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    SIN is basically a violation of that which God's glory demands in us and is, therefore, in its essence, the CONTRADICTION OF GOD'S AUTHORITY, goodness, wisdom, justice, faithfulness and grace. All men are guilty by nature, choice and practice; and are, therefore, separated from His fellowship until provision is made for reconciliation.
    THE TRINITY. We believe that there is ONE TRUE GOD, but that in the Scriptures the Godhead is represented by three distinct personalities --- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    SALVATION involves all that God has done to deliver fallen men FROM the bondage of sin and its consequences UNTO the ultimate glory and blessedness that we are taught to expect in the coming age. The believing one HAS BEEN SAVED from sin's guilt; IS BEING SAVED from sin's power; and SHALL BE SAVED from its presence in the resurrection. In God's purpose salvation involves THE WHOLE MAN.
    SECURITY from eternal ruin is attained by the exercise of a personal faith in Jesus Christ. Security of the lives and rewards of

saved men is maintained as one walks in the obedience of faith -- abiding in Christ and enduring to the end. The believing one is secure; we must never infer the security of one who is NOT "believing".
    PICTORIAL ORDINANCES in the Lord's churches are two. BAPTISM involves the immersion of a believer in water by the authority of a Scriptural New Testament Church. This declares the identity of the baptized person with Jesus Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. From the grave the initiate comes forth dedicated to the walk of a new life in Christ. The LORD'S SUPPER pictures the unity of one "local body" as a single "loaf" in remembering Jesus as our Passover (sacrificed for us) and anticipating the blessed hope of His coming and kingdom. The elements used are unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine. (There is no justification for division over "wine or grape juice" -- though this editor personally prefers the use of grapes freshly bruised.)
    MEMBERS SHOULD BE RECEIVED, as they express a sincere desire for fellowship, on the basis of: (1) A profession of faith -- for baptism.
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    "I will sing a new song unto Thee, 0 God", said the Psalmist, (144:9).
    Ruskin once said that "Many harmonies have been discoursed by instruments that had been dumb or discordant, but that God knew their stops". This is very true, and is most encouraging to those who are conscious of the imperfection of their own lives.
    Someone says, "I never can live a truly sweet and beautiful life, for sin has so marred my soul and jangled all its chords". True, but God can take the instrument with the broken keys and the discordant strings and put it in perfect repair -- "He restoreth my soul;" and under His touch and His breath it may give out music that will thrill the hearts of men, and delight the angels -- and God Himself.
    The worst tempered people may be made gentle and loving in speech,

action, and disposition, by the transforming power of divine grace. The selfish nature may be turned into sweet unselfishness and charity. So with ALL jangled life - keys. God can put them in tune if we will leave them in His skillful hands. The possibilities of beautiful living, in even the most marred and imperfect souls, are almost infinite. None ever need despair who will accept the divine grace and profit by the divine teaching and discipline.

The hours of pain have yielded
    Which prosperous days refused;
As herbs, thou scentless when
    Spread fragrance when they're


    The editor's family enjoyed a delightful time of fellowship on June 21-23 with the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Arvada, Cob. It was a real joy -- both to preach and to listen. Bethel Church should have been richly blessed, and many hearts encouraged.
    During the week of July 17-23 I will be with Pastor James S. Mitchell and the Corinth Missionary Baptist Church of Dry Prong, Louisiana, in a Revival effort. Pray for this effort; and I would like to see my many friends who live in that area.
    WELCOME to the Vanas Leach Family recently re-united with our church.

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(2) A letter of recommendation from a church of like faith and order -- one that is careful to maintain the purity of the ordinances -- proper discipline.
(3) Where No. 2 is not possible, on the statement of candidate that he has met the basic requirements for membership.
    FREE-WILL OFFERINGS is the New Testament method of supporting the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ideally, each member gives a regular, liberal, portion of his income (based on the extent of his love and purpose of heart) -- remembering what was required of Israel, with lesser privileges than we enjoy, and the liberality of Christ's gift for us.
    JESUS CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN to this earth as He has promised -- visibly, audibly, in power and great glory, to establish a Kingdom of Righteousness where He will rule with a rod of iron; share his glory nature and deity with His brethren; subject all things under His authority -- finally yielding up a perfected and redeemed earth and people to His Father.
    The Scriptures speak of TWO RESURRECTIONS --- one of "Life", the other of "Damnation", Jesus was Himself the "firstfruits" of the "first resurrection" (which has several orders, or phases), afterward they that are Christ's at His coming. The resurrection of the "unjust" will take place at the end of the millennium -- when Christ has ruled on earth for one thousand glorious years.

called the "house of God, the pillar and ground of the truth". The New Testament church was established by Jesus Christ during His personal ministry on earth -- long before Pentecost. The church is LOCAL in nature, composed of scripturally baptized believers who have covenanted themselves together for mutual edification and the promulgation of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ. It is commissioned to: (1) Make disciples. (2) Baptize disciples. (3) Teach disciples. And it has the promise of Christ's age-long presence and power.
    SCRIPTURAL MISSIONARIES must be church - sent and church - supported. A perfect pattern for missions is set forth in Acts 13.
    CHURCHES MAY ASSCCIATE together for fellowship in the Word of God (never for the common observance of the Lord's Supper). Churches may cooperate together freely and voluntarily in the support of any worthwhile, spiritual and Christ - honoring cause UNDER THE LIMITATION OF THE SCRIPTURES.
    For the glory of God, and the common good, there must be maintained a mutual love and respect between church and pastor -- each recognizing his proper place and function in the body. We reject, as unscriptural and impractical, the idea that the church of Jesus Christ is meant to be a "pure democracy" -- where each member is equal in every sense. The idea is "Jeffersonian", not apostolic.
    On the shoulders and heart of a faithful pastor, one who truly
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loves his flock, there rests a tremendous responsibility which cannot be met without sufficient "authority". Aware of this fact, Divine wisdom has designated those who are raised to lead God's people by such terms as "shepherds" and "seers" who are to "rule well" -- not with an iron hand, but in love -- jealous for the glory of God and the eternal good of His people. For such as exercise this authority with faithfulness -- caring, setting a right example and feeding the flock -- there is reserved a "crown of glory" that will never fade.


    Israel wanted a king like all the nations round about her. This may not seem so bad until we consider what it involved. This was stated very succinctly by Samuel: "Ye have this day rejected your God, who Himself saved you out of all your adversities and your tribulations", (1 Sam. 10:19).
    It is not difficult for us to see the base ingratitude of those whom we have befriended -- who forget our kindness and treat us ill. We are prone to recall the fable of the serpent, frozen by the wayside. A benevolent passer - by took it up, placed it in his bosom to warm, and had his kindness repaid by its piercing his flesh with its deadly fangs.
    We ought to be honest in our dealings with God. And we should judge ourselves in relation to His mercies and favors toward us BY THE SAME RULE that we apply so inflexibly toward our fellow - men. What has God done for us? Has He forgiven our sin? Saved us by His grace? Delivered us from the power of the wicked one? Placed our feet upon the path which leads to life eternal? And does He keep us day by day?
    Surely each of us knows the only answer to these questions! But how are we treating this Deliverer, Saviour and Friend? Do we own Him gladly as the King of our lives? Or are we REJECTING HIM and demanding another?
    Let us be honest with ourselves, and with God! Do we CALL Him "Lord" while refusing to DO what He says?