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    "Be clothed with humility, commanded Peter (I Pet. 5:5). No garment is more becoming to the child of God than this gracious garment. Nor is any better styled to please the Lover of his soul.
    HUMILITY will deliver one from self-consciousness. It will take away the shadow of self and the constant sense of one's own importance. It will deliver one from self-assertion and from thrusting his own personality upon the thoughts and attention of others. It will also liberate from vanity as regards one's personal appearance - dress, style of living, abilities and attractions.
    HUMILITY will also liberate one from something more subtle and enslaving --- the PRIDE which does not really care for vain display, but which finds its secret satisfaction in a "superiority" of talents, birth, spirituality, wealth, or success. True humility will give a person that modesty which "vaunteth not itself", and a love that "doth not behave itself unseemly". It will never be rude; nor will it slight others, or show a sense of irritation or superiority by rude manners.
    HUMILITY drains a person of all such vanity -- making him unassuming, natural and simple. It will spare a person the trouble of reviewing his own work when it is finished, and from feeling complimentary because it has been done well; or, what is equally vain, a sense of chagrin because it was done so poorly. The very chagrin proves that one expected something great of himself; vanity and pride have been disappointed. Humility will deliver YOU from expecting flattery and praise from others when your work is done.
    The humble Christian, clothed in the blessed garb of humility, will simply do his best, and then leave his work with the Lord. He will look for no reward in the plaudits of men. His supreme recompense will be in the Master's -"WELL DONE!" He can wait for that.
-- Revised, from A.B. Simpson
    "...Clothe yourselves with tender heartedness, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience; you must keep on forbearing one another and freely forgiving one another. . .And over all these qualities PUT ON LOVE, which is the tie of perfection that binds us together."

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    In a recent telephone conversation with Bro. Edgar Potter (missionary in Brazil), I learned that they have been able to acquire a good, used 1970 Volkswagen Bus for use in their labors on the mission field. This has been made possible through the initiative of Bro. Mike Rogers and the Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church, of Bradford, Arkansas.
    This proves again that when a few brethren and churches work and pray together great things can be accomplished. Bro. Potter expressed sincere gratitude toward all who have made the Volkswagen possible -- not just as a "convenience", but as an instrument that will enable him to be a more effective witness in that vast mission field.
    Continue to pray for his labors!
    What has your love for Christ ever GIVEN to promote His cause??


    Some time ago Bro. Don Ross expressed a need for some printing equipment for the "furtherance of the Gospel" in South America. This should not be a startling revelation; the printed page has been one of the most effective means of witness for many years past.
    Missionaries on the field often find that it is extremely difficult to obtain study materials that are biblically sound for use in teaching those who are desirous of progress in the things of the Lord. And in Brazil there are multitudes who plead for such material.
    While Baptists are shamefully preoccupied with petty bickering, the Communist world is pouring into Brazil ton after ton of highly colored, attractive propaganda materials designed to "brainwash" their recipients -- closing their minds and hardening their hearts against the Gospel of the Son of God.
    Isn't it about time that all of us set our hearts and affections on Christ, and things above -- seeking His glory, and the salvation of eternity bound souls, instead of trying to promote our own private philosophies or self-interest?
    Bro. Don Ross is a man with vision and spiritual foresight. He recognizes the spiritual needs of the churches that God has planted in Brazil; his very life is devoted to their growth in the grace and knowledge of our Wonderful Saviour. But he, though well qualified to teach, is limited by time & space.

    Several of those who have been called to the ministry among those churches have asked Bro. Ross for help -- in the form of training for effective leadership of God's people. So, Bro. Ross is attempting to teach them. But there is little material that they can study at home. HENCE, THE NEED OF A PRINTING PRESS.
    For several years Bro. Ross has been preparing materials for his own use in teaching. He is well qualified. He loves the Lord, His church, and the souls of men. And, even though there are some doctrinal issues on which he and I are not in perfect agreement, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO QUALMS ABOUT URGING MY BRETHREN TO SUPPORT HIM WITH THEIR LIBERALITY!! He is trustworthy. I believe that he is a faithful steward -- that any contribution made to support his missionary endeavors (even in the matter of a Bible School and a Printing Press) will pay rich and eternal dividends.
    Though I have not discussed details with him, I am confident that anything you send to Bro. Ross -- designated "Printing, Press" will be kept for that purpose, and a faithful accounting given.
    Though I do not have exact price; it is' my estimation that a minimum of $6,000 would be needed to purchase a reliable offset press. But with $10,000 it would be possible to completely furnish a small print shop (including a camera). Why not pray earnestly about this OPPORTUNITY, and send a liberal offering to Bro. Ross -- designated "Printing Press Fund"?

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    There are among the readers of the CLARION HERALD enough people who love the Lord, and who have been wonderfully prospered by Him, that the funds necessary to purchase this printing equipment could easily be raised WITHIN A FEW WEEKS -- and without putting a strain on the finances of ANY local church.
    This editor feels so strongly about this matter that he urges YOU to seek God's will concerning it -- and to make as liberal a contribution as you possibly can. It is my opinion that YOU WILL BE ETERNALLY GLAD THAT YOU DID!!
    Send your offerings directly to:
        Donald Ross
        Caixa Postal 526
        01000 Sao Paulo, Brasil
-- Eugene L. Garner


    During the pastor's absence services at landmark will be conducted by brethren Bob Melancen and Hubert Lee. Bro. Melancen will be in charge of both services on August 5 and Bro. Lee will speak at both services on August 12.
    I trust that every member will support both of these brethren with your prayers and presence -- and expect that God will bless their ministry to His' glory.
    Lord willing, your pastor will be back for the Wednesday evening service on August 15. Wil1 YOU ask God's blessings on my ministry while in Louisiana? --- that the name of our Lord may be magnified, His people strengthened, and lost ones saved? E.G.

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    The Lord upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down", (Psa. 145:14).
    God never seems to tire of helping His children learn the necessary lessons of life. No matter how often we fail, He seems willing to give us another chance. When we fail a lesson, He does not hastily dismiss us from the class; rather, He encourages us to TRY AGAIN.
    Were it not for our Father's great patience we should never, no

Have you tangled the threads He has
        given you
    To make in a perfect design;
And woven, instead of the pattern
        he gave,
    Another unlike the Divine?

Are the colors confused in the life
        You have lived?
    Unblended by skilled artist
Is the tapestry, meant to be even
        and true,
    Made ugly with coarse broken

You may throw them away and start
        over again
    With threads now & bright as         before;
But until Jesus does all the weav-
        ing for you,
    You will only tangle them more.

Why not take them -- the blunders,
        the tangles and all,
    Life's colors still blurred on
        the slate:
And lay them all down at the Mas-
        ter's feet;
    For He can make crooked things

Then, just leave them all there
        and remember to trust,
    And don't touch a thread, but
        just wait;
And sing while you watch Him un-
        tangle them all;
    For He will make crooked things
-- Author Unknown