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    Before going further with this article, let me suggest that you take your Bible, and read the following Scriptures (James 1:22-25; Ezek. 33:30-33; Jer. 6:16-19; 43:1-7; 44:11-23).
    He who merely "listens" to the Word of God deceives himself, (Mat. 7:21-27; Lk. 6:47-48; Rom. 2:13; comp. James 2:14). He may look at the mirror from such an angle that he catches only the reflection of someone else -- never seeing himself. This is practiced far too often. It is so much easier to behold the other person's sin. And it is so much easier for one to "order the steps" of another than to walk in the path God has ordered for him.
    But merely viewing one's own dirty face and filthy life in the mirror of God's Word does not guarantee any improvement. To turn away without any positive action toward cleanliness is soon to FORGET what filthiness one has observed. How terribly often we tend to FORGET! And how we do suffer for it.
    Mere "beholding" of one's self will accomplish nothing worthwhile. It is entirely possible to listen attentively and critically to God's

Word, and still go unblessed. The self - deception that substitutes "seeing" for "doing" will soon lead to a tragic end.
    There is a vast difference in being a mere listener, and in hearing the Word of truth in aworthy manner. Acceptable hearing requires both a moral and spiritual preparation, (Lk. 8:18; Matt. 11:15, 25; John 7:17; I Thes. 2:13). Some folk are delighted with preaching that is merely forceful and animated; they listen for pleasure and it does them no good because they have no intention of putting it into practice. They merely enjoy having their emotions stirred (Heb. 4:2)!
    The only "viewing" that is really, ultimately worthwhile is such as is INTENT ON DOING, (Jn. 13:17). To this end, the man of faith will keep on looking into the perfect law of liberty that he may be a "doer of the work" and not a mere listener, (I Cor. 15:2). He will practice what he knows to be right, (Rev. 22:14).
    Constancy in looking helps to prevent forgetfulness, (Psa. 1:1-3; 2 Cor. 3:18). Persistence in DOING what the Word of truth requires will bring the blessing of true liberty, (John 8:32, 36; 14:6; Gal.
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    Behind the political, social, economic and military pseudo - issues being discussed by contemporary politicians lie factors that are infinitely more significant and influential. The really important behind - the - scenes issues have their roots in man's origin, fallen nature, his responsibility to God, his attitude toward the infallible Word of God, his obedience to the laws of God, his response to the love of God and his indifference to God's "Great Salvation".
    The political, social and economic evils that fill the minds of contemporary leaders with uncertainty, bitterness and pessimism even to the point of despair, are all the results of man's most deadly malady -- sin. The Bible exposes all of these troublesome problems, analyzes them and prescribes the remedy for them. An omnipotent God offers to supply motivating

power to make men pure, unselfish and disciplined. The effect of such transformed lives upon society is immense. Righteousness -- that which exalteth a nation -- must begin in individual human hearts, and that beginning has its source in God.
    History demonstrates the influence of this God - imparted goodness upon human relationships. In New Testament times it turned whole communities upside down. In the centuries that followed it delivered millions from Pagan idolatry and immorality. It outlived the decaying Roman empire and preserved its broken fragments from catastrophic chaos. It brought Europe out of the Dark Ages into light and liberty. It lifted England from deep moral decadence and saved her from tyrant foes.
    In the Bible, in the standards of God's Word, in the redemptive power of the crucified, risen and coming Christ Who is the centre of Biblical revelation, there is a complete solution to all the baffling problems of our generation.
    The need to recognize the existence and nature of sin and Satan: this is a fundamental issue in 1972. The necessity of acknowledging the authority of the Scriptures: this is a vital issue in 1972.
    The importance of communicating the Gospel of the grace of God to the unwashed, unregenerated millions in our time: this is one of the paramount issues of 1972.
    The urgency of prayer and obedience on the part of God's own people: this is one of the real issues of 1972.
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STEVE MONTGOMERY: As we go to press this week we learn that missionary Steve Montgomery has arrived in the States and is making final arrangements to take his mission airplane back to Brazil. This "used" Cessna was purchased while he was in the States on his last furlough, but complications developed so that he was not permitted (by the Brazilian government) to take it back with him then. The final legal hurtle has now been cleared and, Lord willing, the plane will be in use on the mission field within a very few weeks.
    Once more prayer has been answered, and there iscause for rejoicing. Let us pray that God will give a safe journey as the brethren make the long flight from here to the mission field -- and that divine wisdom may guide in the use of the plane once it arrives on the mission field.
    RICHARD FERRIS: It was a blessing to have Bro. Ferris, his wive and daughter (Jeanette) with us last week. It is my understanding that Sister Ferris and the girls will be returning to Japan late this week (in order to enroll the girls in school) while Bro. Dick completes (within the next few weeks) his visit among supporting churches on the West coast.
    It is a joy to know that Sister Ferris's health has improved to the point that they may now return to the field to which the Lord has called them. Pray for them as they undertake this second round in Japan ... that God may be glorified.

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5:1; Rom. 6:20-22; I Pet. 2:16).
    One may be expert at examining truth intellectually and philosophically, but until that truth becomes a part of his practical everyday living he has only indulged himself in intellectual speculation -- nothing more. A proper appreciation of "the perfect law of liberty" will bring real and lasting benefits.
    This "perfect law" is not merely God's Word -- as contained within the covers of a beautifully - bound book. Legalistic devotion to a mere book tends toward enslavement. The Bible, as we have it, was not completed for near 50 years after James wrote; and what he wrote was good for the people to whom he wrote. It involves an eternal principle, (Psa. 119:9-11). The law that REALLY liberates is something written within -- enlightening the mind, purifying the heart, checking the inclinations and bracing the will; this, when honestly received and faithfully obeyed, proves to be the "perfect law of liberty". Here one is not acting on a "legal" demand; his response is joyous and free -- compelled only by the love of Christ, (2 Cor. 5:14).
    In becoming a "doer of the Work" one merely puts into practice what he hears or preaches; it is foolish to talk "cream" if one intends to live "skimmed milk". Right conduct will inspire confidence in others: then they will be inclined to believe our testimony of Jesus' love and saving power.

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THE REAL ISSUES .... Continued

    The optimism which springs from belief in the personal, victorious second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ: this is THE EFFECTIVE ANTIDOTE for the pessimism of the political theorists of this generation. Christ, and Christ alone, is the answer to our world's problems. The supreme issue is, "WHAT WILL WE DO WITH JESUS?"
-- Arr. from J. F. Holliday, in


    Next week (September 4-10) Landmark Missionary Baptist Church will be engaged in a series of special services which we trust will result in a genuine REVIVAL. Pastor Leonard Garlington, of West Monroe, Louisiana, will be leading in these services each evening at 7:00 P. M.
    Many of you who read the CLARION HERALD regularly have been promising yourselves that "one day" you are going to visit the services of Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to fulfill that pledge.
    If your heart has grown cold, through neglect of communion with God and fellowship with His people, we invite you to come and find refreshment in the invigorating Word of God.
    If you have never escaped the entanglement and bondage of sin - guiltiness, then we invite YOU to come and find deliverance, life and eternal salvation through the dynamic of the LIVING WORD.
    Pastor Garlington is a man who loves God, His Word, His people and the souls of men. In his ministry next week will be offered (through the grace, wisdom and mercy of God) just such a blessing that is needed to enrich, encourage and strengthen your life.
    Why not plan now to ATTEND EVERY SERVICE? You'll be glad if you do.