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    Pastor Mitchell Lewis, of Creve Coeur, Illinois, has been a friend and supporter of Landmark Church and her mission interests for the past several years. Recently he arranged for a very liberal (free) supply of paper on which the CLARION HERALD will be printed for the next several months. For this we are deeply grateful.
    Thank you, Brother Lewis! And may the Lord richly bless you as you continue to hold forth the Word of life in Creve Coeur. His Word and faithfulness will not fail.


    The opportunity of being with Pastor Wayne Ruff and the Judsonia Missionary Baptist Church (during the week of April 12-18) was a real blessing. Never have I had greater liberty in preaching God's Word, and seldom have I encountered a people who were more eager to hear.
    It is always a joy to be with those who love the Lord sincerely. And it is a special blessing to see a spirit of brotherliness manifested among churches of like faith.
    Thanks to ALL YOU BRETHREN who, by your prayers, cooperation and presence, made our week in Judsonia the rich and rewarding experience that it was. E.G.


    Most people do pay attention to something, but it is too often a matter of "majoring on the minor". It is most interesting to examine the Biblical usage of the Greek word from which our English "scope" is derived. Paul used "skoros" in a metaphorical sense in Philippians 3:14. In this, its only New Testament usage, it is translated "mark" and used of a GOAL on which one is to fix his spiritual eye. But the word is used in the Old Testament of a "watchman", (Ezek. 3:17). Its verb form, "skopeo", is translated: "take heed", "mark", "consider", and "look on". There are various areas of Experience toward which God's Word commands us to pay close attention.
    We should pay attention to SPIRITUAL THINGS, (2 Cor. 4:18). Spiritual values are eternal values; that which is temporal pertains to mere time, (Jn. 6:27; Heb. 12:27 ; I Pet. 1:24-25). Unless one gives proper attention to spiritual realities he will soon fall under the spell of the material, unreal and temporary. Inattention to spiritual developnent will be to one's eternal impoverishment. He will lose the "joy of the Lord", and, thus, his strength. Like Asaph (see Psalm 73), his life will con-
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    To have brethren in the church who can be entrusted with the leadership of the flock in his absence is a blessing to any pastor. This is one thing that I am most grateful for at Landmark. Several of our brethren have proved, by their faithfulness and, stedfastness over the years, that they have the welfare of the church at heart.
    I am especially appreciative of the fact that brethren Melancen and Ward so willingly accepted the responsibility for conducting the services during my absence. It is a difficult thing for me to be away from our little flock for long; but my confidence that the services are being conducted by those who share my love for the body makes it somewhat easier to minister elsewhere when an invitation is received to do so. Thanks, Brethren! E.G.
'I LOVE thy church, 0 God!
I prize her heavenly ways;
Her sweet communion, solemn vows,
Her hymns of love and praise.'


    He was just a little lad, and on a Sunday was wandering home from Sunday school, and dawdling on his way. He scuffed his shoes into the grass; he found a caterpillar; he found a fluffy milkweed pod and blew out all the "filler". A bird's nest in a tree o'erhead, so wisely-placed and high, was just another wonder that caught his eager eye.
    A neighbor watched his zig-zag course and hailed him from the lawn -- asked him where he had been that day, and what was going on.
    "Oh, I've been to Sunday School" (He carefully turned the sod and found a snail beneath it.) learned a lot of God'.
    "M'm, a very fine way", the neighbor said, "for a boy to spend his time." "If you'll tell me where God is, I'll give you a brand-new dime".
    Quick as a flash his answer came nor were his accents faint, "I'll give YOU a dollar, Mister, if you'll tell me where God ain't".
-- Selected
Poor is the life that is all pleas-
    ant weather;
Sunshine is brightest just after
    the rain.
Bitter and sweet must mingle to-
    gether --
Hard is the heart where no sorrow
    has lain.
'Ah, Lord, thy woes belong,
Thy cruel pains, to me;
The burden of my sin and wrong
Hath all been laid on Thee.
Look on me where I kneel:
Wrath were my rightful lot:
One glance of love, 0, let me feel!
Redeemer, spurn me not!'

PAY ATTENTION ... Continued

sist of a series of perplexities. His efficiency for service will be impaired. (Half-heartedness in the service of God is always shameful.) He will forfeit the reward that belongs to faithful living. And, like Demas, he will, almost inevitably, be turned aside by the "cares of this life" --- loving this present world.
    We should pay attention TO THOSE GIVEN ROLES OF LEADERSHIP IN THE CHURCH --- always measuring them by the unerring Word of Truth. Mark such as cause divisions and offences contrary to sound doctrine, (Rom. 16:17-18). Mark such as walk contrary to the truth and sound judgment, (Phil. 3:17-19) --- who fail to encourage and strengthen the saints. After paying close attention to doctrine and practice, follow such leaders as are evident followers of Christ.
    We should pay attention to OUR OWN MOTIVES AND ATTITUDES IN DEALING WITH OTHERS, (Gal. 6:1). When dealing with others we should always be: impartial --- without respect of persons; unselfish -- considering others first; loving -- by manifestation of understanding, respect, care and responsibility; and generous.
    We should pay attention to THE NEEDS OF OTHERS, (Phil. 2:4). Love "seeketh not her own",(I Cor. 13: 5; comp. Matt. 19:21; Rom. 14:21; I Cor. 10:24). To walk selfishly is to walk in darkness; to walk generously is to walk in light.
    We should pay attention to THE LIGHT THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN US, (Luke ll:33-36). The light of truth will help us to walk so as to enrich and bless the lives of others. So walk-

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ing, the light of Christ will be reflected to the glory of God. It will appear as a borrowed light, an unconscious light, and an irresistible light. Inattention to divine direction will so corrupt one's life that the light of divine glory cannot shine through. The smog-clouds of questionable conduct will hinder the rays of divine glory from shining through in their radiant brilliance. The pollution of sin so contaminates the once-clear waters of life that they no longer reflect the beauty of holiness. And once the true light has been shut out it is not long before a thick darkness overwhelms the one who did ONCE walk in light, joy and heavenly peace.
    How tremendously important it is that we all PAY ATTENTION to the things we have heard, lest we allow them to drift on by and leave us unblessed! E.G.


    It was this editor's privilege to speak at the Illinois Missionary Baptist Preacher's Fellowship which met at Beverly Manor on Monday of this week. To meet with brethren who truly love the Lord and His church; to fellowship with those who have common problems and interests, is always a blessing and encouragement. E.G.
Oh that we our hearts might sever
From earth's tempting vanities,
Fixing them on Him forever
In whom all our fulness lies!

Oh that we might Him discover
Whom with longing love we've sought
Join ourselves to Him forever!
For without Him all is naught.

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    While in the meeting at Judsonia the following poem was handed to me by Brother Larry Bryan (age 10) who is a member of the Oakhurst Missionary Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas, where Bro. John Owen is the pastor. Larry knows that I love poetry, and use it a great deal in my preaching, so he wanted me to have this poem that he had written.


God is love,
He watches our mind
From Above
When we are kind.

God is great,
He made earth and heaven
But when we hate
His wrath is upon men.

God is good,
He gives what we need
From childhood
Through eternity, indeed.

God is forgiving
And merciful, too,
We're always lacking
To do what He wants us to.

God is righteous
In more than one way,
But it is dangerous
To disobey.

God is my father,
And I'm His son,
Jesus is my brother
And home shall outshine the sun.
-- by Larry Bryan

    Thanks, Larry. We've missed you in Rockford since you moved to Arkansas so that your Dad could attend the Missionary Baptist Seminary. We hope you will come back to Illinois one of these days. But we are very glad that your Dad is not the only one who is preparing to be a better witness for Jesus. So, you keep up the good work, and God will make you a blessing to many. E.G.