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    Most men fail in life because they seek for success in the wrong direction. True greatness is found through humbleness of service to others. Someone has written:

  'Wouldst thou be chief? Then low-
    ly serve.
Wouldst thou go up? Go down:
But go as low as e'er you will,
The Highest has been lower still.'

    This paradox will make sense if we look for understanding to the life of Jesus, (Lk. 2: 51; Jn. 13:14 Lk. 22:27; Matt. 11:29; Rom. 15:3; Eph. 4:13).
    John Milton declared that "The martyrs shook the powers of darkness with the irresistible power of weakness". When we are weak, Christ will make us strong. "Humble your selves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."


'As we meet and touch each day
The many travellers on our way,
Let every such brief contact be
A glorious, helpful ministry;
The contact of the soil and seed,
Each giving to the other's need,
Each helping on the other's best,
And blessing, each, as well as blest.'

    Only a few days remain before the chords of "Pomp and Circumstance" may be heard resounding across the nation. The graduates of 1970 will have reached a milestone and will be confronted by new challenges and opportunities.
    Three of our own church family are graduating from High School -- Patricia Flanagin, Ricky Garner and Charlie Turner. To them, and other graduates who read the CLARION HERALD, we offer our congratulations, and pray that you may face the fut ure with courage, hope and a firm faith in the God Who is sufficient for your every need.
    The road ahead will not be easy even for the Christian. But you need not face it with frustration or despair. Instead, you may go forth with a sense of confidence and anticipation. With Jesus Christ as Lord of your life there will be a sense of purpose and direction which others lack. Determine to follow that direction -- whatever the cost. Dare to be your best for Christ! Then life will be worth living, and yours will serve a vital purpose in a sin sick world.
    May God bless you, each one, as you seek His will for your lives purposing to follow His direction. And, may He preserve you from the tragedy that inevitably comes from pursuing any other route.

The Clarion Herald The Clarion Herald


    Ours may go down in history as the generation of the "Public Opinion Poll". Baptists have been criticized so bitterly for adherance to New Testament principles that many have compromised everything uniquely Baptistic rather than face it any longer. It is a sad thing, to those who have learned the lesson of Baptist history, to observe the epidemic of "ecumenistic fever" spread among our brethren during the past decade. Rather than bear the "reproach of Christ", many so called "Baptists" have, Judas-like, gone over to the, other side. The applause of the world is valued by them more highly than the commendation of God.
    Not long ago a leading religious bi-weekly vividly illustrated this trend of apostasy among Southern Baptists and it was quite evident that the practice was not limited to any certain area. A SBC church in Santa Cruz, California recently received a man into its membership on his Roman Catholicbaptism. And, in Birmingham, Ala-

bama a Roman Catholic priest was used to lead a SBC church in a Revival Meeting. Others may carelessly break down the walls of separation if they will --- suffering the inevitable spiritual consequences. But Landmark church is not ready for any such treachery against the blood of our martyred fathers, or infidelity to Jesus Christ whose holy name has been defamed by the Romish whore for the past 16 centuries.
    Let others insist that "there is really not much difference between us and the SBC"; but, please, count us out on that score too. Surely there are a few SB churches that do still adhere to the basic principles of Baptists, as recorded in the New Testament. But the number is rapidly diminishing.
    Better not count too much on a church's NAME any more; you will be much safer to check its teachings and practices against the simplicity of the New Testament pattern.
    Landmark church invites your investigation of her teachings and practices. She has nothing to hide nothing of which to be ashamed. We INVITE YOU TO COME WITH US in a serious and sustained study of the Word of God --- divinely inspired, enduring forever, and fully furnishing "unto every good work". And one day soon YOUR VERY LIFE will be judged by that Word.
'Awake, my drowsy soul, awake,
And view the threatning scene;
Legions of foes encamp around,
And treachery lurks within.
Now to the work of God awake;
Behold thy Master near;
The various, arduous task pursue
With vigor and with fear.'

(Continued from last issue)

John's references to the future manifestation of Christ cannot be divorced from the idea that it is a coming to establish His millennial kingdom on earth, (I Jn. 2:28; 3:2). At the manifestation (phan-eroo) of Jesus Christ, His people will either be BOLD or ASHAMED, (compare Luke 9:26).
    Translation and glorification appear to take place in connection with this manifestation. John says that "we shall be like him, for we shall see Him AS HE IS". This manifestation will take place AFTER the Man of Sin is revealed, (2 Th. 2:1-12; Comp. I Jn. 2:18). It is important to understand that John wrote about 40 years after Paul's letter to Thessalonica. Paul's mention of "that which restrains" may be more closely connected with John's alarm over the "lawlessness" of his day than one has imagined, (I John 3:4).
    Was not civil government originally designed as a means of "restraint" against evil? Is there not always a rise and fall of evil activity in a nation closely corresponding to the faithfulness or unfaithfulness of responsible leaders in the enforcement and practice of righteous principles? Wasn't the "mystery of lawlessness" (self-will in defiance of the known will of God) already at work in Paul's day, (2 Thes. 2:7)? With the present trendtoward "civil disobedience" and universal anarchy, is it really far-fetched to imagine a time when men will totally abandon the rule of law by majority vote? What an ideal situation this would make for the revelation of that "lawless"

"one" who has already flattered and endeared himself into the hearts of lawless nations! (2 Thes. 2:4, 8). But what a marvellous contrast will be seen when the legitimate KING OF THE EARTH appears in majesty and the beauty of holiness to assert His sovereign Lordship over all creation!
    The manifestation of the Son of Man has been long delayed by the Father's command to: "Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool", (Psalm 100:1). But it will not be long ere the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and "all flesh shall see it together"..."every eye shall see Him", (Isa. 40:5; Rev. 1:7). The "everlasting doors" shall be lifted up, and the "King of glory" shall come in. The rod of His strength shall go forth from Mt. Zion. A willing people shall heartily submit themselves to His majesty and power, "and the Lord shall be king over all the earth in that day", (Psa. 24:7-10; 110:2-3; Zech. 14:9).
    May we look expectantly and longingly for the manifestation of the GLORIOUS KING OF SAINTS. His Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom; it shall never pass away nor be destroyed. For such permanence of blessing we should pray: "Thy Kingdom come!! Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven."
    Should not the expectation of our Lords coming fill our hearts with gladness? Should it not embolden us to face the trials of life with confidence? And does it not, indeed challenge us to lives of purity and fidelity to Him Who so dearly loved and amply provided for our needs? However dark the outlook may be, we may always "look up"; the uplook is ever bright. CHRIST IS OUR HOPE!

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