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0 Thou, whose bounty fills my cup
    With every blessing meet,
I give Thee thanks for every drop--
    The bitter and the sweet.

I praise Thee for the desert road,
    And for the river-side;
For all Thy goodness hath bestowed,
    And all Thy grace denied.
I thank Thee for both smile and
    And for the gain and loss;
I praise Thee for the future crown,
    And for the present cross.

I Thank Thee for the wing of love,
    Which stirred my worldly nest;
And for the stormy clouds which
    The flutterer to Thy breast.

I bless Thee for the glad increase,
    And for the waning joy;
And for this strange, this settled
    Which nothing can destroy.
-- J. Crewdson
    "It is good to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, 0 most High" ... "Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving" .... "Giving thanks always for all things unto God the Father is the name of our Lord Jesus Christ", (Psa. 92:1; 95:2: Eph. 5:2O).


    A sizable and lamentable hindrance to the Gospel has been permitted to arise among the people whom Christ has desired and chosen for "His own possession". Many have presumptuously turned aside from the pure Word of God. Lending a sympathetic ear to the eloquence of tradition and expediency, they have become deeply involved in such inconsistency of interpretation as to defame the name of Christ, grieve the Holy Spirit and give occasion for stumbling to multitudes.
    Presumption inevitably leads to error; too proud to acknowledge wrong, it then employs INCONSISTENCY to keep others from discovering its humiliation. This is the way of "the flesh" which is forever at enmity with God, and can in no way please Him. But its most Herculean effort will be put forth to "appear righteous" in the eyes of men. Unless a child of God abandons himself to the Spirit's control, it will not be long before the flesh finds an occasion to usurp control over his life -- thereby bringing shame on the name of Christ.
    It is of the utmost importance to realize that God's order for men in this age is clearly stated in the New Testament. He lays down
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    Israel's promised Messiah was depicted by the prophets as a Shepherd -- frithful, but rejected and smitten. Unlike the cruel leaders of the ancient covenant people, He would be a "Good Shepherd" - caring for the sheep, (Ezek. 34:11-31). He will bind up the wounded, strengthen the sick, and bring back the straying. Feeding them upon the mountains of Israel, He will cause them to lie down, in quietness, beside untroubled waters.
    With the coming of Messiah's rule Israel shall no more be divided; they shall be one fold and one shepherd -- Messiah, son of David, ruling over them all. Their idolatry will have been forsaken, their iniquities cleansed, and God will once again claim them as His people (Ezek. 37:22-25). Henceforth, they will dwell in eternal safety, for the Lord their God will place His sanctuary among them forevermore, (Ezek. 37:27-28).
    It was just such a Shepherd that Jesus Christ claimed to be, (John

10). But, according to the prophetic Word, Israel rejected the faithful Shepherd. To their own hurt they will eventually accept a false idol-shepherd, (Zech. 11:12-17; John 5:43). Jesus referred to this deceiver in Matthew 24:5; and Paul wrote of him as the "man of sin" and "son of perdition" who, though able to deceive with power, signs and lying wonders, would ultimately be destroyed by the glorious epiphany and body presence of Jesus to assume His kingly rule. When He rules in righteousness there shall be showers of blessing never before experienced by the sons of men.
    It was not a mere coincidence that Judas Iscariot agreed to betray his Lord for exactly "thirty pieces of silver". That he soon realized the heinousness of his crime -- returning the money to the temple; and that the blood money was used to purchase a "potter's field", only tends to confirm, in believing hearts, the truthfulness of Jesus' Messianic claims, (Matt. 26:14-16; 27:3-10).
    Zechariah foresaw the "smiting" of the Shepherd with a sword; the psalmist evidently recognized that he was to be crucified, (Zech. 13:7-9; Psa. 22:14-15). Because of Israel's hostility toward her true Shepherd, her prosperity has been delayed until God raises up and refines a "remnant" that will willingly receive Him. There will come a day when the Spirit is poured out upon Israel, (Zech. 12:10; comp. Rev. 1:7). Once more the nation must face Him whom she has "pierced".
    To pierce the Shepherd is to pierce GOD, for the Shepherd IS
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only ONE ORDER; He has only ONE PLAN. Men will search in vain for such a divine program as gives one set of instructions for the "spiritually elite" and another for those who "can't quite make the grade". God has but ONE PATTERN for Christian living; by it every person who stands before the "Judgment Seat of Christ" will be measured.
    The call of God is TO THE HIGHEST; it is to: sanctification of the whole man; a walk of faith - obedience; continuance in well-doing; the bearing of spiritual fruit which is perfected in love; and the holding forth of the Word of life as one feasts on the Bread of Life, and finds constant refreshment at the Fountain of Living Waters. Yet, so many Gospel ministers IMPLY so many "exceptions" to God's plan as to undermine the moral force of the Gospel message. And these exceptions are rooted in mere "presumption" - not in a special revelation. That so many can repeatedly contradict themselves in their preachments from week to week --- without any apparent awareness of their glaring inconsistencies --- is a matter of utter amazement to me.
    Just for a starter, how about considering a few of the apparent inconsistencies that hinder the Gospel message in our day --- hindrances rooted in the confusion of intellectual double-talk (if not outright dishonesty) surrounding the high minded exclusiveness of so many Baptist "denominationalists".
    1. Where is the consistency in declaring that "all the saved" are "indwelt by the Holy Spirit", but that they cannot really have spir-

itual discernment outside a Baptist church? (And this question is of special importance when it is stated clearly in the Scriptures that the chiefest of the apostles did NOT yet possess the Spirit IN THIS SPECIAL CAPACITY during the time of Christ's earthly ministry. See Jn. 14:16-l7).
    2. Where, again, is the consistency in teaching the "priesthood of all the saved", when the Scriptures represent Jesus Christ as being the High Priest ONLY "over the house of God" (Heb. 10:21) -- which Baptists everywhere recognize as being the New Testament church, and NOT "all the saved", in this age, (I Tim. 3:15; comp. Heb. 3:6)?
    3. And where is the consistency in clamorously opposing the idea of a "universal church", or in offering strenuous opposition to a non - denominational "ecumenism", while teaching: that there are saved people in all churches; that "all the saved" compose the "family of God"; and are "brothers in Christ"? Must Baptists be forever regarded as advocates of discord in the DIVINE FAMILY? Or, might a closer look at the Scriptures reveal that too many have, for too long, presumptuously assured the rebellious and disorderly of a "standing" that the Word of God offers ONLY to such as yield themselves TO GOD'S ORDER?
    The promise of spiritual blessings is to those who obey God's order; the threatenings of divine judgment are for those who reject it. God's failure to clearly reveal the position of those who fall between must not be regarded as a divine invitation for our presumptuous suggestions or advice.
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    Is it not about time that Bible - believing Baptists forever abandon the temptation of an ever - present expediency which tends to DIVORCE RELIGIOUS "STATUS" FROM MORAL REALITY?
    And, is it not probable that our interpretation of God's Word would be much more consistent if it were based strictly upon a comparison of Scripture with Scripture -- rejecting the easy expediency of exalting the traditional creeds and confessions to a level of authority equal or superior to the Divine Revelation?
    "To the law and to the testimony: IF they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them", (Isa. 8:20).
    Where do YOU stand? E. G.

THE SHEPHERD......Continued

GOD! Once the nation admits its sin there will be a time of bitterness and mourning. When true repentance is evident a "fountain" will be opened for the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem; it will blot out their "sin and uncleanness", (Zech. 13:1).
    The Shepherd Psalm (23) will find its ultimate fulfillment in the Kingdom of God.


    The man who is a genuine, seven - day - a - week Christian, is a man who never gives his employer less than his VERY BEST. He will endeavor by his labor to give a good, clear and shining testimony for Christ. He will not be offended if no one ever seems to notice his fidelity, or if there comes to him no word of commendation, thanks or praise. His faithful labor is rendered as "unto the Lord" whose all -- seeing eye does take notice -- both of his attitude and his deed -- and who is faithful to reward those who honor Him.

    It has been a real joy to see so many visitors in our services the past few weeks. We want each of you to know that you have a Christian WELCOME to the services of Landmark church whenever you can attend. You have encouraged us by your presence; and we pray that your lives may have been enriched by our fellowship; by the ministry of the Word, and by participating in the worship that ascends to our God from this place. COME AGAIN!!