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    The heart of this editor has been greatly moved by the way brethren throughout the country have manifested a unity of heart, prayer and liberality with regard to Brother Dick Ferris. There has been a genuine, sincere concern for his recovery -- that he might be a living testimony of God's faithfulness, mercy and power IN OUR DAY; and that he might continue to be an effective instrument in the service of Christ.
    Following the removal of a kidney (made necessary by a malignant tumor), Bro. Ferris has now completed undergoing a long, painful series of cobalt treatments. It is reported that he is regaining his strength and manifesting a faith in the wisdom of God's providence that is most exemplary.
    Let us continue to pray for him as he awaits discernment of the Lord's wil1 with regard to his future service.
    In the meantime, let us not fail to remember (both in prayer and liberal support) those brethren who continue to hold forth the Word of life on the Mission Fields of the world. E.G.

(Daniel 2:31-45; 7:1-28)

    Many people assert that the Kingdom of God, as set forth in the Old Testament, has already been established -- that it is here now, and that it may be observed in the functions of the Lord's church. This is out of harmony with the general tenor of the Scriptures. The clear teaching of Daniel's prophecy is opposed to the church-kingdom philosophy. And the idea is one that contradicts the teaching of prophecy, in general, as well as the teaching of Jesus and John.
    "In the days of these kings" must refer to a plurality of kings and kingdoms; thus, cannot describe something that took place before the Roman Empire was divided. Various passages clearly indicate that the establishment of the kingdom must take place in the future following a division of the Empire, as represented by the 10 toes and horns, (Rev. 17:12-17; 19:11-21).
    Let it be remembered that, according to Daniel's vision, the image was smitten "upon the feet" -- something that could not have taken place during the first century A.D. Jesus is regarded by all as being

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the "smiting stone". His first coming was NOT for judgment & destruction. It was in humility, and for SALVATION; thus, He gave His life a "ransom for many". But His return will be in power & great glory -- in the flaming fire of divine vengeance.
    The smiting of the stone, the overthrow of the image & beast (in fact, the entire action of setting up the kingdom) is in perfect accord with John's outline in the Revelation -- written many years AFTER the establishment of the New Testament Church, and certainly pointing toward the future. The appearance of the "stone" is to put an end to the present world system. Instead of bringing down the world system in judgment, the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, will be endangered, smitten & persecuted by the very "kingdom" that is to be overthrown when the reign of our Lord is established on the earth.
    Over what nation has our Lord's

church ever ruled? What kingdom has it subjected by its overwhelming power? Since judgment, inheritance and possession of a kingdom all imply an ACTUAL, personal experience of rulership, on the part of the saints; it is quite obvious that NO SUCH THING HAS HAPPENED!
    In picturing the setting up of thrones and of judgment, where the "books" are opened, Daniel locates the coming of the Ancient of Days, and the Son of Man, EXACTLY as John does -- under the last (7th) trumpet (Rev. 11:15-19; 14:15-19; 20:4). This is, clearly, something yet to be realized; thus, the kingdom is still FUTURE!
    Then, what IS the relationship of the Lord's church to the Kingdom? The church is God's instrument, in this age, for "calling out from among the Gentiles" a special, willing people FOR HIS NAME. In the church the Lord is preparing a people to share the rule, the glory & the fullness of blessing in His coming kingdom. It is NOW the responsible privilege of the church to PREACH "the Gospel of the Kingdom in all the world for a witness unto all nations", (Matt. 24:14). Then, and ONLY THEN, shall come the consummation of this age. Then shall appear a NEW AGE that far excels in glory, blessing, joy & peace. The Kingdom of God will have come -- according to covenant, promise, prophecy and the expectation of the faithful through the ages.
    The people of God ought STILL to pray: "Thy Kingdom Come!" E.G.
THE KINGDOM IS: "righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost".


    "Be not many masters" (teachers), wrote the beloved James, "knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation", (Jas. 3:1). Tongues and pens are mighty instruments -- either for good or evil. They must both be disciplined; used responsibly.
    James, of course, speaks basically of those who take upon themselves the responsibility of teaching the Word of God. Even the Word of truth may be handled honorably or deceitfully -- for the attaining of personal designs, or for the glory of God. In whatever way it is handled, the instructor needs to remember that a DAY OF RECKONING is fast approaching; he must give account to God for the manner (and attitude of heart) in which he has handled the Word.
    There are certain, basic, rules of interpretation that must be followed (even when one decides to make use of delightfully entertaining, materials prepared by some popular, "published" preacher). To be an honest interpreter one must certainly consider the writer, the time element, the speaker, the hearer and the context. Instead of isolating a passage (and presuming that it can mean whatever one imagines), the honest interpreter will compare it with other Scriptures that touch on the same subject. And when specific doctrines are involved, it is essential that one be able to determine the EXACT meaning of "words" as used by the writer.
A thoughtless, careless teacher may say many scandalous things con-

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cerning a praiseworthy Bible figure, if he considers nothing but his NAME. The careful teacher will be alert to this danger -- desiring to be true EVEN TO MEN WHO ARE DEAD.
    One might well illustrate this danger by consideration of OBADIAH. There appear to be some 12 men in the Old Testament who wore this familiar name; some good, others whose lives were far from exemplary.
    The action of Obadiah; in hiding 100 prophets of the Lord, manifests a daring, praiseworthy act of faith IF it he remembered that he was AT THAT VERY TIME "governor" over the house of Ahab -- whose wicked wife, Jezebel, was determined to destroy the whole lot. To identify THIS man with the PROPHET by the same name; to assert that he "got along nicely with Ahab", or that he was "completely compatible with Jezebel", is to handle the Word of God CARELESSLY ---- if not maliciously and deceitfully.
    To compare Scripture with Scripture, spiritual things with spiritual, is commendable and orderly. But, "we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are NOT WISE" (2 Cor. 10:12). And, to commend one's self through a carnal debunking of ancient Biblical heroes (actually misrepresenting them thru careless handling of the Word) is a despicable, abominable practice that any judgment bound "master" ought to renounce.
    One does not have to look far to

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find someone eagerly ready to "debunk" Elijah for his "cowardice"; the observer, however, will wait long, and in vain, if he expects either "drought", "rain" or "fire" to fall AT THE "CRITIC'S" WORD!
-- Eugene Garner


    Pastor Samuel D. Arnold, of the Corinth NEC, Dry Prong, Louisiana, informs me that they have scheduled a Fellowship Meeting for December 28 and 29. If visiting brethren stay with them, they may even continue the meeting over until Sunday.
    To share a time of Fellowship with the beloved saints at Corinth would be a real delight to my heart -- but I see no possible way whereby I can attend this meeting. It is my sincere prayer that brethren who are in driving distance may go to Corinth next week -- both to BE and to RECEIVE a blessing. E.G.

    An unusual number of brethren expressed appreciation for the articles: "Eternal Life" and "Watch That Emphasis" in the November 21 issue of the paper. But this was NOT a unanimous reaction.
    In an incidental, illustrative, reference to the dangers of overemphasis, I gave the gist (an honest summary, I believe) of a series of articles which advocated that "regeneration ... into the kingdom" is necessary BEFORE one CAN repent, believe and "become eons by adoption into God's family". This produced a rapid barrage of rash, resentful reaction; but not a single Scripture or explanation designed to "identify" the KINGDOM into which one is REGENERATED -- or even to vindicate the pleading second-guess that it is SIMULTANEOUS, AFTER ALL!
    It is our settled, stated & published policy that no attack on the editor will be answered by him in the columns of this paper. The LORD is our sufficient & satisfying defense against ALL the insinuations of men and devils. AMEN! E.G.
    NEW ADDRESS: Edgar R. Potter
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