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    On Sunday, September 19, an interesting and vastly important new series of studies will begin during the Sunday School hour at Landmark. Entitled: "The Scriptures Cannot Be Broken", these lessons will examine the trustworthiness of the Word of God. Consideration will be given to: The unity of the Scriptures; The Reality of the Patriarchs, of Bible Prophecy, and of Bible Miracles; and an abundance of Evidence from the fields of Archaeology, Geography, Psychology, Science and Everyday Living.
    I have no doubt that this will be one of the most interesting, informative and profitable studies we have yet undertaken at Landmark. Though some super-spiritual Goliath will assuredly conclude that we are "going modernistic", "forsaking the Word", or "allowing unbelievers to determine the course of study", I am prepared to await the judgment of God in the matter; He never acts on insufficient evidence, nor before the evidence is all in.
    We have no choice as to whether our children will face these questions in their secular education, and the cynical voice of unbelief and doubt is never hesitant to ridicule the Word of God, and the faith that is rooted therein---even
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    Pictured above is the family of Missionary Edgar D. Sullivan who, with son David; another missionary, (a Brother Scaff) and his son; Bro. Tajima (pastor of the Noborito church); and six other Japanese brethren have recently spent several days on Ie Island near Okinawa. They went with special tracts, posters, a tent(to be used for six Gospel Meetings in the largest villages) and hearts that burned with an earnest desire to share the Living Christ with the 6,000 inhabitants of this small island.
    Though no word has been received with regard to the outcome of this unique mission effort, my own heart rejoices that the effort was made -- that brethren could work together for the glory of the Living Christ in spite of some doctrinal differences. Let us pray that a Scrip-
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    One of the great joys that God allows His people to experience in this present life is the blessed fellowship of Christian brethren with kindred hearts. It has been the privilege of this editor to experience an abundance of such fellowship and joy during recent days.
    At the invitation, and expense of Bethel Baptist Church of Arvada, Colorado, I was privileged to visit that colorful state again during the week of August 15-21. I spoke eight times while in Arvada -- five times in their public services, and three times in early-morning services in the home of Bro. Richard Ferris (at 6:00 A.M.), this latter arrangement being desired by some that they might enjoy a time of study and meditation before going to their daily jobs. With Bethel Church, as with missionary Ferris and his lovely family, these were times of joyful fellowship in the living Word of our living Lord.
    On Thursday evening of that week I was invited to speak in the Fel-

lowship Meeting being hosted by the Banner Baptist Church, of Avondale, and her beloved pastor, Bro. Lonnie C. Ford. A time of fellowshipping together with brethren Charles R. Smith, Richard Kamerman, Sharrel Ford, Gaylan Lee and Lonnie Ford - and then a message by Bro. Sharrel Ford in the Friday evening service filled my cup to overflowing. Little did it matter that I had to catch a 3:15 A.M. flight out of Denver on Saturday; who could have slept so soon -- with such a full heart?
    Arriving home I learned that brethren Melancen, Nunally and Ward had encouraged the hearts of the home folks in my absence. 0nce more my heart was filled with joy and gratitude in God's provision of faithful brethren through whom the little flock was adequately supplied in my absence. It is always good to come home to the wonderful family God has given me, and to the spiritual temple He has erected in Rockford for His own name's sake.
    Then came word of Bro. John Shuffield's surrender to the call of the Gospel Ministry (He is a member of Banner Church and the son of Pastor Fred Shuffield, of Tacoma, Washington.), and a weekend visit by Bro. Jimmy Nixon of Judsonia, Arkansas. In view of all God has bestowed during this brief period, I can easily see that He will have to INCREASE MY CAPACITY before I can begin to contain the full joys that are promised in His coming Kingdom of Righteousness.
    Our God proves Himself very much alive and vigorous -- still directing His own affairs among men. Another splendid young brother, in Colorado -- not quite certain who-
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    While it may not properly be designated a Messianic passage, the announcement, in Eden, that the "seed of the woman" would bruise the serpent's head (Gen. 3:15), was clearly understood to mean that a deliverer should come -- born of woman. Though Eve erred in thinking that, in Cain, she had "gotten the man from the Lord", she was right in expecting that the Deliverer should be born as a man among men, (see Gal. 4:4).
    Many years passed before God chose a man who dwelt in Ur, of the Chaldees, to be His special instrument of blessing to the race. To Abram He spoke saying: "Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee and make thy name great"; (Gen. 12:1-3).
    Kings were to come from Abraham, and his "seed" should be a blessing to all nations. This covenant was confirmed to Isaac, his son, and

THERE'S REAL JOY......Continued

the ministry -- asked the brethren to pray for him that he might know and do the Lord' s will. With the attitude that he manifested, I am confident the Lord will soon make it plain. Will YOU pray about it?
    Yes, there's real joy in the fellowship and service of the Living God -- and in the brethren with whom we share His abundant grace. If you know nothing of this joy, it is evident that you really have not yet BEGUN TO LIVE! E.G.

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later to Jacob, his grandson (Gen. 26:1-5; 28:l2-16). When Jacob was well on in years he summoned his sons that he might impart to each a blessing. Concerning Judah he spoke a very significant word: "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be", (Gen. 49:10). By "Shiloh" is meant "He whose right it is".
    It was obviously of this same One that the Lord spoke, through Ezekiel, many years later - after Judah had sorely rebelled, and as the Babylonian captivity drew near. "Remove the mitre, and take off the crown ... I will overturn .... it: this shall be no more until he come whose right it is to wear it", (Ez. 21:26-27). To this day the rightful king has not assumed His royal prerogative to reign.
    To this point it may be noticed that a Deliverer is promised to the race. But, after universal rebellion, God chose a single man thru whom He could work in blessing the race. Abraham became the father of many nations, but God selected only one of those nations as the special object and instrument of His grace. Of this ONE NATION, developed along family lines, one tribe (Judah) was marked for a unique position. "But thou Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler of Israel; whose goings forth have been from ofold, from ever lasting", (Micah 5:2).

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BIBLE EVIDENCES . . .. Continued

though it may never have done so much as CONSIDERED the evidence. Here is an opportunity to examine a sampling of the many evidences that should adequately answer the shallow objections that are so often raised against the reliability of Divine Revelation.
    A hearty, Christian welcome is awaiting all who desire to share this time of study and fellowship with us, and an excellent (64-page) study guide, will be provided, with out charge.
    Your attendance will be a real encouragement and challenge to the teacher, Bro. Ben Ward; and I am firmly convinced that you will consider it one of the most important steps you have ever taken.

UNIQUE MISSION.......Continued

tural lighthouse of truth may soon be shining brightly on this island about which most Americans know nothing except that War Correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed there on April 18, 1945.
    Are YOU praying for Missionary Sullivan, his family, and the work he has undertaken at the Lord's command? Some of my dear brethren seem to regard themselves as some thing of expert strategists, as to how our missionaries may more effectively spend themselves and the substance with which they are supplied. And I sometimes wonder if God may still give them an opportunity to put their theories into practice.
    In the meantime, let us be faithful in supporting those whom God has called -- both with our prayers and finances. Send your offering to Brother Sullivan at:
      Fuji Micho, 1 Chome
      Banchi 11-1 (s-6)
      Tachikawa Shi
      Tokyo To, Japan.


Marvel not that Christ in glory
    All my inmost heart hath won;
Not a star to cheer my darkness,
    But a light beyond the sun.

ALL below lies dark and shadowed,
    Nothing there to claim my heart,
Save the lonely track of sorrow
    Where of old He walked apart.

I have seen the Face of Jesus --
    Tell me not of aught beside;
I have heard the Voice of Jesus --
    All my soul is satisfied.
T. P.