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    In unbelief the elders of Israel suggested to Moses that spies be sent to survey the land into which he purposed to lead them at God's command. He permitted them to go -- one from each tribe. They searched the land -- gathering some of its fruit, beholding its abundance and marveling at the giants of Hebron.
    All but Caleb and Joshua discouraged the hearts of their brethren saying: "We came unto the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it. Never - the - less, the people be strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled, and very great: and moreover we saw the children of Anak there ... We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we", (Num. 13:27-28, 31).
    Since all Israel heeded their cowardly advice, God decreed that they should not be permitted to enter -- only their children should possess it. Caleb asked Moses to give him the mountain where the Anakims (giants) dwelt, and Moses promised that he could have it for his inheritance.
    For 45 years Caleb demonstrated

his full devotion to the Lord -- believing His promise, claiming the inheritance (by faith), relying on God's power, and resisting every influence that would tend to weaken his consecration. When we see him in Joshua 14 he is 85 years of age. He reminds Joshua of Moses' promise -- made long ago concerning this mountain. If Joshua will now give it to him he will, by God's grace, drive out the Anakims whom his unbelieving brethren had feared so long ago. His faith had claimed a victory over what the 10 spies so greatly feared. Nor had that faith wavered during the years that followed; he had "wholly followed the Lord". WHAT A TESTIMONY!
    Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him Hebron for an inheritance. Then was manifested something of his own qualities of leadership - spurring others to action. He drove the three sons of Anak from Hebron. Then, to encourage others to fight against the enemy, he promised his daughter, Achsah, as a wife to whoever would possess Debir. Othniel accepted the challenge and won his daughter's hand.
    By his faithfulness Caleb had possessed such an inheritance as to enrich the lives of his offspring.
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    Some of us have no difficulty in remembering when thousands of our young men went out with cheers and flying colors to serve in a cause for which we gave them great honor. Whether or not they counted their lives dear unto themselves, they gave themselves willingly to uphold what they believed to be right - unblushingly facing the future with courage, loyalty and personal honor. For years our "troop trains" were cheered all the way across England as they went to the front.
    But isn't it strange that when young men and women enlist under the banner of the King of kings and accept His commission to go forth -- not to bring death, but life eternal -- there is often no joyful "Godspeed", but rather a restraining question or a detaining hand. And yet the missionary -- the young soldier full of energy and zeal -- who has answered 'the call

to the colors', lifts his eager eyes and views afar what many low - looking friends at home entirely fail to see. He sees beyond the narrow circle of the self-life. He sees fields where his life will count a hundred - fold more than it would in the stagnant stream of current affairs in the homeland. He sees eternal values far more glorious than earthly honors can ever be.
    Ought not we at least PRAY for him in his "adventure for God"? And there is blessing unmeasured in putting feet to such prayers -- enabling these servants of God to go forth with the assurance of our willingness to give of our means to share in this glorious adventure.
    What have YOU done toward reaching "every creature" with the good news of Christ' s salvation, coming, and Kingdom? E.G.


I do not ask for mighty words
    To leave the crowd impressed,
But grant my life may ring so true
    My neighbor shall be blessed.
I do not ask for influence
    To sway the multitude;
Give me a "word in season" for
    The soul in solitude.

I do not ask to win the great --
    God grant they may be saved! --
Give me the broken sinner, Lord,
    By Satan long enslaved.
Though words of wisdom and of power
    Rise easily to some,
Give me a simple message, Lord,
    That bids the sinner come.
-- Author Unknown


    Word has just been received that the wife and children of Bro. Dick Ferris, who had planned to return to Japan ahead of him, were forbidden to do so because of some form of governmental regulations. Judy is in school at Salinas, California until it is possible for all the family to leave together -- which should be possible within the next few weeks.
    Bro. Steve Montgomery should be in Brazil again by the time this issue of the CLARION HERALD goes into the mail. He and Bro. Savage are flying the plane down there -- a four or five - day ordeal for the small plane. No definite word has been received as to whether he was able to purchase the STOL modification that he so much desired.
    From Bro. Edgar D. Sullivan comes word that he desires to return to the States for a visit in January. After a visit among relatives and supporting churches, it is his intention to return to Okinawa where he helped in a very fruitful mission endeavor some months ago. He reports that some $400.00 has been received toward his passage fund. He will need the balance by December 1; so let us seek God's direction and make an early contribution to this fund.


    It was a real blessing for Landmark church to have Bro. Leonard Garlington speak for us during the past week. The church has been encouraged, challenged and strength-

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ened by his ministry among us. It is a joy to know that this brother has been liberated from the necessity of secular employment to devote himself fully to the ministry.
    It is this editor's opinion that he will be a blessing to any church that gives him an opportunity to preach. E.G.


    Not only could he give a valuable piece of land to his daughter for a wedding gift; he also granted "springs of water" at her request. Hebron, being ridden of Anakims, was given to the Levites -- proving the liberality and unselfishness of Caleb. How he must have rejoiced to know that the habitation of the wicked and fearsome Anakims had become the dwelling - place of God's ministers who would serve Him continually!
    Caleb's inheritance was great enough to share -- IS YOURS?
    The mountain that Caleb requested represented much danger and difficulty, but he was dauntless in pursuit of it. His heart was single toward this particular inheritance, however others might judge him for insisting on it. He was far-sighted enough to know that, once possessed, this mountain could serve as a stronghold and spring board for further conquest.
    Have YOU ever asked God for a "mountain" to possess; or is your timid unbelief content with mole hills? -- E. Garner

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"They're going to bury themselves,"
      'twas said,
Of those who'd been called of God.
'Their chances of real success have
With their talents 'neath heathen
They'll only bury themselves.'

'They're going out to a hopeless
Such millions of souls to save!
What can THEY do?' some were heard
      to ask.
'To try such a work they're brave,
But they'll only bury themselves.'

'They'll not be wanted; they'll be
And dangers await them there.
They'll suffer in vain,' some folks
'The spirit of youth will dare,
But they'll only bury themselves'.

'There's work to be done in their
      own homeland,
And we've need of them here,'
      friends say,
'So why do they sail to a foreign
Foreign Missions are passing away,
They'll only bury themselves.'

They'll bury themselves. It is
      true indeed,
But remember, the Master said
That life which is buried for Him,
      like seed,
Truly springs to new life from
      the dead;
And therefore they bury themselves.

This, then, is God's challenge and
      call to men,
To bury their lives in His own,
While He in abundance gives life
So they'll harvest the fruit that
      has grown,
And be glad that they buried them-
-- Author Unknown
    "What things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ...I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord; for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but refuse that I may win Christ...." -- Paul