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    Bro. Michael Rogers, pastor of the Union Hill Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Bradford, Arkansas, sends a statement (which follows) concerning a very commendable move on the part of this church. Bro. Rogers is a son of a missionary in South America and has spent most of his life on the mission field.
    The letter which follows is the sort of thing that ought to stop the mouths of those who moan that we "are about to reach the saturation point" so that our "few little churches" cannot support any more missionaries. I am with Bro. Mike, and Union Hill Church, in this; I believe that GOD IS ABLE!! (Bro. Rogers' letter follows.)

February 5, 1973
Dear Brethren in Christ,
    Ask and it shall be given you,
(Matt. 7:7).
    Last Evening Union Hill Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Bradford, Arkansas voted to set aside $l,000 from her treasury as the beginning of a fund to purchase an automobile for Missionary EDGAR R. POTTER and family, whom she regu-
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The Homer L. Bryan Family

    Since their leaving landmark for him to enter the Seminary in Little Rock, over two years ago, we have greatly missed the Homer Bryan family. We have rejoiced in the good reports that have come this way concerning his work as a student. Now we rejoice to hear that he has accepted his first pastorate -- the Clear Lake Missionary Baptist Church, of Pioneer, Louisiana.
    Our prayers go with the Bryans in this new field of labor. And I sincerely hope it will be possible for me to attend Bro. Homer's ordination at Clear Lake at a later date. -- the Editor

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Believe as I believe -- no more,
    no less;
That I am right, and no one else,
Feel as I feel, think only as
    I think;
Eat what I eat, and drink but what
    I drink;
Look as I look, do always as I do;
And, only then, I'll fellowship
    with you.

That I am right, and always right,
    I know,
    me so;
And to be right is simply this:
    to be
Entirely and in all respects
    like me.
To deviate a jot, or to begin
To question, doubt, or hesitate,
    is sin.

Let sink the drowning man, if he'll

    not swim
Upon the plank that I throw out
    to him;
Let starve the famishing, if he'll
    not eat
My KIND and QUANTITY of bread
    and meat;
Let freeze the naked, too, if
    he'll not be
Supplied with garments such as made
    for me.

'Twere better that the sick should
    die than live,
Unless they take the medicine
    I give;
'Twere better sinners perish than
To be conformed to my peculiar
'Twere better that the world stood
    still than move
(Author Unknown)
    Isn't it a shame that so often people professing "godliness" are characterized by this narrow, self-centered, self-promoting, censuring and bigoted spirit? How many are the lives that have been driven to discouragement, despair and ultimate ruin by one who thought himself too high and holy to stoop down and lend a helping hand to a fallen brother who earnestly desired to walk in uprightness.
    Love does not exalt itself; it does not seek an advantage; and it certainly does not climb upward by trampling on another for whom our Saviour died. Genuine Christian strength will obey the command to: "bear the iniquities of the weak, and not to please ourselves".


    If one searches diligently he will find some statement in the Word of God that may be "used" as a crutch for almost any conclusion he has already drawn. But such an approach to the scriptures will cause one to miss the real import of the eternal message. I would be the last to assert that "attitudes" are unimportant in ones approach to God's Word. However, to take a passage that deals with something else and use it exclusively, or even primarily, to support one's "philosophy of attitudes" is to abuse the Scriptures.
    It is most discouraging when one commissioned to care for God's people finds the truth so perverted as to mislead those he dearly loves. Yet, how often have the under-shepherds of Christ's little flock been cautioned against being "too legalistic" -- following the "letter" of the Word instead of the "spirit" when they have only endeavored to lead in the way of truth and holiness -- urging the people of God to lives of truth and uprightness, while warning of the inevitable "wages" of sin.
    Somehow there has been instilled in the minds of many the idea that it is "dangerous" to do EXACTLY what the Word of God commands! Rather (it is suggested), one must practice a liberal open-mindedness that first "puts himself in others shoes" (to see how it FEELS) and, while wearing them, determine what would be the most effective way for others to deal with him under such circumstances -- judging according

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to flesh-feelings. Little do they understand that "the Golden Rule" was never intended as the ruling principle to be practiced by rebellious sinners; in THEIR hands it becomes an INSTRUMENT OF MISCHIEVOUSNESS. And it certainly was never intended to supplant the specific commandments of God's Word.
    More and more there is developing a system of cowardly expediency which advertises itself as "spiritual compassion" or a "mature, brotherly spirit". It is such a soothing, pleasing and comforting system of "calculated paralysis" that the sound of an alarmist voice -- insisting on fidelity to the Word of God -- seems harsh and unwelcome.
    Isn't it amazing that the advocates of a "judge - not - philosophy" can so rapidly turn and "rend" anyone who fails to do obeisance before the shrine of their superior spirituality?
    Jesus obviously meant us to understand that He spoke the VERY WORDS He would have our lives directed by, (John 6:63-64). According to His claim, those very WORDS are both "spirit" and "life". Nor is Paul merely contrasting two "attitudes" or approaches when he writes in 2 Corinthians 3:6: "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life". Rather, he contrasts the IMPOTENCY of the law-principle of living with the DYNAMIC VITALITY of life "in the Spirit". The idea. of "bibliolatry" is NOT to be found in his context.
    Anyone who lays hold of such passages as these to minimize the severity of rebellion against God's

"order" is indulging himself in such presumptuous folly as the "Spirit of holiness" cannot share.
    Christian liberty does not grant one "license" to add to, subtract from, alter, or diminish the import of the divine commandment. Nor is the written Word of God a mere legalistic "letter" --- requiring an exalted order of priests, preachers or pious pretenders to discern the "real meaning" of this unique communication from on high. The church of Jesus Christ is the "pillar and ground of the truth". She is faithful to her task ONLY as she: proclaims the truth in simplicity, guards the truth in purity, and obeys the truth in faith and loyalty to Him who is "the Way, the Truth and the Life" of men.

larly supports.
    Our goal is to raise $4,000 by June with the help of our sister churches and individuals who support, pray for and are interested in the Lord's work in Brazil, where Bro. Potter is laboring.
    I know from direct personal experience that cars are very expensive in Brazil. Four thousand dollars will perhaps purchase a used Volkswagen bus.
    However, the Lord's treasure - houses are full, and He purposes to use human stewards to be free flowing channels for treasures of every kind to arrive where they are needed.
    We will praise the Lord as He enables our sister churches and brethren to join with us in offering your $l,500 or $500 or $l00 or whatever, for this need -- without diminishing your present commitments.
    Give, and it shall be given unto you; Good measure, pressed down, & shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall he measured to you again, (Luke 6:38).
          With Gratitude,
          Michael E. Rogers
Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church
      Route 2, Box 209
      Bradford, Arkansas 72020
    This church and pastor have taken a tremendous step of faith....far beyond what they have ever gone before. They sincerely believe that we will share with them in this task. WILL WE FAIL THEM? -- E.G.