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    Word has just been received that Brother Steve - Montgomery, missionary in Brazil, was seriously injured in an auto crash as he returned home from Sao Paulo on December 28. It appears that he went to sleep while driving and ran into the back of a truck. Bro. Steve's neck was broken (though this was not discovered until he had already been brought home --- some 150 miles, by car). The first and second cervical vertebrae were both fractured. In addition to this, he received several cuts and bruises.
    At present Bro. Montgomery is in traction at a hospital in Ourinhos, about 30 miles from their home in Santa Cruz. Sister Montgomery, a graduate nurse, is staying in the hospital and helping take good care of the patient. She writes: "If complications do not set in, he should recover completely. The marvel that he is with us and isn't paralyzed from the neck down. I told him he still has a lot of people to baptize yet".
    Surely the people of God will unite their hearts to pray for this brother who has been a faithful and
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    "Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall", (I Cor. 10:12).
    This warning is one that should be taken seriously by every child of God. Few things are more dangerous in the heart of a Christian than a presumptuous, proud, boastful and self-complimenting confidence of one's own SPIRITUAL STABILITY when brethren all around seem to be weakening and falling away from a walk of fidelity and uprightness before the Lord. A careful look at the "fall" of Peter (our Lord's own chosen apostle) will reveal that a high-minded and boastful self-confidence gave Satan his opportunity.
    Jesus had just observed the Last Supper (the Passover, where He instituted the Lord's Supper) with the 12 in the upper room. There He had also washed their feet in a symbolic gesture. Following this they started toward the Garden of Gethsemane. As they walked together Jesus, sadly, announced "All ye shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad ... Peter answered and

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said unto him, THOUGH ALL MEN SHALL BE OFFENDED BECAUSE OF THEE, YET WILL I NEVER BE OFFENDED", (Matt. 26:31-33). Others might fail; but, Peter? What a foolish thought! NEVER will anything like that happen to Peter; he knows himself to be TOO STRONG to allow anything so terrible as that! But that very self-confident conceit was the first step toward a "crash".
    A short time later, that very night, Peter is found AT EASE -- sleeping -- when Jesus has asked him to wait in prayer, (Matt. 26:40). While the Master prays in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter relaxes and fails to support his Master. Even when awakened, and asked to pray a second time, Peter again falls asleep. He is not "watchful" against the temptations that are about to arise.
    When Judas led the "band of men and officers" into the Garden to arrest Jesus, Peter reacted rashly in cutting off the ear of the High

Priest's servant, (Jn. 18:10-11). Jesus rebuked Peter, and restored the severed ear. Obviously miffed by Jesus' rebuke, when he had zealously endeavored to "defend" his Master; Peter followed "afar off" as Jesus was led away to the palace of the High Priest, (Matt. 26:58). There he mingled with the servants and soldiers in an attempt to hide the fact that he had been a follower of Jesus, (Jn. 18:18).
    As Peter warmed himself by the fire of the enemy someone inquired: "Art not thou also one of his disciples? He denied it, and said, I AM NOT", (John 18:25). A little later those who stood around the fire said to Peter: "Surely thou art one of them: for thou art a Galilean, and thy speech agreeth thereto". But he began to curse & to swear, saying "I know not this man of whom ye speak", (Mk. 14:70-71). About this time the cock crowed and Peter remembered that Jesus had said to him: "Before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice". Thinking thereon, he went out and wept bitterly. He had fallen. He had indeed failed. He had denied his Lord.
    "Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall!"


    Joy flooded our souls again recently when Geoffrey Jacobs publicly professed his faith in Jesus and Brenda Nunally came to rededicate her life to Christ.
    Geoff is the first person of Jewish descent to trust the Lord in our work. PRAISE THE LORD!


    In the last issue of the CLARION HERALD mention was made of Brother Carlton Elkins plans to return for a visit in the States. Before the ink was dry the editor was embarrassed and ashamed to remember that he had neglected to mention the return of missionary Eldwyn D. Rogers.
    It is the desire of the Rogers family to return to the States in March of this year. It will be necessary for their oldest daughter, Bonise, to undergo surgery soon after their arrival. The people of God ought to make this a matter of prayer and liberality. Any man who is willing to "take a loss" to follow Christ's direction for service on a foreign mission field (and according to the New Testament order) is worthy of our support.
    Should YOU desire to assist in helping the Rogers family in their return from Paraguay, you may send your offering directly to:
        Eldwyn D. Rogers
        Casilla 17
        Asuncion, Paraguay (S.A.).


    Brother Ben Ward writes that on New years Day three couples met in their home for Bible Study and that they have agreed to meet for a two hour study every other Tuesday evening.
    We greatly miss the Ward Family in our services, but rejoice to see their continuing concern for the spread of the Gospel. Let us pray that the Lord will richly bless in this undertaking.

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    It is necessary that business establishments take an annual inventory to accurately determine "profit" or "loss". Though no law requires such a present accounting of a church, or individual Christian, it is something to which all should give thought.
    It is always right to fear God and keep His commandments, (Deut. 4:40; Eccl. 8:12; 12:13-14). There is lasting profit in godliness, (I Tim 4:8), Godliness with contentment is great gain, (I Tim.6:6). And all who believe in God should "be careful to maintain good works" (Tit. 3:8). This is both good and profitable to men. Wholehearted & loving service will pay eternal dividends. A sluggish half-heartedness in service is a disgrace to the worthy name the Christian professes.
    Unbelief (even the unbelief manifested in half-heartedness) is a SIN; and sin is always a "loss". To turn aside in pursuit of the treasures of wickedness will profit nothing; nor is there any reward for the evil man, (I Sam. 12:21; Prov. 10:2; 24:20). "For what is a man profited, if he gain the whole world and lose (or forfeit) himself, or be cast away", (Lk. 9:25)?
    Spiritual loss is irreparable, without remedy, eternal, and will bring ultimate "rejection" by the judge of all the earth.
    Are YOU closer to God than you were a year ago? If not, the past year has been a "loss" -- both for you and for Him!

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effective foreign missionary for almost twenty years --- first in Japan, and then in Brazil.
    Hospital costs are high -- even in South America, Special offerings to assist the Montgomery's in this crisis hour may be sent to:
    Steve Montgomery
    Caixa Postal 162
    18.900 Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo
    Estado do Sao Paulo, Brasil

    Due to Bro. Montgomery's accident Bro. Edgar Potter and Family have delayed their departure to Porto Alegre. Mail has already been going to their new address there. However, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE all mail to the Potters should once again be sent to their old address:
          Caixa Postal 4
   18.900 Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo
          Sao Paulo, Brasil.


    The editor would like to offer his sincere thanks for each reader of the CLARION HERALD who has had a part in supporting this ministry. The paper is sponsored by the Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, of Rockford, Illinois, and sent without charge to any who request it.
    Some, however, have recognized it as a ministry worthy of their support; for this we are deeply grateful. One brother recently sent an offering of $50.00 which will more than pay our operating costs for a month.
    It is our earnest desire to be a blessing to others -- to encourage the hearts of God's people and to point lost ones to the Saviour. We sincerely desire the prayer-support of our brethren, and readers, that this ministry will be one through which the name of our Lord will be magnified. To glorify His worthy name is our heart's deepest desire.
    We hope to enlarge the size of the paper and also to publish at least one study course in 1974.
-- The Editor