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    Isaiah (4:2) pictures the "Branch of Jehovah" coming forth, as a ray of light, into a context of judgment and darkness. A remnant of the covenant people is to be spared through a long period of subjugation and suffering. David's "Righteous Branch" (Isa. 11:1) is viewed as He assumes a position of great authority. He comes forth as a "sprout" from the cut-down stump of Jesse. Nor are pomp and power His outstanding characteristics. Rather, He shall execute judgment and righteousness in the land. "In His day Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely; and this is his name wherewith he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS", (Jer. 23:5-6; see also 33:15-17).
    Zechariah speaks of the "branch" as being the "servant" of Jehovah, (3:8). According to him, "the MAN whose name is BRANCH .. shall grow up .. and he shall build the temple of the LORD ... and shall sit and rule upon his throne; and he shall be a priest upon his throne", (6:12-13); Thus, He ministers to the spiritual needs of His people. The "branch of Jehovah" is also the "branch of David". While divinity and earthly royalty are combined in Him, He is described by the prophets as being both SERVANT and MAN.


    From time to time divisions become a reality among God's people. It is always a sad day when such a thing happens, and it never serves, in a positive way, to magnify the name of Jesus. He Himself prayed that His people might "be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me", (John 17:21). Schisms and divisions always blur and distort the reflection of Christ's image which He purposes to manifest through His church.
    Men of God OUGHT to be concerned; but it is entirely possible to have an erroneous concern. Concern may be rooted in the flesh. It may, in fact, be more desirous for "my name", "our image", or "influence" or "cause", THAN FOR CHRIST'S. And it is entirely possible to set out in the energy of the flesh to correct that "image" --- lest it hurt our influence, and diminish the number of our followers (or supporters).
    The desire to be a "peacemaker" is a lofty desire; the role of the peacemaker, a thankless task. But there may even be a temptation for him to "compromise truth" in order to effect an OUTWARD unity. When such is the case it should be re-
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called that Jesus prayed: "Sanctify them THROUGH THY TRUTH". When conflict arises over "doctrine", there may be a temptation to look for a "CONCILIATORY INTERPRETATION" wherein both sides may "save face". But, such a course would be a dishonest, dishonorable and cowardly approach to the problem. It would be as foolish as a physicians treating a "symptom" instead of fighting the disease.
    Let it ever be remembered that no person, or group of persons, has any "edge" on the truth. None have developed a perfect, complete and totally consistent SYSTEM OF TRUTH. Though the Word of God is wholly true, its vast resources are unfathomable by finite minds. To the extent that God's servant applies himself to study it, in humility and faith, the Holy Spirit will illumine his heart and mind to understand bit - by - bit and step - by - step.
    Obviously, some students of the Word have progressed beyond others in their discernment of divine

truth. Only a conceited, self - deceived, arrogant fool would deny this. But ALL of God's people owe each other a maximum of love, respect, Christian courtesy, and an honest hearing. It is a terribly serious thing to arrogantly anathematize one's brethren as Calvinistic or Armenian, traditionalistic or "new light".
    It is a sin against true brotherhood to destroy a weaker brother -- even with a TRUTH he is not yet mature enough to receive. Yet, one must not be expected to violate an enlightened understanding and conscience by pretending that ERROR is TRUTH.
Personally, I would be ashamed to confess that I had found no truth, in twenty years of study, that I did not previously understand. And I am convinced that some truths have been made plain that many of my brethren are not even willing to "consider". An attempt to turn - the - clock - back on such understanding would be a violation of the law of love; it would be to turn renegade against the Living Christ, and to do despite to the Spirit of grace.
    Some of my brethren are being tempted to commit a sin equally as heinous as that of Peter (against Christian Liberty) when he compromised his own knowledge and conviction, at Antioch, to "side with" the Judaist legalizers from Jerusalem. Some are growing highly suspicious that the "sacrifice of the intellect" is no longer an exclusive possession, or weapon, of the Romanists. I hope, I SINCERELY HOPE we are wrong in this suspicion! Brethren, BEWARE the temptation to employ "CONCILIATORY INTERPRETATION"! -- Eugene Garner



    Though a pictorial news-letter from missionary Edgar D. Sullivan may arrive, in some homes, ahead of this paper, I cannot refrain from sharing the good news of God's rich blessings on the work mentioned two issues back. During the two weeks that Bro. Sullivan (and others) labored on this small Island God wonderfully blessed in bringing 20 precious souls to acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and receive Him as their own personal Savior. What joy and thanksgiving this ought to produce in the hearts of all who love the Lord sincerely! Let us pray that a New Testament church may be established on that island in the very near future. It is my understanding that there is presently no church OF ANY KIND on this island of 6,000 people.


    According to a recent letter from Bro. Steve Montgomery (who is handling the paper-work for Bro. Edgar Potter, in Brazil) all the necessary documents have now been translated and turned over to the Brazilian authorities. When they have approved Bro. Potters' entrance to Brazil, as a missionary, they will, in turn, notify their Consulate in Chicago. Then he can apply for a "permanent visa" with assurance of acceptance.
    Will YOU pray with us that the delay will be a very brief one? The need for laborers in Brazil is very great. While hearts are hungry is the time to sow the precious seed of God's Word.

    There seems to be rather wide spread confusion among the brethren regarding support for Bro. Richard Ferris who has returned from the mission field in Japan. By his move to the parsonage of Bethel church in Arvada, Colorado (while they had no pastor); his taking a secular job; and his writing to some of the brethren that they need not FEEL OBLIGATED to support him, under those circumstances; some have ASSUMED that he is not returning to Japan, and have cut off the support he OUGHT TO BE RECEIVING!!
    HERE ARE THE FACTS: (and Brother Ferris has NOT asked, or consented to my making such a statement.)
    During the last several months of his missionary labors in Japan support from the churches was not sufficient to meet the needs of his family. Rather than complain, or charge God (and the churches) foolishly, he has taken a secular job in the hope of paying the obligations that accumulated during those lean months while he labored for the souls of men -- obviously, with God's people in the homeland con tent to let him "go to warfare at his own charge"!
    IT IS AN HONORABLE THING THAT THIS BROTHER HAS DONE!! It is a scandalous thing that so many have become involved in baseless rumors and malicious gossip with regard to his plans for the future. Though he has not authorized me to say so, from my visits and conversations with him, I am confident that HIS HEART IS IN JAPAN, and that, with the prayers and support of God's people, HE WILL, within the next year, RETURN TO THE PEOPLE FOR
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    Dick Ferris has already proved himself to be an humble, faithful, and effective witness among the Japanese people. How many of you will JOIN ME in encouraging (by prayer, and kind words) and enabling (by our liberal support) him to erase this indebtedness (which is REALLY OURS!) so that he may get started visiting those churches who are interested in the Japanese work -- and back to the field for which God has burdened his heart, and to which he has committed his life?
    Write to: DICK FERRIS
        6705 Fenton Street
        Arvada, Colo. 80002

    The New Testament Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, plans a Fellowship Meeting on Thanksgiving week-end. The meeting will begin with a night service on Thanksgiving Day, and will continue through Friday -- possibly through Saturday at noon.
    It is hoped that many brethren will make a special effort to attend these services. Pastor John L. Coleman, and the church, are always gracious hosts.
    Pray that in these meetings God may provide whatever is needed to unite the hearts of His people to reverence His name and to sound out the message of "full, free and everlasting salvation" to all who will yield themselves to Him.


    For the many kind letters that have been received during the past few weeks (expressing appreciation for the CLARION HERALD), the Editor is most grateful. Your prayers and kind words are a source of great encouragement, and I thank God for laying on the hearts of so many the desire to give assurance that this labor of love is "not in vain".
    Accept my sincere apology for using so much space in these last two issues with editorial matters and news. It is my desire to give most of the space to Biblical Exposition. There are times, however, when a personal word of brotherly admonition seems necessary; I trust that "a word to the wise" will be sufficient. In the next issue of the paper I hope to return to the normal format.
-- The Editor