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    A city, fashioned by a thousand years of history, can be destroyed in a day. A mansion, built by the dreams and toil of generations, can be brought to the ground in an hour. A statue, sculptured by the experiences of a lifetime, can be shattered in a moment. And, once broken, such things can rarely be restored to their original beauty and strength.
    So, too, it is important that we learn to avoid the outbreak of sudden, violent emotion; the searing clash of angry tempers and iron wills, which could tear asunder the bonds of affection and love -- destroying the fabric of human fellowship. Such works of art, woven by the shared joys and sorrows of years, once shattered, can rarely be restored.
    How carefully, therefore, ought we to guard against the thoughtless reaction of harsh, senseless words that are of no value -- but make such shipwreck of things that ought to be considered more precious than life itself!
    LOVE is not rude or easily provoked; it is patient & kind -- never boiling with jealousy. TRY IT!!
-- Adapted


    During the past several weeks we have witnessed a rapidly increasing political instability in the world. In many cases envy, strife, jealousy, and desire for "a piece of the action" has brought such instability that governments have tumbled over each other in their race for destruction.
    One radio commentator summarized the international nature of these political upheavals in the following terse statement: "No government in Iceland; no chancellor in Germany; no president in France; a shaky government in England; and unrest in Italy, which has had five different governments in the past eight years".
    Austria's first labor government in 23 years came to an abrupt end. Premier Golda Meier's almost legendary political influence in Israel ended with an emotion packed resignation: "I have come to the end of the road. It is beyond my strength to continue carrying the burden." The Trudeau government has been given a vote of "no confidence" in Canada. President Nixon is fighting a well-organized, liberal-labor campaign for his impeachment in our own country. And Argentina is again

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headed for certain political upheaval upon the death of Juan Peron.
    Some people will see nothing more in these national upheavals than mere political infighting. To some it will suggest deliverance from weak administrations. Still others will recognize an erosion of authority and the crumbling of our civilization.
    Bible-believing Christians ought to be reminded of the over ruling providence of an omnipotent God. He not only permits the nations to rage and the kingdoms to be moved (Psa. 46:6); He also assures His beloved people that He is our "refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble", (Psa. 46:1). He is a sovereign ruler "who worketh all things after the counsel of His own will", (Eph. 1:11).
    How glad we ought to be in the knowledge that He still "rules over all"! His purpose has not failed. He still removes kings and raises up kings. HIS WILL WILL WIN!         EG


    Straitjackets serve a worthwhile purpose when used to restrain the violently insane or the deliriously criminal. But any attempt to impose one in the realm of covenant fellowship suggests a perverted sense of brotherliness that is certain to bring division.
    Within the local church every pastor has a solemn responsibility to maintain a balance of truth. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to caution against, and even rebuke, a member of the body for a careless handling of the Word. He must instill within the brethren a sense of the weighty responsibility of being a teacher. This requires one to study over, under, around and through a subject before submitting his conclusions -- lest he misrepresent the truth and lead others into error. But such an exercise, even in the local church, must be done in such a way as to ENCOURAGE fidelity to the Word of God (and earnest searching of the Scriptures) rather than attempting to conform everyone to a settled creed.
    But, when a pastor, editor, missionary or layman becomes so straitlaced in his "opinions" that everyone else must shout "amen", or be declared a "heretic", there has entered an alien spirit that is: unbrotherly, contrary to Christian liberty, and disruptive of true fellowship. Every heresy hunter ought to recognize the possibility of HIS being the real "schismatic" -- though he points an accusing finger at someone else.
    I marvel at the inconsistencies

of so many earnest, sincere servants of God in the history of New Testament churches. Multitudes of young men, earnest students, whole heartedly desiring to serve the Lord, have rebelled against unscriptural shackles that their elders have attempted to bind upon them. But so dishearteningly often these same men, when come to maturity of years, have endeavored to impose the strait-jacket of their own opinions upon others -- perpetuating the very spirit of bondage from which they had once fled.
    This is not necessary; it is not right. There are times when diversities of opinions exist. When such is the case, the best policy is to approach the Word of God together -- in such a spirit of brotherliness as is able to respect the other person's viewpoint. Seldom does one engaged in public controversy profit from the same. He is too busy defending his "position" to give due consideration to another viewpoint.
    Let us all continue to search the Scriptures with diligence -- remembering that God's Word is consistent. And WE OUGHT TO BE.
-- Eugene L. Garner


    "Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm", (I Chron. 16:22).
    I would rather play with the forked lightning, or take in my hand live wires, with their fiery current, than speak a reckless word against ANY servant of Christ, or idly repeat slanderous darts, which thousands of Christians are hurling

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on others -- to the hurt of their own souls and bodies.
    You may often wonder, perhaps; why your sickness is not healed, your spirit filled with the joy of the Holy Ghost, or your life blessed and prosperous.
    It may be that some dart which you have flung with angry voice, or in an idle hour of thoughtless gossip, is pursuing you on its way as it follows the circle which always brings it back to the source from which it came -- every idle and evil word.
    Let us remember that when we persecute or hurt the children of God, we are but persecuting HIM -- and hurting ourselves far more, (Matt. 25:31-46; Acts 9:1-5).
    Lord, make me as sensitive to the feelings and rights of others as I have often been to my own and let me live and love LIKE THEE!
-- Adapted from ABS


    Since our Clerk is on vacation, and may not return in time for our regular Business Meeting, July 13, the body agreed last Sunday evening to postpone the meeting for 1 week. This will mean that our Quarterly Business Meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on Saturday, July 20.
    Let every member mark this date and put forth a special effort to attend.
-- Your Pastor
    "Blaming your faults on your nature does not change the nature of your faults." -- Anonymous

    Pictured above is a group of ministers present at the recent Arvada Fellowship. A splendid group of Young People were present, but I was unable to get a picture of them in time for publication.           EG

    It was the privilege of the editor and family to attend a fellowship meeting at Bethel MBC, of Arvada, Colorado, on June 19-21. This was, indeed, a time of fellowship by which our hearts were blessed.
    Pastor Willard Spilman, and his fine people, did a splendid job of hosting this meeting. Never did they imagine that so many people would ascend to the mile-high city at one time. Nevertheless, they offered adequate provisions for the comfort of all.
    Each of us were saddened that no medication had yet been found to destroy the malignant enemy that continues to afflict Bro. Dick Ferris. However, we rejoiced to know that some $l7,300 had already been received for the DICK FERRIS HOUSING FUND -- a fund started about two months ago to provide living quarters for the Ferris family.
    It may be possible that some reader of the CLARION HERALD would like a share in this project (providing a bit of security for the family of a beloved missionary who has been stricken with cancer). If so, you may make your check payable to: "The Dick Ferris Housing Fund" and send it:
        c/o Richard Kamerman
        1427 Constitution
        Pueblo, Cob. 81001
    Bro. Kamerman has done a commendable job in handling this fund; and a "full record" will be available on EVERY CENT that is contributed -- plus the interest that has accumulated while the fund is being completed.
-- the Editor