the Bible by saying it was not intended to be a book of science. To this statement we answer that God is the only INFALLIBLE scientist and the Bible is the only book of absolute science. Whenever the Bible deals with any category of science: astronomy, physics,
biology, chemistry; geology, mathematics, mechanics, or psychology, it speaks with infallible and final authority.
    Not a single statement in the entire Bible has ever been disproved by true science, but in every case true science has confirmed the revelation of Scripture.
-- Lorayne W. Schaefer,

    There was once in London a club of small men, whose qualification for membership lay in their not exceeding five feet in height. These dwarfs held, or pretended to hold, the opinion that they were nearer the perfection of manhood than others. They argued that primeval men had been far more gigantic than the present race, and consequently that the way of progress was to grow less and less -- that the human race, as it perfected itself would become as diminutive as themselves.
    Such a club of Christians might be established in most any city. Without much difficulty it could probably become the largest religious organization in town. There is the idea among some that the true standards of Christianity are to be found among the dwarfish. Many imagine that nobler Christians are hot blooded, fanatical enthusiasts, while they themselves are lukewarm because they are WISE, and indifferent because they are INTELIIGENT.
    Is YOUR life and conduct consistent with your profession of love for Christ and His church?
-- adapted from Spurgeon