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    In Ephesians 3:20-21 Paul writes of the glory due to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ thru the church purchased with the Savior's blood.
    A prisoner in Rome, Paul had not lost his awareness of God's free grace. He considered himself the prisoner, not of Caesar, but of the Lord Jesus; God had a purpose in it and Paul was glad to be a part of it. He saw God's hand over-ruling all things, and knew that God was doing a work in His people. Though in the midst of fiery trials, the apostle called his beloved brethren to rejoicing.
    The ability of God far surpasses every human need. Paul recognized God as able: to save to the utter most, (Heb. 7:25); to keep what is committed unto Him, (2 Tim. 1:12); to help the tempted, (Heb. 2:18; I Cor. 10:13); to subdue all things unto Himself, (Phil. 3:21); and to "make all grace abound" toward such as dedicate themselves and their possessions to Him, (2 Cor. 9:8). In an effort to express this divine ability, Paul coined one of his super-superlatives; He said that God's ability "superabundantly" exceeds our comprehension. How utterly foolish to trust our own abilities when we are incapable of requesting or imagining what great

things God has purposed for those who love Him sincerely, (I Cor. 2: 9-12).
    It is also noteworthy that Paul was deeply concerned for God's glory. "Glory" involves honor, praise, exaltation, Radiance, splendor, pomp, power and supreme worthiness. In a significant Old Testament passage it becomes a synonym for the true and living God -- as contrasted with the "gloryless" gods of the heathen, (Jer. 2:11).
    Since Jesus established His church (and that before Pentecost), it is the sphere in which this glory should be manifested: "Unto Him be glory in the church IN CHRIST JESUS", (literal translation). In one sense, God's works declare His glory, (Psa. 19:1-3). Israel was the special instrument for showing forth His glory under the Old Covenant. But under the New Covenant He purposes to get glory to Himself through the church, (I Cor. 10:31). An attitude of slackness toward the church robs God of the glory due His name. It will lead to a loss of blessing and reward for one so ungrateful toward the grace He has freely and abundantly bestowed. As He walked among men Jesus glorified the Father in all that He did, (Jn. 17:1-4). The Father continues to be glorified by Him through the church which is His body, (John
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    Every passing generation sees the promise of better and greater things in the rich, new life of its young. How we do yearn to pass on to them all the experience we have gained through suffering, agony and tears! We would have them avoid all the pitfalls that have hindered our own course and often made our lives barren and unfruitful.
    It is difficult to learn that one cannot pass on his experience, gained through deep agony and many tears, even to his own children. They must, each one, learn for themselves. But loving hearts will set before them a good example, while praying for their salvation and sanctification. And, trusting hearts will commit their lives and destinies unto the Father's care.
    To the rising generation we commend the following prayer of an unknown poet:

'I would not come when I am old,
Presenting unto God a withered
    life --
A heart whose energies are growing

And powers unmeet for noble strife.

Now, in the blushing morn of youth,
Help me, 0 Christ, my little all
   to give,
To consecrate my every force to
And LIVE TO PURPOSE while I live.'


    Be Strong!
We are not here to play, to dream,
      to drift.
We have hard work to do,
And loads to lift.
Shun not the struggle;
Face it, 'Tis God's gift.

    Be Strong!
Say not the days are evil -- who's
      to blame?
And fold the hands,
And acquiesce -- 0 shame !
Stand up, speak out,
And bravely, in God's name.

    Be Strong !
It matters not how deep entrenched
  the wrong,
How hard the battle goes,
The days how long;
Faint not, fight on.
Tomorrow comes the song.'
-- Maltbie D. Babcock

    So many young people, victims of homes given over to drunkenness and debauchery, vow to "get out of the mess" --- only to leave God out of their plans and end up in a similar situation?
    The happiness of unborn children depends on decisions being made by the youth of today. CONSIDER THEM!


    Every child of God should realize that "true riches" are spiritual, and graciously submit himself to the ordering of divine providence for his life. Blessings often come through adversity. To the saints at Thessalonica, Paul wrote: "We would have come unto you...once and again; but Satan hindered us". This satanic hindrance has resulted in blessing and spiritual enrichment to millions. Hindered from going to Thessalonica, Paul wrote a letter. How we ought to thank God for allowing that hindrance! And each of us should learn to leave the direction of our lives to God; He will allow only what is best for us, and that through which His own name may be praised.
    The materially-poor should rejoice in the riches of divine grace that have been bestowed upon them, (Jas. 1:9). A note of positive "joy in the Lord" distinguishes the genuine, whole-hearted Christian from the "double-minded". The rejoicing one knows that life involves many trials, but he is victor over them all; he is a man of FAITH, and, for him, faith "is the victory" that overcomes the world. The perpetually grumbling, whining, self-pitying pessimist makes a very poor representative of Jesus Christ.
    The "poor brother" may actually be therichest one in the whole church. Rich in LOVE -- joy, peace longsuffering, gentleness, goodness faithfulness, meekness and self-control; he may be happy and contented, always rejoicing. Through faith, the unlimited wealth of the Spirit is his; thus, he is "lifted up" and his heart is filled with melody and praise. Eternal riches

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await all those who serve the Lord, (Matt. 19:27-29).
    Such as are materially-rich are to rejoice that God has shown them their true poverty; only by this gracious act could they ever be enabled to enjoy eternal riches. To trust in "uncertain riches" is real folly; riches, and the life that is built upon them, will soon fade, (I Tim. 6:6-10). Put they are truly blessed who are "poor in spirit" (Matt. 5:8). Unless brought to see their true lowliness, before God, the rich may be tempted, with Ananias and Sapphira, to be deceptive about their financial transactions -- claiming praise for something they have not done. Is it not a strange thing that many professed Christians are more sensitive about their financial dealings than about anything else? This shows that the Lord does not wholly rule their hearts. Where a man's treasure is, there will his heart be also. Who ever controls your treasure controls your life. Is YOUR life truly yielded to Christ? Not so long as the material with which He has prospered you is being used to your own selfish ends!
    True riches only in Jesus abound! Rich andpoor, alike, are debtors to divine grace. To the best of our ability, and through a further dependance on that same grace, we ought to PAY OUR DEBTS !
    With sad hearts, Landmark Church voted in our last Business Meeting to withdraw fellowship from five members who, through infidelity to their covenant vows, had walked disorderly. Two had corrupted themselves by adultery or fornication.
    We pray that ALL may repent -- enabling us to renew our fellowship.

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GLORY TO GOD -- Continued

15: 8).
    Nor does the apostle fail to suggest the extent and duration of this arrangement: "unto all the generations of the age of the ages" (literal translation). The church is viewed in the New Testament as a "time institution"; therefore, it is her responsibility DURING THIS ONE AGE, out of all the ages, as the living incarnation and fulness of God (through the Spirit), to faithfully witness to every race and creature -- thus glorifying the "God of grace and glory". Whoever claims to be "saved" but chooses to ignore the responsibility of submission to Christ, in His body, is not walking in the light of His Word and will suffer loss in the age to come. (Notes from my: Outline Studies in Ephesians) E.G.

'Lord, at thy temple we appear,
   As happy Simeon came,
And hope to meet our Saviour here;
   Oh! make our joys the same!'


    In London a Chinese philosopher once bought a powerful microscope. He was delighted with it until one day he examined some of his rice under its focus and was startled to discover bacteria working within. Rice was his main food. He could not bear the thought of eating any thing that was working alive with tiny creatures. So, he solved his problem by destroying the microscope!
    Like that microscope, God's truth focuses on the thoughts and intents of man's depraved heart. Yet, with every exposure of corruption it reveals the remedy. Blessed is the man who, instead of destroying the instrument, conforms his life to that which it prescribes for his need. To such a person more light will be given. And God's truth will become increasingly precious as it solves the problems of life's stern realities.
    The Word of God ABIDES FOREVER!
-- Selected and Revised

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