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    Being begotten again "unto a living hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead" the faith of the early church involved far more than pious sentimentality. It was a faith vitally connected with their acceptance of God's self-revelation in His Son, Jesus Christ. He was seen to be the fulfillment of God's ancient promises -- the hope of all generations.
    To a world that awaited the "good news" of redemption, Jesus sent forth His church to "disciple, baptize and teach" --- and in that order. A legitimate invitation to discipleship was to be extended universally, "to every creature". In holy zeal, for their now-ascended Lord, the disciple band went forth to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth.
    Convinced of Christ's resurrection, and constant companionship, those early Christians were undaunted in the face of every foe. While facing every conceivable danger, and suffering indescribable torture, they accepted it all for the glory of Christ. For His dear name's sake, they welcomed trials and gloried in tribulation -- desirous of proving themselves worthy of the trust He had committed to them. And this self-abandonment --
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    "The ONLY organized effort recognized in the New Testament for the WORK of missions is the LOCAL congregations of baptized believers. Since the commission to evangelize the world was given to the churches it follows that the churches are the ONLY organizations authorized to do mission WORK. Any OTHER organization that may undertake the WORK is a USURPER, a LAW-BREAKER ,no matter how good the intention of such an organization may be. The Lord gave the commission to evangelize the world to the church. The church still holds that commission, and any Convention or BOARD that presumes to do the WORK is going into the work without a commission and is a USURPER, a violater of Divine law. The INDIVIDUAL church should send the missionary. Nowhere in the Scriptures do we read of a Convention appointing a BOARD or COMMITTEE for any purpose whatever. Such a unknown to the Scriptures. Such a thing is, therefore a USURPER, A VIOLATOR of Divine law and should not be TOLERATED by the churches."
-- Ben M. Bogard
    The Baptist Way Book, 1908 Edition.
    Biblical principles are more immutable than the law of the Medes and Persians. For the sake of "expediency" some churchmen ignore that fact.

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    A dark, dreary, dreadful future awaits every soul that is not anchored in Jesus Christ. Surely it would be wise for every unrepentant and unbelieving heart to pause and consider what awaits -- and that so considering he should turn from the "path of perdition" to Him Who is "the way, the truth, and the life", (John 14:6). Briefly consider some of the things that certainly await every unbelieving soul:
    1. There is coming a time of shameful exposure; every idle word, every hidden sin, and every secret thought will one day be publicly revealed, (Job 20:27; Num. 32:23; Lk. 12:2; I Cor. 4:5; Heb.4:12-l3).
    2. Bitter disappointment is in evitable for every person who insists on directing his own path, (Deut. 32:32; Ecci. 2:11, 18).
    3. The material possessions in which men trust will "take to themselves wings and flyaway", (Prov. 23:5; 27:24; Psa. 49:10; I Tim.6:6-7). The man profits nothing who gains the world only to lose

his soul.
    4. The day hurriedly approaches when death will ring every man's doorbell, (Job 30:23; Eccl. 8:8; Rom. 5:12; 6:23).
    5. After death every man, woman, boy and girl faces an inevitable and inescapable judgment, (Heb. 9:27; Eccl. 12:14; 2 Thes. 1:7-8; Rom. 14:12).
    6. More dreadful than physical death is the coming separation of the wicked from the presence and influence of the righteous, (Matt. 25:31-33; 13:30, 49; 24:40).
    Such as "obey not the Gospel" will be banished from God's presence -- barred from all hope of redemption -- at the coming of Jesus Christ to be "glorified in the saints .. and in all that believe", (2 Thes. 1:9-10; Matt. 7:23; 8:12; 22:13; 25:46). God's universal command to every responsible heart is: "Repent, or perish!" God cares for YOUR soul. Jesus Christ gave Himself to make your redemption possible. The Holy Spirit convinces your heart that you NEED THE SAVIOUR. His faithful people pray for your salvation and invite you to put your trust in Him.
    Don't play the fool with your eternal destiny! Trust in Jesus while you may still enter into His glorious, abundant, eternal life. It is FREE to all who will ask, in faith. There is danger in delay!

Glory unto Him who died --
Who for us was crucified --
Came in rich, abounding grace --
Took the guilty sinner's place.
Glory unto Him who lives --
Him who life eternal gives --
Quickened from the silent grave,
He is mighty now to save.


    This question Jesus Christ asked of Peter -- following his denial. But, I wonder how many professing Christians ever dare face it with humble and honest hearts. What would an unbiased examination of YOUR living reveal as regards your love for Christ? It is quite possible that you could observe failures, broken purposes, unkept promises, violated commandments, purity stained by sin -- everything tarnished.
    What if YOU were suddenly confronted by Jesus, with His calm, holy and searching gaze, and heard his solemn inquiry: "Lovest thou me?" As you are about to speak you remember all the dishonorable and sinful things in which you have been involved. Silent before Him; unable to speak; you are conscious that you DO love Him --- that beneath all your sins, failures and faults you DO CARE; you do respect Him, and desire Him as your chief joy.
    What a comfort it is to be able to cast one's self upon Him who knows what is in you. While men, even those who should know better, sneer in self-righteousness and insist that one who so lives as you have lived cannot possibly have a spark of love for Christ; yet, He knows your love; He can discern it even amidst the stumbling, failure, and sin.
    Perfection is not the test of love and discipleship. Jesus does not cast off those who have trusted Him because they stumble and fall. He knows our weaknesses, our shortcomings and our failures. Nothing is hidden from Him. But, while He sees the worst that is in us, He

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also knows our yearnings for the best -- even for Himself. So, He loves on; He loves us to the UTTER MOST!. Look up, and press on!

    There are times when if we do not answer God's call immediately the opportunity is gone forever, leaving a lifelong regret.
    As I passed through a pleasant street God once told me to give His message to an old man who was sitting on a lawn. I thought I might be mistaken, and passed on to take a car, but found I had no money, so returned and spoke to him. Some ladies who were on a veranda, hidden by vines, began to talk to me, and I knew they would hear all I said. Alas! I had been told, times without number, that one should not ask a person if he were a Christian or invite him to come to Christ, when others were present, as it might do more harm than good.
    I sat on the steps and talked with the ladies about the life hid with Christ in God, but the old man went away, and in a few hours was struck by an express train and killed immediately. I then learned he was NOT A CHRISTIAN.
-- N. C. Alger

    The spiritual temperature of a church can often be gauged by the way her members attend the mid-week services. This is one thing that others have recognized as commendable in Landmark over past years. But, during the past few months some of our members have begun to get careless about these services, and this is a matter of deep concern to your pastor. Pray & Come!

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this utter renunciation of all personal ambition for Christ's sake -- this triumphant joy in suffering was a powerful means of drawing others to "the Way". Any cause worth dying for is certainly worth living for.
    In the suburbs of Snyrna lived a wise old pastor named Polycarp. The fanatics among the anti-Christians

were everywhere demanding death for all who insisted on following the way of Christ. Thus, Polycarp was taken, brought before the magistrate, accused and given an opportunity to deny Christ and live. With an unwavering faith in the Living Christ, he answered: "Eighty and six years have I served Him and not once has He denied me. How could I, in the evening of life, turn traitor to so great a love?" So, away to the marketplace they rushed this dear man; piling fagots around him, they burned him. Nor did he resist --- rejoicing that he was counted worthy to suffer for the name of the Lord Jesus.
    So wonderful was Polycarp's testimony that his murderers scattered his ashes to the winds -- fearful that others would gather them up and worship him. In dating this event one of his biographers wrote: "Statius Quadratus being Pro-Consul; Jesus Christ, KING FOREVER!" No one cares for the name of the pro-consul. But, across the centuries those other words still resound, with firm assurance and joyful anticipation: "Jesus Christ, KING FOREVER!"
    Is He the King of YOUR life? If not, then you are ill-prepared for the day that you must stand before Him in judgment. Eternal death is the certain end of those who are not willing that Christ should rule them now.
    People will glorify God when they are able to see Him working in your life. They will glory in YOU when they see you doing something they admire. LET CHRIST BE SEEN!