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    There are some who object that "it is easy to make a case for Messianic prophecy in retrospect" (Having observed the life of Jesus and heard the claims made by Him and His followers). The person who raises such an objection has made no remarkable discovery, nor has he necessarily manifested a keen sense of intellectual perceptiveness.
    Be it granted that the multiplicity of Messianic utterances, taken together, involve many apparent paradoxes. That the Jews recognized this fact is evidenced by their formulation of the "two - Messiah" philosophy. According to Klausner, the "two - Messiah" philosophy was formulated because of the Rabbinic inability to reconcile the 'inner contradiction between the political and the spiritual Messiah .. inherent in the Jewish conception of the Messiah from the earliest times .... Near at hand lay this idea: The twofold character of the Messiah should he transformed into a twofold Messiah. And this was achieved by transferring to a second Messiah the function of waging war in its entirety. The first Messiah was regarded as the Son of David...And if the great redeemer'

(as Messiah ben David is called in one place), comes from the tribe of Judah, then his junior colleague must be 'son of Joseph', that is, from the tribe of Ephraim'.
    The fact is, that the prophecies WERE MADE and WERE RECOGNIZED BY CONTEMPORAPY JUDAISM AS MESSIANIC. While they were unable to harmonize the obviously paradoxical elements in these utterances, there ultimately came One who by His life, teachings, death, resurrection, ascension and promise to return as king fulfilled the prophecies so naturally and literally, as to completely remove the paradoxical stigma.
    "All prophecy of the coming Messiah - King finds its only, final, and legitimate disclosure in the kingship of Jesus Christ. In this fulfillment His humiliation is the way to His exaltation without doing violence to His true kingship. In these reflections on the Messiah, more than anywhere else, we understand that the Old Testament cannot be read or grasped without the New. Only in the conversion to this true Kingship, which shows us the unity, the unique and incomparable harmony between this rulership and this humiliation, is the veil taken away in the reading of the Old Testament", (Berkouwer). E. G.

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    As we prepare the CLARION HERALD for printing this week, word has come that the Potter's have their visas in hand, and have made reservations to depart for Brazil on March 23.
    Landmark Church deeply appreciates every offering that has been received to help on their passage, and we trust that the prayers of God's people everywhere may go with them.
    Informed that some brethren had been offended by certain words or actions during their travels for the past several months, Both Bro. Potter and his wife came before the church last Sunday morning to express their regrets and to confirm their deep desire to be in Brazil -- the field that they are persuaded is the Lord's choice for their future lives. They go forth with our

love, and with our sincere prayers, that God will so mature them that they may be a blessing to many on the Brazilian mission field.
    It is the Potter's intention to spend a brief time with the Ross's in Sao Paulo and then proceed to Santa Cruz where a house is already awaiting them. It is the church in Santa Cruz that has sponsored their entrance into the country. Brother Steve Montgomery, who has organized and led in that work, has been a great help in securing the approval of the Brazilian government for their immigration -- on permanent, MISSIONARY visas.
    Should anyone desire to correspond with the Potter's during the next 13 weeks they may write to:
      4861 Linview Drive
      Rockford, Illinois 61109.
Following their departure, on March 23, all mail should be sent:
      c/o Steve Montgomery
      Caixa Postal 162
      18.900 Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo
      Estado de Sao Paulo
'When no low thoughts of self in-
    Angels adjust our rights;
And love that seeks its selfish
     Dies in its own delights.

How much we take, how little give!
    Yet every life is meant
To help all lives; each man should
    For all men's betterment.'
-- Alice Cary

(An American Indian Version)

The Great Father above is the Shepherd Chief. I want not. He throws out to me a rope, and the name of the rope is Love. And He draws me. He draws me to where the grass is green and the water is not dangerous. And I eat and lie down satisfied.

Sometimes my heart is very weak, and falls down, but He lefts it up again and draws me into a good road, His name is Wonderful.

Sometime -- it may be very soon -- it may be longer -- it may be a long, long time. He will draw me into a place between the mountains. It is dark there, but I'll not draw back. I'll be afraid not.

For it is there between the mountains that the Shepherd Chief will be. And the hunger I have felt in my heart all through life will be satisfied.

Sometimes he makes the love rope into a whip. But afterwards He gives me a staff to lean on. He spreads a table before me with all kinds of food. He puts His hands upon my head, and all the "tired" is gone.
My cup He fills till it runs over.

What I tell you is true. I lie not. These roads that are away ahead will stay with me through this life. And afterwards I will go to live in the Big Tepee and sit down with the Chief Shepherd forever.
-- Author Unknown


    Life is something like a journey through a jungle where each step involves small but important decisions. Whether we arrive home, or are lost, often depends upon many small things.
    We lose our friends, our usefulness, even our spiritual standing -- not so much by "great" decisions as by small neglects. We fail in small courtesies and acts of kindness and eventually our friends are gone. We become lazy or careless and our usefulness is gone.
    We begin to follow afar off, to take the other side of the road to escape duty, to miss fellowship by neglect of worship, and before long our live is bankrupt of any spiritual meaning or value.
    Life has a way of getting narrowed down, not so much by negative decisions, but by needless neglects. How very important, therefore, to remember that those called "blessed" have fulfilled only that which the Word of God terms "logical" service, (Rom. 12:1). This service is within the capacity of every child of God.
    In opportunity and ability to BE FAITHFUL to our Lord's reasonable expectations (and commandments) all of God's people share an EQUALITY that is unique. What are you DOING with this capacity?
    "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much," (Luke 16:10).

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There' s a very little member
    That' a part of ev'ry man;
It's a part of ev'ry girl and boy;
And we all must needs remember
    It will do the best it can
Other members of the body
        to destroy.

How this very little member
    To be noticed does its best;
There is nothing quite its equal,
        you would think;
It's a weapon for the temper,
    And delights in foolishness;
But from worthy deeds it naturally
        will shrink.
Now this very little member
    Is as sly as any wink;
When one least expects, it's there
        to do its work:
If we once fail to remember --
    Yes, if we forget to think,
It will seize the opportunity,
        nor shirk.

There is but one thing with power
    Great enough this mite to tame;
It is called the Word of God, which
        we must wield;
If we would this rascal cower
    Ere it puts us all to shame.
It will never do to justify or

While this very little member,
        When untamed is like an ember,
Which would take us to destruction
        very soon;
If the Spirit's sword is wielded
    Soon obedience is yielded,
And this very little member is a

Oh, this vary little member --
    Who can guess what it may be
That can lead astray, or guide unto
        the light?
Do I hear somebody whisper,
    'It's the tongue that bothers
Why, you little dear, you've surely
        guessed it right.
-- Author Unknown
    "See how a spark so tiny can set a vast forest on fire! And the tongue is a fire, and takes its place among the parts of our bodies as a world of evil; it soils the whole body and sets on fire the circle of man's nature, and itself is set on fire by hell", (Jas. 3:5-6, Wms.).