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    Jude, who wrote a, very brief but powerful letter to his brethren, identified himself as the "brother of James". It appears that this was the half brother of our Lord who is thought to have been the chief elder at Jerusalem. Our Lord's brothers did not believe in Him before the crucifixion (Jn. 7:5). But fol1owing His resurrection they recognized Him as the very "Christ", and became devout followers in the way of His appointment, (Acts 1:14). It is entirely possible that, due to his early lack of faith, Jude felt unworthy to identify himself as a "brother" of our dear Lord hence, he identified himself as "the bondservant of Jesus Christ".
    Jude's letter is addressed to those who are "SANCTIFIED by God the Father". "Sanctification" is used in the New Testament of the believer's SEPARATION "from" evil things and ways "unto" a life of obedient, diligent, joyful and spiritual service -- with the ultimate hope of sharing the divine glory in the Kingdom of God. Such sanctification' is God's will for every believer, (I Thes. 4:3-7). It must be "learned" as God teaches it by his Word, (Jn. l7:17-l9; comp.

Psa. 17:4; 119:9). It must be pursued by the believer -- earnestly, and without turning aside, (I Tim. 2:15; Heb. 12:l4). Such holiness of character is NOT vicarious; it cannot be transferred or "imputed". An individual possession, it grows through obedience to the Word of God as one follows the example of Christ -- through the power of the Holy Spirit, (Matt. 11:29; Jo. 13:15; Eph. 4:20; Phil. 2:5; Rom. 8:13; Eph. 3:16).
    The letter is further addressed to such as are "PRESERVED in Christ Jesus". The expression "in Christ Jesus" suggests a POSITION, a place, a sanctuary of protection and safety, as well as of joy and praise. Jesus prayed, and continues to intercede, for the safe-keeping of His own, (Jn. 17:11-15). Paul desired the WHOLE of his brethren to be preserved blameless unto the coming of Christ, (I Thes. 5:23). God is faithful to the faith of His people, (Psa. 31:23; 37:28; Prov. 2:8; 2 Tim. 4:l8; Rev. 3:10). He always blesses His people as they are "in the way" of His ordering, (Gen. 24:27; Psa. 25:8). And upon every believer rests the responsibility of continuing, remaining, abiding, and walking in the way of
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    One of the leading arguments put forward by the advocates of the "gap theory" concerns the verb WAS in Genesis 1:2. It is contended that the Hebrew verb ought to be rendered "became". Thus the verse would read, "And the earth BECAME without form and void..".
    Let it be said at the outset that this writer is no authority on the Hebrew language. He has, however, read after authors who are, and learned a few elementary facts which most anyone can verify with a Hebrew lexicon and concordance -- and patience.
    The Hebrew verb in question is "hayetha" (from hayah), the regular verb of being. If context and other grammatical constructions clearly require, it may be translated "became". (Even if "became" were granted to be the correct translation here, it would simply describe the initial aspect of the

earth's creation, and the understanding of the passage as a whole would not be altered.) But out of 270 occurrences in the Pentateuch, only six times it rendered "became".
    The following observations stand out:
    1. The normal Hebrew word for "became" is "haphak". It better conveys the idea of change from some previously different state.
    2. The use of waw (and, now, moreover) connective to begin verse two seems to emphasize that the conditions in verse two result from the action in verse one.
    3. If "hayetha MUST be translated "became", then it must be said that Adam and Eve "became naked" (Gen. 2:25), and that the serpent "became" more subtle than any beast of the field (Gen. 3:l).
    4. All of the major English translations render the verb "was".
    5. In l948, M. Henkel, of the Winona Lake School of Theology, asked 20 leading scholars of the Hebrew language in the U.S.A., "IS there any exegetical evidence for the view that there was a gap between verses 1 and 2? Their reply was an emphatic "NO!".
    If the "gap theory" were true it would have to rest on arguments more convincing than "became" for "was". Those arguments will be considered in future articles.
-- Michael E. Rogers
    Why not vary the pattern of your praying occasionally? Did you ever wake up in the morning and ask: "Dear Lord, how may I best use this day for your glory?"


    In a recent conversation with Bro. Edgar R. Potter, missionary in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, Brazil, he expressed the fact that they were rejoicing in the Lord Who continues to supply their needs and bless
their labors.
    The Potters have now spent more than two years in Brazil. It has become "home" to them. Even in his conversation, via short wave, Bro. Ed had a difficult time keeping Portuguese words from creeping into his speech.
    The accompanying picture will illustrate, as Bro. Ed said, that they "are not suffering from malnutrition". Though they may not be living according to the high standards (of fatness) required by so many brethren in the States, they are finding God's grace sufficient, and are grateful to the churches that are supplying their material needs.
    Continue to remember them in your prayers.


    The Vale of Cashmere MBC, of Cashmere, Washington (Bro. Charles R. Smith, Pastor), has recently endorsed Bro. Don Potter as "Missionary Helper and Educator" to work in
Brazil. Part of a letter recently received from Pastor Smith reads:
    "Brother Potter has resigned from his job here, that he has had for the past six years and they are making plans to move to Sao Paulo, Brazil by the latter part of July. He will be School Principal of the Pan American Christian Academy in Sao Paulo and he and his family will be working with Brother Don Ross in the Lord's work there.
    "We ask for them now as always God's will be done, and we take this opportunity to recommend them to you for prayer and support and also for financial help. We believe they will be a blessing as Missionary Helpers to our brothers in South America. The salary Brother Don will receive there will be a little

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over one third of his present pay and the Missionary Brethren that we have talked to say they will need some extra help -- at least $3,000 per year.
    "If you would like to contact Brother Don, you may do so by writing: Don Potter, Rt. 1, Box 83-D, Cashmere, Washington 988l5, or call him, 509-782-1438.
    "We have opened an account in Brother Potter's name here in the Cashmere Valley Bank and any offering that you may send will be deposited to his account. If you would like more information we wou1d be more than happy to answer any questions and give any information we have.
SANCTIFIED. .. .Continued
His direction wherein "all spiritual blessings" abound, (Jn. 15:3-5, 10; Hos. 6:3; I Jn. 2:6).
    Finally, Jude addressed "CALLED ones". As always, the moaning of this may best be discerned by comparing the various passages in which the idea is found, (I Cor. 1:26-31; Eph. 1:l8; 4:13; Phil. 3:14; I Thes. 2:12; 2 Thes. 2:l3-14; 2 Tim. 1:9; Heb. 3:1; I Pet. 5:10; 2 Pet.1:l0).
    Upon brethren who have been so "sanctified, preserved and called" Jude invokes a blessing: "Mercy unto you ... peace and love be multiplied". Such "mercy" is eternal, (Psa. 103:17); boundless,(Psa. 108:4); life-preserving, (Lam. 3:22-23) encouraging to repentance, (Joel 2:13); a principle according to which sin is forgiven, (Mic. 7:18); and it makes salvation possible, (Titus 3:5). Peace involves far more than the mere cessation of hostility, (Psa. 4:8; 29:11; 119:165; Isa. 26:3; Jn. 14:21; 16:33; Rom. 8:6; Phil. 4 7).
    Where Christian hearts are "enlarged" to "love one another": the unity of the Spirit is preserved in the bonds of peace; the power and blessing of Christ's Kingdom are already being manifested among His people, (Rom. 14:17); and there is the best possible testimony for truth and right -- for the glory of God and the honor of His dear Son.
    The editor will be with Rock Hill MBC (W. Monroe, La.), and Pastor Leonard Garlington, for a revival effort during the week of June 3-9). will you PRAY FOR THIS EFFORT? And, if in the area, COME!!