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    The first usage of this statement in the Scriptures is found in the book of Habakkuk (2:2-4). Three times it is quoted in the New Testament. Still it is one of those passages that has been handled with carelessness -- its meaning obscured.
    What sort of person is "just"? Is this a word of instruction for one who stands in need of salvation? or does it give guidance for the lives of saved men? These questions are not impertinent, nor are they designed to confuse. They are designed to appeal for sanity in the interpretation of God's Word.
    It is important to understand that "just" is from the Greek "dikaios", and is also translated "righteous, right, and meet". Such terms are not commonly applied to men who are living in rebellion and sin.
    The true nature of a just person may be implied by the sort of character with which he is contrasted in the Scriptures. He is different from the ungodly and sinners, (Psa. 1:5-6); the wicked, (Gen. 28:23; Prov. 12:28; Mal. 3:18); the hypocrite, (Job 17:8-9); the transgressor, (Hos. 14:9); and men with lying lips, (Psa. 21:18).
    It is important to consider the usage of "just" in the Scriptures.
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    Pictured above is the Don Ross Family. They are just completing a second 5-year period of missionary service in Brazil. Though definite plans have not been received at press time, it is understood that they purpose to return to the U.S. within the next two weeks. Indications are that their return, planned earlier this year, was delayed by a Lack of funds.
    Correspondence (stateside) may be addressed to:

      Don Ross
      c/o A. L. Ross
      3140 Lerwick Road
      Sacramento, Calif. 95821


    Few people recognize the self - deception of their own hearts relative to their finances. The law of "sowing and reaping" is ignored; they assume that what they have is their own. That an accounting will be required of the Lord seems foreign to their philosophy of stewardship.
Without apparent shame, many profess to love the Lord. Yet, they selfishly withhold the means whereby the faithful servants who are working in Christ's vineyard might be adequately supported. So many seem determined that their pastors, and a handful of faithful saints, must bear the tremendously heavy weight of responsibility in financial matters --- a load that might be "shared" with blessing to all.
    Even among Baptist ministers is detected an alarming thoughtlessness, or acalculated indifference, toward the faithful stewardship of financial resources. An ever increasing number of non - preaching preachers act as if they suffered an injustice in being called into

the Gospel ministry (even if they are notgoing). Having tasted the thrill of material prosperity there seems to develop, almost inevitably, tight - fistedness which makes one wonder if they think God is dying and may not be able to supply their future needs.
    Is it unreasonable to imagine that some mighty delightful things would happen if all our self-pitying preacher brethren were more exemplary in their stewardship --- sharing the burdens they are willing for their pastors and the missionaries to bear? But, if one is unfaithful in so simple a thing as this, how can he possibly expect to be entrusted with the TRUE RICHES?
    The apostle Paul was so fully yielded to God that he could declare:
    What does YOUR life say? are YOU spending and being spent in the service of Christ? Are YOU giving willingly, cheerfully, liberally, and sacrificially for the glory of God? Or are you a pious fraud? a pretender? and a fake?
    For all that God has entrusted to YOU there is coming an accounting day. DON'T DECEIVE YOURSELF!

    It was a blessing to have Bro. Eldwyn Rogers and daughters, Sharon and Bonise, for a brief visit over the past week-end. The work in Paraguay is very much on their hearts. Within the next two or three months they expect to return to that mission field and enlarge the outreach of that work. Pray that the Lord will provide an extra vehicle which will make this possible. The fervent, believing prayers of righteous hearts will prevail!


    To many people "Instant Insanity" will suggest a game. It may also describe the irrationality of multitudes who make a game out of life -- who, on an impulse, hurl themselves into swirling currents of destruction from which there is no escape, but by God's grace.
    How delicate are the balances of life! What great care must be taken to maintain a tender heart, an unwavering faith, a pure life, an alert mind, and a will that is responsive and yielded to the Spirit of God. But these things are of such eternal value that vigilance must be exercised in their behalf.
    With excruciating, heart-rending pain, one beholds a young man, or woman, turn aside from a path that looked so promising. Their lives had been so beautiful; the prospect of their usefulness in the service of Christ so bright. But, under disappointing and confusing circumstances, the demon of lust seized his opportunity and prevailed upon them to turn aside from the path of truth and light -- instant insanity. On an impulse, a high and holy purpose, that for years had made their lives so beautiful, was abandoned -- desecrated by a lower nature which they professed to have crucified.
    Oh, wandering one, AWAKE UNTO RIGHTEOUSNESS! Cast off the galling yoke of sin's bondage. Let your mind be renewed by giving heed to God's Word. Be not a marred vessel, but an instrument of beauty for the Father's glory! Be not a "carrier"; of contagion and death, but a vessel of mercy and blessing to man kind!
    Beware of this insanity! for YOU are not immune to its spell.

"THE JUST..." (Continued)

    It is used OF GOD -- not only in the execution of justice against sin, but also in His bestowal of salvation upon unworthy sinners, (Jn. 17:25; Psa. 116:5-9; Isa. 45:21; Rom. 3:26). It is used OF JESUS in His role of Messiah and Saviour, (Acts 3:14; 7:52; 22:14; 2 Tim. 4:8; I P. 3:18; I Jn. 2:1). In the days of His kingdom the "just" shall flourish, (Psa. 72:7; 92:11-15; 112:4-6; Prov.10:3, 6). It is used of men who do God's will, (Rom. 2:13; 5:7; Matt. 10:41). One belonging to Jesus evidences that new relationship by righteous conduct, (I Jn. 2:29; 3:7).
    A list of those men who are called "just" in the Bible is very revealing. Among them are Abel, Lot, Zecharias and Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Joseph, Simeon, Cornelius, the prophets, andinnocent martyrs.
    Nothing implies that a just man is perfect or sinless, (Eccl. 7:20). Such a person MAY turn aside and suffer great loss, (Ezek. 3: 20-21; 18:24, 26). To be "just" is to have a relationship with God wherein one is RECKONED righteous, (Rom. 4:3, 5-6, 9, 11, 13, 22). It is a relationship that is rooted in love - practiced in unconscious deeds of kindness, (Matt. 25:37, 46). This is not a natural characteristic. It is reached only through identity with the living Christ. Identified with Him, God views men as being righteous through His blood, (I Cor 1:30-31). But, as regards the natural or literal state of men, there is NONE RIGHTEOUS, (Rom. 3:10).
    The quality of FAITH, whereby one is "declared righteous" (justified) is the principle of action upon

which the just mans life is built. It is the dynamic by which his walk before God and men is sustained.
    He who is "just" does not display or advertise any righteousness of his own. He is forbidden to pretend that he has any, (Eccl. 7:16; Prov. 20:6-7; Matt. 23:28; Lk. 20:20; 18:9). But a composite picture of the just man is drawn in Ezek. 18:4-9.
    Though the just man "needs no repentance" (Lk. 15:7), the Lord tries his heart (Psa. 7:9; 11:5; Heb. 12:11). Confident of God's faithfulness, he is able to rejoice (Psa. 37:24-31; 55:22; 64:10). In the coming harvest of the earth the reapers will separate them from the wicked and they will shine forth in the brilliancy of divine glory in the kingdom of their Lord, (Matt. 13 43).
    The just shall LIVE BY FAITH. Let us not confuse a command with a promise. Nor should we claim a blessing where we ought to accept a responsibility.
     When we stand before the Saviour
     On that glad eternal Shore,
     Heaven's glory will be brighter
     If we've brought the man next door!

Here are addresses of missionaries supported regularly by Landmark church that have not been given in the CLARION HERALD.

     Roland Allen
     Casilla 17
     Asuncion, Paraguay

     Carlton Elkins
     Route 8, Box 64-D
     Texarkana, Ark. 75501

     Richard L. Ferris
     40-3 Kita 3-Chome
     Tokyo, Japan

     Eldwyn B. Rogers
     720 S. Cedar Street
     Pine Bluff, Ark. 71601

     Edgar D. Sullivan
     (5-6) 1-11-5
     Tachikawa Shi
     Tokyo To, Japan

    Let us remember all these brethren in ourprayers and support them regularly with ourofferings.

3026 Horton Street
Rockford, Illinois 61109

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at Rockford, Ill.