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The oldest University
    Was not on India's strand,
Nor in the valley of the Nile,
    Nor on Arabia's sand;
From time's beginning it has taught
    And still it teaches free
Its learning mild to every child --
    The school of Mother's Knee.

The oldest school to teach the law,
    And teach it deeply too,
Dividing what should not be done
    From what each one should do,
Was not in Rome nor Ispahan
    Nor by the Euxine Sea;
But it held its sway ere history's
      day --
    The school of Mother's Knee.
-- Author Unknown
    How rich is the heritage, and indescribable the blessing, of all whose mother has loved the Lord and her family --- faithfully teaching her children to reverence, love and trust in Him. Such a heritage money cannot hey, time cannot erase, rust cannot corrupt and thieves cannot break through and steal.
    If YOU have been blessed in having such a mother you OUGHT to love her dearly and honor her -- not just once a year, but constantly --
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    "Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah, And said unto him, BEHOLD, THOU ART OLD, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations", (I Sam. 8:4-5).
    The elders of Israel suggested by these words that Samuel was getting too old to lead efficiently; they thought he should resign and allow them to choose another ruler. Like so many thoughtless people, in every generation, they had forgotten that he had grown old in serving them, and that they owed to him whatever grandeur or real glory there was in the land. They did not understand that his years of service better fitted him to serve them -- especially since the choice of a ruler was really the prerogative of God, and not of themselves. The ungrateful conduct of his countrymen, toward Samuel, was most despicable -- as is similar conduct in any age, and on the part of any people.
     There is a common fault between this and that ancient age. We are lacking in a proper regard and respect for the aged. Too soon are
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Who'll act your property, dear
When you no longer have control?
Will it he left for worldly kin
To send them deeper into sin?

Will sons & daughters "law it out"?
Or with each other fuss & pout,
Because they don't & won't agree
Just what the share of each
    shall be?

Will someone drink it all away,
As sometimes happens, sad to say?
Will it he spent, when you
    have died, To gratify a lot of PRIDE?

Wi11 those for whom you've saved
    it up
Expend it just to fill life's cup
With pleasures that will curse
    and blight
And send them on to hell's black

Who'll get your business, or your
And cash, perhaps, you have on
Who'll get the means that you have
For which you sacrificed & slaved?

You'd better seek God's HOLY WILL
Before you grow quite weak & ill,
As to the way your means should go
When you are through with earth below.
-- Author Unknown


    (The following article, copied from the WESTERN MESSENGER, was originally published in the MANCHESTER, N.H., UNION LEADER, and attributed to "a Juvenile Court Judge in an Eastern State".)
    Always we hear the plaintive cry of the teenagers: What can we DO? Where can we GO? The answer is clear: GO HOME! Hang the storm windows, paint the woodwork, rake the leaves, mow the lawn, wash the car, learn to cook, scrub the floors, repair the sink, build a boat, get a job. Help the minister, the priest or rabbi. Help the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, visit the sick, assist the poor, study your lessons and when you're through and not too tired, READ A BOOK.
    Your parents do not OWE you entertainment. Your city or town does not owe you recreational facilities. The world does not owe you a living. YOU OWE THE World SOMETHING!! You owe the world your time and energy and talents so that no one will be at war, in poverty, or sick

or lonely again.
In plain, simple words: GROW UP! Quit being a crybaby. Get out of your dream world and develop a backbone, not a wishbone, and start acting like a man or lady. You are supposed to be mature enough to accept some of the responsibility your parents have carried for years. They have nursed, protected, helped, appealed, begged, excused, tolerated and denied themselves needed comfort so that YOU could have every benefit. You have no RIGHT to expect them to bow to your every whim and fancy.
    In Heaven's name, GROW UP, AND GO HOME!!

    J. Gresham Machen has shown the impossibility of escaping "from theology, even in the chosen precincts of the Sermon on the Mount. A stupendous theology, with Jesus' own person at the center of it, is the presupposition of the whole teaching .... For the fact is that the ethic of the discourse, taken by itself, will not work at all".
    One who has sincerely tried to help a drunkard overcome his evil habit, will soon come to distrust the modern interpretation of the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". His companions apply the rule only too well --- doing exactly as they would want him to do unto them. They buy him a drink. Thus, the Golden Rule "becomes powerful obstacle in the way of moral advance.     But the modern trouble does not

lie in the rule itself; it lies in the modern interpretation of the rule. The error consists in supposing that the Golden Rule, with the rest of the Sermon on the Mount is addressed to the WHOLE WORLD. As a matter of fact, the whole discourse is expressly addressed to Jesus' disciples; and from them the great world outside is distinguished in the plainest possible way.
    The persons to whom the Golden Rule is addressed are persons in whom a great change has been wrought -- a change which fits them for the Kingdom of God .... The Sermon on the Mount, rightly interpreted, then, makes man a seeker after some DIVINE MEANS OF SALVATION by which entrance into the kingdom can be obtained ... Like all the rest of the New Testament, it leads a man STAIGHT TO THE CROSS".


    A telephone call from Pastor Sharrel E. Ford has just confirmed the intention of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, of Sacramento, California to host a Fellowship Meeting on August 29-31. This editor has been invited to speak each evening beginning August 29 and continuing through September 2, and he looks forward to this time of fellowship in the Gospel with many brethren on the West coast. Other brethren will be speaking at the day-time services.
 Why not mark this date on your calendar RIGHT NOW, and start making plans to attend? E.G.

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"MOTHER'S KNEE" ... Continued

by a life of uprightness before the Lord.
    I thank God: (1) For a mother who is faithful both to her Lord and to her children, (2) For a wife -- the mother of my children -- who loves her children, and prays, in faith, that Christ may truly be formed in them, and (3) For all those godly mothers who are faithfully exercising such a power for truth and right throughout this sinful world.        E.G.
GETTING OLD ... Continued

we ready to suggest that they step aside (forgetting that they have grown old in faithfully serving us) to make room for younger people to take over the work they have faithfully and joyfully done for so long.
    Of all people, Christians have greater reason to respect and honor those who have ripened to old age in the ways of righteousness and self-denying service to others. The sincere affections of younger people ought to cheer the hearts of the aged; but far too often they are sorely neglected in an unchristian manner. Too often they are left to their loneliness. Who knows what sorrows they have endured, what sad memories fill their hearts and how deeply they crave sympathy and love?
It is a lovely thing when young people can heartily, lovingly, and with deep respect, bring cheer to the hearts of those who have labored faithfully to make the path a little smoother before us.
 Is there some aged one into whose life YOU may bring a ray of sunshine TODAY? You will be much richer by the experience.


    Let each of us remember the offering this coming Sunday to go toward purchasing a means of transportation for the Ed Potter's in Brazil.
    This OUGHT to be a LIBERAL OFFERING -- given as unto the Lord, and for His glory.        E.G.