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(by Michael E. Rogers)

    On the sixth day of time, God, having completed His creative work, saw that it was VERY GOOD. The closing scene of that day -- a sketch of God's handiwork functioning as originally purposed -- is pervaded by a beautiful bliss. Man and Jehovah are in love. Creator and creature commune. Man, obediently, joyously, effortlessly assumes administration of his entrusted kingdom. God, sensing need for fellowship AFTER HIS KIND, created Eve, then gives the bride away and performs the first wedding, establishing that mysterious triangular - duet of God, Man and Woman. Permeating and encompassing all is shameless innocence which cannot imagine veiling pure, beautiful bodies. Peaceful is life in Paradise.
    How sad this poem should end. The statement succeeding the one concerning innocence tells of the infiltration of ecology by the Father of Lies. Sin and death follow, shattering the mystic unity of the cosmos, including the partnership of God and man.
    The curtain falls tiredly on this scene. The groaning and tra-

vail has begun. Wisened embarrassment replaces innocence, and pitiful self-effort fashions a futile camouflage. Fear, enmity, sorrow, tiredness. Menacing thorns, salty sweat, violent bloodshed. The grand prospect of returning to dust, Fugitives cowering before a flaming sword.
    And yet, that is not the end. LOVE WILL NOT FAIL. The Seed would come, would take upon Himself those very punishments, would conquer, rise and redeem, would restore all things and fulfill.
    Oh Love, that would not let me go!!

(see Matt. 7:1-5)

    More than good advice, this is a divine command -- to be OBEYED! It does not forbid one's forming judgments concerning good and evil in the lives of others; this is inevitable and necessary. Jesus drew such conclusions. He was no indiscriminate "compliment - passer". And this very passage implies a responsibility to form some judgments relative to the character of others: "Cast not your pearls before swine"; "By their fruit ye shall know them".
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    What, then, did Jesus forbid? He forbad faultfinding, nit-picking -- the critical spirit that tends to look for the worst in every man. He condemned the constant, ceaseless scavangering about to find something to condemn in the lives of others -- lovelessness.
    The critical spirit is blinding. One obsessed by it cannot properly judge the character of a brother; alert to discern his "faults", you will overlook his virtues. (No buzzard could describe the beauty of a landscape; it isn't looking for landscapes.) Minimizing his own faults (and holding double standards) the faultfinding spirit is filled with such pride and self satisfaction as inevitably leads to destruction. No man was ever more satisfied with himself than the Pharisee who thanked God he was not as others. Ho confessed no sins, saw no defects in himself. And, no wonder; he was too busy tearing a part the Publican! But which one

was closer to God?
    A nit-picking spirit will hinder fellowship among brethren and soon destroy one's usefulness in the service of Christ. Until we have honestly dealt with sin in our own lives, it is WICKED to judge our brethren. Honest self judgment always gives one a different outlook on life; haughtiness will be supplanted by meekness -- the spirit that is necessary if one would LIFT UP a fallen brother, (Gal. 6:1). A pretense to "pious motives" in erecting extra scriptural barriers to fellowship is an exercise in self deception. And such a spirit is contagious; the one who yesterday helped you pick a brother apart is likely, today, helping someone bisect YOUR "un - christian" life and motives!
    Crucify that faultfinding spirit BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!! It is not an evidence of intellectual, spiritual or moral superiority. Rather, it reveals a wicked heart and moral failure. No perpetual faultfinder is following Jesus, (Jas. 1:26). Outward appearance is insignificant as compared with the wretchedness of a loveless heart. Stop trying to usurp the throne of God Almighty! And remember; though Jesus might have condemned the woman of Samaria with a thousand sins, He, rather, complimented her for "telling the truth" when she said: "I have no husband".
    Divine love has no unkind thots. But to know such love God must truly be at the center of our lives. Possession by His spirit will so fill us with love that there will
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    It is no disgrace to lack the power and wisdom of some who are great and brilliant. Greatness is often surrounded by many perils; but mediocrity also has its own. It was the man with "one talent" (in the story Jesus told) who made such shameful shipwreck of his life. The fact that one possesses no extra ordinary powers does not automatically shut him up to a life of insignificance or failure. This is clearly demonstrated in the life of John the Baptist who "did no miracle: but" -- he told the truth about Jesus, and many were blessed thereby (Jn. lO:41-42).
    Though he did no miracle, John was a man of LOFTY CHARACTER. Character does not require great gifts; it can ripen as well in the common, the ordinary and the humble. How faithful and true John was to every human relationship!! Though no "child of genius", he was wise in the midst of tumultuous excitement; he was brave in desert and dungeon. So, what if he "did no miracle"? He lived and died gloriously!
    The work God gave John to do WAS FULFILLED in a most noble way. As others dreamed of messianic splendor and sovereignty, John declared that the Messiah was already in their midst as the "Lamb of God" -- come to take away the sins of the world. God had a work for this man "who did no miracle". He fulfilled his task -- preparing a people for the Lord. Just as God worked out His extraordinary purpose in this ordinary man, He will do a special work through you

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and me if we will make ourselves available for His direction and enabling power.
    John's INFLUENCE WAS DEEP and LASTING. It surpassed that of the prophets who had preceded him -- not merely on his own nation, but on men of all nations wherever the glorious message of the Gospel is sounded forth. Powerful and lasting influence is not contingent on brilliance so much as on an humble fidelity to God and His truth.
    Though he performed no miracle John RECEIVED THE HIGHEST PRAISE OF HIS LORD: "Among them that are born of women there hath not risen one greater than John". Such divine praise is reserved for those who trust Him while all around is dark; who keep their faces toward the morning; who, through headache and heartache, quietly and doggedly press on toward the goal; who look for the city "which hath foundations".
Our Lord's "Well done" is not reserved for the brilliant and powerful -- else most of us would have no hope; we would soon despair. He looks for the "scars" of faithful service. A false and rotten life often wins the applause of men, but CHRIST SEES, KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS ALL; and His delight is in the ordinary servant who labors on with a faithful, loving, obedient and joyful heart. The eye of faith can see Him doing a marvelous work IN OUR DAY!! Is He doing it through YOU?
    Where sins are confessed, and brethren pray for each other, unity peace and spiritual joys abound.


be no room for hatred; this soul- destroying spirit of faultfinding will be banished as darkness before the light. "The fruit of the spirit is LOVE"; and love is not critical.
    (Before you pass this off as being "just what so and so needs", I would suggest that it is good medicine for this Editor and ALL his brethren -- including his preacher brethren. With Love.) -- F. Garner


    From all across the nation word has come of brethren planning to be present. Pray that it may be a spiritual uplift FOR ALL. Welcome!


    This is the bulletin of the Council of Europe, issued four times a year and in eight languages. On May 15, 1972, the foundation-stone of the new Council of Europe building was laid in Strasbourg, when the fiftieth session of the Council was also held.
    The Council of Europe is little known. One does not see much about the Council in the daily press, not nearly as much as the Common Market, but it was founded long before the Common Market was dreamt of and it operates in the area of the prophetic earth. If Great Britain does not enter the Common Market, with all the indications that she will, Great Britain is ALREADY represented in the Council of Europe.
    The 51st session of the Committee of Ministers will be held in Paris on 14th and 15th December next. The Foreign Minister of Turkey will be in the chair. Watch the Council of Europe! We shall hear more about it as the years progress.
-- Copied from WATCHING & WAITING

    Brethren who move without sending "address changes" are causing an unnecessary drain on our financial resources. From one Post Office (Harrison, Arkansas) last week 6 papers were returned IN ONE ENVELOPE -- costing us 60 cents. We paid this WITHOUT even getting a forwarding address.
    We do not like to gripe, but would appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    "A word to the wise..." - The Ed.