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    With these words David concludes the 55th Psalm; and wonderful words they are. The potency of words in touching the heart depends largely on the one who speaks and the circumstances under which he speaks. What sort of man was this who said so confidently: "But I will trust in Thee"? What were his circumstances? Was he happy? Was everything going well with him? Had he no disappointments? Was everything going so smoothly that he had reason to be "optimistic"?
    In reality, David was one who knew the bitterness of heaven's silence; he was AN UNANSWERED MAN. He had known the hiding of God's face, (vs. 1). To continue trusting when one's prayers seem to go "whistling down the wind" is one of the hardest tasks of life, but David did it. He refused to regard silence as "indifference", for he knew that LOVE SOMETIMES DELAYS. Though heaven was silent, the face of God averted and the comfort of fellowship withdrawn, he still said "But I will trust in Thee".
    Hear the confession of this man. "The terrors of death are fallen upon me. Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me", (vs. 4-5). Here

is A FRIGHTENED MAN! What man ever manifested more conspicuous proof of gallantry and bravery -- as a shepherd lad, outlaw or King? Yet, this gallant heart cries out in fear. Nor was his experience different to that faced by the merchant, attorney, teacher, laborer, mother or pastor. Sometimes, for inexplicable reasons, our courage fails. Circumstances and duties are no different, but, somehow WE ARE! Such as have never hesitated to face the lion and the bear, and have readily challenged the "Goliaths" of life, suddenly experience the fearfulness of the Psalmist. We all have our "fainting fits" - even those whose hearts are strongest & bravest. There comes a day when the giants are bowed down. David experienced this in its fullest intensity; the beautiful thing is that he still lifted up his head and cried "BUT I WILL TRUST IN THEE"!
    Again, the Psalmist pictures himself as AN IMPRISONED MAN: "0 that I had wings like a dove, for then would I fly away and be at rest", (vs. 6). He was not in a dungeon; he merely loathed his lot in life. His desire was "to escape" from the bondage of self and circumstance. But, in the wisdom of Divine Provi-
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The Clarion Herald The Clarion Herald

    That our recent Fellowship Meeting was one of the greatest we ever experienced in Rockford seemed to be the unanimous consensus of those present. A spirit of love abounded. Brethren with diverse views still conducted themselves as "brethren" ought. It was surely a blessing to Landmark Church.
    Beginning with our regular service on Wednesday evening, we heard the following brethren: S. E. Ford, Michael Rogers, Douglas Sanford, Wyane Ruff, Melvin Gray, Ralph Gray, Roy Dearmore, Roland Allen, Lonnie Ford, Jim McCoy and Sam Arnold.
    Rejoicing the heart of all was a special offering of $1,000 that was taken to assist missionary Edgar D. Sullivan and his family on their return to the States before beginning a new work on Okinawa. We believe in our missionary brethren -- that they are WORTHY of our support!! (EG)


    It is a shame if, during this holiday season, you have failed to thank God for those faithful servants who are laboring so unselfishly to hold forth the Word of life on the Mission Fields.
    Well, it is NOT YET too late to share in the great work that God is doing through them. He will still accept you as a fellow-laborer. Address your prayers to HIM; but send your offerings directly to the missionaries, as follows:

    ROLAND ALLEN (Paraguay)
    c/o Melvin Gray, Route 4
    Lancaster, Kentucky

    40-3 Kita 3-Chome
    Tokyo, Japan l86

    L8-8 Sakae, Cho 6-Chome
    Tokyo, Japan 190

    Caixa Postal 162
    18.9OO Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo
    Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

    Casilla 17
    Asuncion, Paraguay (S.A.)

    Caixa Postal 4
    18.9OO Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo
    Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

    Caixa Postal 526
    01000 Sa Paulo, Brasil

    Tokorozawa City
    Tokorozawa Heights, House #6231
    Saitama Ken, Japan

    CHARLES D. LOPER (Paraguay)
    c/o Chas. S. Grainger
    Route 5, Box 4-A
    Whitesville, N. C. 28472

The race that long in darkness
   Has seen a glorious light;
The people dwell in day who dwelt
   In death's surrounding night.
To hail thy rise, thou better Sun!
   The gathering nations come,
Joyous, as when the reapers bear
   The harvest treasures home.
For thou our burden host removed,
   And quelled the oppressor's sway
Quick as the slaughter's squadrons
    In Midian's evil day.
To us a Child of hope is born;
   To us a Son is giv'n;
Him shall the tribes of earth obey,
   As all the hosts of heav'n,
His name shall be the Prince of
   For evermore ador'd.
The Wonderful, the Counsellor,
   The great and mighty Lord.
His pow'r increasing still shall
   His reign no end shall know;
Justice shall guard his throne
   And peace abound below.
(Isaiah 9:2-8)

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    A great deal has been put into print, in our day, concerning God's love. Yet, there seems to be so very little LOVE in circulation. The proof of love is not manifested in "word or tongue", but "in deed & in truth".
    Many glibly profess that they "love God", but have no "bowels of compassion", no benevolence toward men -- not even toward such as are of the "household of faith". Surely these have not experienced God's love. In direct relationship to the way we love others may we know and experience the fulness of God's love toward ourselves.
    If our concept of God's love is small, it is not because He is small, nor that He has failed to adequately manifest His love. It is, rather, because WE have failed to lay hold upon the privilege of KNOWING GOD. John wrote: "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love", (I John 4:8).
    True love is manifested in right actions and attitudes toward those around us -- be they evil or good. Love becomes the servant of Christ in behalf of those for whom He died. And our love for God may be measured ONLY by the manifestation -- "in deed and in truth" -- of a genuine love for men. (See Gal. 5; I John 4; and Matt. 25).
    The indispensable ingredient necessary to fulfilling the will of God is LOVE, (Gal. 5:6; I Cor. 13:14). It is the "fruit of the Spirit" -- borne by those who are being prepared to inherit the King-

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dom. The pattern of the love we are to practice is that set by the Lord Himself -- "as I Have loved you", (John 15:12).
    May God grant us discernment to know that such love is never manifested in variance, wrath, strife, envying, etc.; its marks of identity are: joy, peace, longs longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and tolerance.
 Let us, therefore, not be desirous of vain glory -- provoking one another and envying one another. May we, rather, provoke one another unto love and good works -- that God may be glorified.
-- Pastor Lonnie Ford (Edited)
"BUT I WILL TRUST" ... Continued

dence, he was to receive no "wings like a dove"; he must learn to rest under the overshadowing wings of the Almighty -- midst the burdens & cares of his kingly duty. There he learned to confide: "But I will trust in Thee".
    Here was also A DECEIVED MAN; a trusted friend had almost broken the Psalmist's heart. David had just learned that one he had considered a faithful counsellor and loving friend -- one he had never doubted, and on whose loyalty he would have staked his life -- had played the part of a "Judas". It was to him a devastating revelation -- a tragic and desolating hour! So many people lose their faith in God when forsaken or betrayed by one they have deeply loved. Not so with David. Midst the ruins of a cherished friendship and deserted by one he loved as a brother, he WORSHIPPED -- "But I will trust in Thee"!
    The frustration of a silent heaven, the terrors of death, the imprisonment of circumstance and duty -- even the disloyalty of a trusted friend, could not break this unconquerable soul. Because his trust in God was true, faithful and triumphant.
    Is YOURS a faith that works? a trust that triumphs? Or are you still so catering to self that you know only unalleviated frustration and constant defeat? Just remember that this Psalm was written "for our admonition"; may we learn its lesson "BY HEART". Trust in God is NEVER misplaced, or in vain.