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    A leading tobacco company implies the superiority of its product by a slogan which says "I'd walk a mile for a Camel". This suggests to the smoker that he will find their product more satisfying than that of their competitors, and that whatever effort may be required to get it will be worthwhile. By expert salesmanship, this life - destroying and soul - dwarfing product has made multiplied millions for its producers. Thoughtless men will spare no effort, or cost, to obtain what they crave
    The population explosion was so great in Denver, Colorado, following World War II, that the city had to ration its water supply. In an effort to meet the need the city decided to dig a tunnel, 23 miles long, through the Rocky Mountains. This was in order to channel the Blue River through the city of Denver. At a cost of some 60 million dollars, 600 men were engaged in this hazardous undertaking for some four years. The Robert's Tunnel is regarded as one of the most spectacular feats of the century.
    It is true that to satisfy a physical desire some men will literally "Walk a mile for a Camel". For the same reason the City of Denver "Dug 23 miles for a Drink".!!
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In our recent Business Meeting the church voted to invite Bro. Michael Rogers to speak for us in a Special Series of services June 4 through 7. Though the message of truth is one that applies to every age, the emphasis of these meetings will be on YOUTH.
    Your pastor is thankful for the young people in our church and is eager to encourage each one of them in the service of Jesus Christ. Christian service is not limited to adults. Every person who is saved by God's grace has both the privilege and responsibility to be a witness for Jesus. If YOU have not begun such a witness, now is the time to begin.
    In our Wednesday Evening services, for the weeks ahead, we will spend considerable time on the subject of PERSONAL WITNESSING. If YOU do not know how to point a lost one to Jesus, then BY ALL MEANS make a special effort to be present for these studies. Come with a pure heart, yielded to the will of God, and you will find help in this vital business of SOULWINNING.
    It is hoped that several of our young people will prepare special songs to sing during our Youth Meeting. I expect to encourage the "little folks" to begin tuning up
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    Lackingcourage to face the disagreeableand inconvenient things of life, multitudeshave ended once-promising lives in utterfailure. Too many want the rose without the thorn -- the experience of the mountain-peak without climbing the rugged and steep path that leads to it. They yearn for success, but are not willing to work for it. They cannot bear the thought of anything inconvenient, disagreeable or unexpected. To say the least, this is a terribly ignoble attitude toward life.
    There is no worthwhile pursuit in this life but that is surrounded by inconvenience and uncomfortable circumstances. The rose and thorn grow together on the same stem; and stormclouds ultimately appear in the most perfect Springtime. But this need not be a hindrance. Such is the school in which the best in life may be learned.
    Nothing that is noble and worthwhile about this life comes easily. It is true that one may inherit

money, but to love it is to caress to our bosoms that which is "the root of all evil". Education, culture, refinement and character are never so attained. They are possessed only through struggle, toil and self - discipline. And who can be whole or happy without them?
    He is a fool who dreams of acquiring a gift of genius whereby he will become an accomplished musician, artist, writer, businessman or Christian without the inconvenience and druggery of study and constant practice. Self-discipline is SO DISAGREEABLE!. And yet, genius has been defined as "an infinite capacity for taking pains". It is only through these painful processes that one grows into that which is truly beautiful, noble and satisfying in life.
    Yet, how many people profess to be Christians who stumble at the "inconvenience" of what God demands for their maturity! Bible study, prayer and regular attendance where His people gather for fellowship and worship -- all this seems so unnecessary to some. It is a sure evidence of spiritual slothfulness. But, far worse, it is an evidence of direct rebellion against the God of heaven and earth who has established such an order for the development of those for whom He sent His Son to die on Calvary.
    Isn't it about time we ceased being so self - centered? and turned our eyes upon Jesus? God's commandments are "not greivous" to loving and trusting hearts. Does that say anything to YOU?
    Don't Stumble over things that appear disagreeable. Each victory will help you to be more fully conformed to the likeness of God's own Dear Son.


(This article is a brief summary of a message delivered on a recent Sunday Evening by Bro. Ben Ward.)
    The patriarch Job was a possessor of great riches. These included: vast spiritual attributes, many children, an abundance of material things and profound respect as "the greatest of all the men of the east". But Satan charged that he only served God for what he got out of it. With God's permission, and unknown to Job, Satan engineered the destruction of all he was permitted to touch of Job's wealth. In this time of great trial "Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly". This should show that Satan does not know the hearts of men as God does -- that he is not omniscient.
    Unwilling to admit defeat, Satan obtained permission to destroy the health of this great man. It is in a miserable condition of grief and anguish that Job is found by three friends who come to "mourn with him and to comfort him". These "comforters" soon lost sight of their original purpose; by their philosophies concernining the "suffering of the godly" they became his tormenters.
    Let it be recognized that these men are not inspired of God. They do not understand God or His ways, yet each is very dogmatic in his censure of Job. Eliphaz asserts that suffering is always the result of sin, (Chapters 4, 5, 15, 22). This implies that Job is guilty of hiding some secret sin. Closely aligned with this is Bildad's suggestion that Job is a hypocrite, (ch. 8, 18). The less tactful Zophar, in chapter 11, indicates that Job deserved his punishment. Firmly

rejecting their philosophies, Job describes them all as "miserable comforters" (ch. 16).
    A fiery young man named Elihu is introduced in chapter 32. Though his philosophy is not perfect, he does evidence a keener insight into the principle involved. While Job and his "friends" were obsessed by a desire to find a "cause" for such suffering, he suggested that it was far more important that one learn to trust God implicitly. The sovereign God is under no obligation to explain His mysterious ways to men. He is righteous and just; this ought to suffice.
    Finally, God speaks directly to Job (ch. 38-41), but He offers no explanation for suffering. First, God so contrasts His superior knowledge with human ignorance as to encourage complete dependence on Him and an end to self, (ch. 38-39). It was an effective argument (40:4). Then God contrasted His own power with human weakness, (ch. 40-41). Without ever showing Job what was behind his troubles, God's words were so weighty that the patriarch was brought to such abandonment of self as to exclaim, "I abhor myself and repent in dust and ashes". We would all do well to consider the words of Job as recorded in the first six verses of the last chapter.
    When Job prayed for his friends his captivity was "turned" -- his faith in God fully renewed. And the Lord "blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning". Job did not suffer because he had sinned, but he allowed his suffering to provoke him to sin. Yet, the story is one that dramatically illustrates that quality of heart-faith which God seeks in men of all ages.

WHY DON'T YOU DRINK?...Continued

    This illustrates what effort men will put forth to satisfy their physical needs and desires.
    But, one wonders why so many are meticulous about their physical needs while ignoring or stiffling the cries of their thirsting spirits after the "water of life". So very few are willing to consider the "whole person". Thus, the spiritual part of man is stunted -- the whole person is dwarfed.
    What is so ridiculous about the whole thing is that one's spiritual needs may be met "without money and without price". The "water of life" is abundantly available -- freely. Furthermore, it is enduring. Jesus said: "Whosoever drinketh of this (earthly) water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give.....SHALL NEVER THIRST", (John 4:13-15). It is free for the asking; He even invites men to come and drink, (Jn. 4:10; 7:37). And when one drinks of this satisfying stream "rivers of living water" will flow from his life to enrich and bless others.
MICHAEL ROGERS......Continued

at the start of our Sunday Evening services --- beginning this next Sunday. So, you be there with a good strong voice.
    Don't forget to pray that the Lord will prepare our hearts, and that of Bro. Rodgers, for these services. And Let us expect great things from our Heavenly Father.
-- Your Pastor


    We have to live IN the world, and we also have to live WITH it, but we don't have to be OF it. Living in it gives us an opportunity to be a good witness for Christ; living WITH it develops us in the conflict with sin and makes us strong if we follow Christ and His Word; living OF it, in complicity with it, destroys our witness for Christ and makes us weak indeed.
    "SURE, we must fight if we would win." What else can a soldier of the cross do? "Fight the good fight of faith!" Watch and pray.
-- Buell H. Kazee

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