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Give, give, give, give!
This is the time freely to give.
Give to the sick, give to the poor,
Give to the stranger at your door.
Give from the fullness of your heart
Give a kind thought, give a fresh
Give to the sorrowful, weary & worn
Give a new lift to someone forlorn.

Give a fine gift of sweet surprise,
Give to bring luster to someone's
Give without stint, give of your
Give of your treasure, give with a
Give with a loving word and smile,
Give from your purse a gift worth-
Give to a neighbor, give good
Give of yourself each day in the

Give to the lonely, give to the
Give with a generous hand & mind.
Give to brighten some shut-in life,
Give to bring respite from daily
Give in the spirit of unselfed love
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    The gift of "appreciation" is one of the most valuable traits of Christian character. It is like a shower on new-mown grass, or sunshine falling on the flowers. A word of appreciation helps in a marvelousway in facing the daily drudgery of routine. It is always easier to march to music.
    True appreciation is something quite different from mere praise or flattery. Flattery is a veiled insult; praise may be condescension in disguise. The ability to appreciate others is the mark of a noble generous nature, just as the constant habit of depreciating others is a certain mark of littleness. To depreciate is NOT to criticize; criticism always HAS AN EYE FOR BEAUTY. To depreciate others is to betray an uneasy feeling of inferiority, which imagines that the only way up is through the tearing down of someone else -- a sorry attitude for one who claims to follow Jesus.
    How gloriously did Jesus Christ appreciate the "little" things that were RIGHT in men. In His company life was enabled to blossom out in its fullest beauty. He alone appreciated the meaning of the woman
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    As we go to press this week, the prospect is bright indeed that our Thanksgiving Fellowship Meeting will be one of the best we have ever enjoyed. From as far away as Florida and California, brethren have written and called to tell of their plans to share this time of blessing with us.
    Confident that the Lord will provide shelter and food for all our guests, we look forward to a time of fellowship together in the Gospel of Christ. And it is our sincere prayer that those services may be used of the Lord to knit our hearts closer together in love, and that such spiritual refreshment may be experienced that we will go from this meeting with renewed zeal and determination to serve the Lord far more faithfully than we ever have before.
    Services will begin at 10:00 on Thanksgiving Day (November23) and

will continue until noon on Friday. No plans have been made for services beyond noon on Friday. This will enable most brethren to stay for the entire meeting and still return to their respective churches for the weekend services. May the Lord grant to each of you a full measure of "traveling grace". We look forward to seeing you on November 23-24. E.G.


    Our word "hospitality "comes from two Greek words: "philos", to love, and "xenos", a stranger -- hence, "to love a stranger".
    The Scriptures furnish many examples of Hospitality. Abraham earnestly invited and joyfully served certain strangers who came his way; and Sarah was careful to look after their needs, (Gen. 18). Paul used their example in persuading the early Christians to be hospitable -- reminding them that "thereby some have entertained angels unawares", (Heb. 13:2).
    The early Christians were so faithful in the exercise of this grace that even the heathen admired them for it. While hospitable to all strangers, they showed a special warmth toward those who were of the same faith and fellowship.
    A special reward awaits one who is faithful in hospitality toward the "brethren" of our Lord. He said "inasmuch as ye have done it (or not done it) unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it (or not done it) UNTO ME".
    During our Thanksgiving Fellowship Meeting we will have a marvelous opportunity to practice this

Christian grace. Will we prove ourselves fit to be called the "children" of Abraham -- and SARAH?


    Without faith it is impossible to please God, "for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him". Faith is essential if one would approach the "throne of grace" with the assurance of acceptance. If any man lack wisdom, he is urged to "ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask IN FAITH, nothing wavering; for he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed".
    To believe God is one of the basic responsibilities of men. When certain recipients of divine blessings -- following Jesus from wholly worldly motives -- inquired of Him, "What shall we DO, that we might work the works of God"? Jesus answered, "This is the work of God, that ye BELIEVE on Him whom He hath sent".
    Faith is a weapon, both for defense and offense, in the arsenal of the Christian soldier. Paul urged his Ephesian brethren: "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked". But faith alone is unavailing; it must be rooted in, and motivated by, LOVE. John wrote: 'And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that

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are pleasing in his sight. And this is his commandment, That we should BELIEVE on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and LOVE ONE ANOTHER, as he gave us commandment'. His commandment was and is: "That ye love one another; AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another".
    The faith that refuses to stop short of total abandonment to the Father's will is assured of "roots" and prosperity; "Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper". (Heb. 11:6; Jas. 1:5-6; Jn. 6:28-20; Eph. 6:16; Gal. 5:6; I Jn. 3:23; Jn. 13:34-35; 2 Chron. 20:20).


    In the haste of meeting a deadline last issue, I neglected to mention the week that I had just enjoyed with Pastor Richard Kamerman and the Mesa Missionary Baptist Church near Pueblo, Colorado. It was my privilege to speak for them during the week of October 16. On Saturday or that week brethren from the Avondale and Arvada churches came together for a time of fellowship. We were blessed by the messages of brethren Spilman and Trask.
    Bro. Lonnie Ford led singing for the meeting throughout the week, and several of his brethren attended. It was also a blessing to have Bro. Perry Ferris down from Arvada for the entire week.

Give of your bounty sent down from
Give to a foe & make him a friend,
Give of your joy and new happiness

Give of your counsel, give of your
Give to make this the happiest of
Give of your peace & goodwill to
Give & still give, again and again.
Give of your faith in God supreme,
Give & make giving your daily theme
Give to the utmost, though thanks
    be few,
Give since Christ gave all for you!
-- Gronville Kleiser

APPRECIATION.. . . .Continued

with the broken alabaster box. He noted the splendor of the widow's giving when she cast in her last "mite". Others might appreciate a cup of wine; He appreciated a cup of WATER!
    Hating sin as no other ever did, because He knew the Father with such a perfect intimacy, the wonderful thing about our Lord was His appreciation of the COMMON heart. He saw the "worshipper" in the harlot, the "disciple" in a despised tax collector, and a "rock" in the unstable will of Simon.
    Common things were beautiful to Jesus. He saw the lily as more wonderfully arrayed than Solomon. Pesty sparrows were, in His eyes, fed by God's catering service. The love of woman, the wonder of children, the fine things that lurked -- even in pagan breasts -- our Lord appreciated them all. No wonder men came to their very best in the presence of One who could APPRECIATE like that.
    When love so abounds and reigns, as it soon willin God's kingdom -- established on earth, there will be spread abroad such appreciative grace as will set life and labor to sweet music.
    Wouldn't it be great if we could strike a few harmonious chords -- EVEN NOW??? E.G.
How sweet, how heavenly is the
When those who love the Lord
In one another's peace delight,
And so fulfill His word!