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    The basic error of all idolatry is that of substituting the thing made for "the Maker of all things" in worship (Rom. 1:19-23). Shocking as the thought may be, such idolatry is still being practiced by many "sincere folk" who consider themselves exemplary Christians.
    A person's real "god" is that to which he dedicates himself, his time, talents and substance. An alarming number today are practicing what, for lack of a better term, I will designate a "status symbol idolatry". They bow before what is considered an adequate outward proof, or guarantee, that they have attained a certain desirable state of success -- not necessarily that it is already apprehended, but that it is their supreme life-goal.
    Men set up strange exhibits of success: new cars of special design or horsepower; a snowmobile, or Color TV; a certain piece of furniture -- ancient or modern; a house in a certain district, or on a spacious lot, surrounded by spreading trees; a pastorate with a certain number in its membership, a prestigeous salary and a "million - dollar - church - plant"; perhaps even a certain "goal in Sunday School"; or a specific number of "professions and baptisms THIS YEAR". Yet, one question may be, appropriately,

set beside each of these "symbols of success": FOR WHOM?
    "But", suggests someone, "I'm a child of a King; and it's a shame for such a person to live like a pauper!" Nice, worldly thinking; but, wasn't Jesus ALSO the child of a King? How did He live? What goal did HE ever set for the purpose of advertising His own status? Did not His immediate followers "forsake ALL" to follow Him? Have we any genuine claim to discipleship with a lesser commitment? May we follow Him while trying to honor ourselves, please ourselves and safeguard ourselves against "failure" in the eyes of men? Aren't we instructed, rather, to seek the glory of God and the welfare of our brethren before our own?
    Whenever any mere THING takes the preeminent place in our hearts, minds, and aims, it has become an "idol" as certainly as if we did physical obeisance before a statue of silver or gold; it has usurped the place that belongs ONLY TO GOD.
    What is one profited if he gains the admiration of the world while losing his soul? How valuable is YOUR status symbol in the currency of eternity? THAT is what REALLY COUNTS! E.G.
    "The foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men."

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    That He might forever silence those who blame the "body" for sin, Jesus came and took one like ours. Living a perfect life, in such a body, He "condemned" our sinning. Yet, He was bruised for our offences and raised again for our justification. By His death we have been reconciled to God; because He lives we MAY BE "saved (as regards our living) by His life". To the extent He is permitted to rule our lives we are cleansed, purified and "perfected". The doctrine of "piece meal salvation" is nowhere taught in the Scriptures, but multitudes attempt to hide their sins behind it.
    No person may excuse his sinning by assuming: "It was the OLD FLESH that caused me to do that; I'll just have to expect it as long as I live in this SINFUL BODY". Such thinking is erroneous and inexcusable! So is the preacher who ridicules another brother for emphasizing the need for "faithfulness" in Christian living. 'How faithful does one have to be to get into the

Kingdom?' a highly respected leader among Baptists asked a few months ago. "How many of God's commandments does one have to obey?" he asked, with an air of obvious triumph over an absent opponent.
    I should like for someone, who can speak authoritatively, to point out which of God's commandments His children may PLEASE HIM in IGNORING! Just how little attention may saved people give to the Word, will and work of God without suffering eternal loss? There are so many Baptists who would pay a premium for an authoritative book on this subject (pointing out all the loop holes) that I am surprized some Reverend Doctor Presumptuous has not already "cashed in" on it!
    The despised "credibility gap" is doubly disgusting when standing between the words and deeds of men with enviable credentials of religious respectability. This is the hour when genuine Christians ought to be demonstrating the credibility of their "creeds" in practical, down - to - earth, everyday Christian living.
    When God chose to dwell in human flesh, He proved that the physical body can be kept under the control of indwelling divinity. Let those who boast so loudly of having a "divine nature" PROVE IT by their living! Actions bear a much more powerful testimony than presumptuous words. E.G.


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    "Then saith the Lord unto me, Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people: cast them out of my sight, and let them go forth" (Jer. 15:1). Some people think it strange that their praying seems to effect so little, but there are certain conditions under which it is sheer mockery to pray INSTEAD OF living up to what is already known as one's practical duty.
    Though the contemporaries of Jeremiah prayed, they still held fast to their deceits (8:5) -- living a lie. There is no more pitiable sight anywhere than that of a self-deceived people, (Jer. 5:26-28; 9:6 Hos. 4:6-11). It is always foolish to "pray" when one is rebelling against the Lord. This is the sort of thing that keeps psychiatrists in business. There is no remedy for such "nervous disorders" other than "repentance", and this is exactly the thing Jeremiah's people were refusing to do. Through this faithful prophet God pleaded with them to return; He was ready and willing to forgive them if they would meet that one condition. And though they were perfectly willing to pray, they wanted no part of a genuine repentance. What blessings we often miss because of our pride!
    God is ever willing to hear the prayer that comes from an honest heart, but they were not sincere, (Jer. 8:6). He listened; He looked down to behold; it was their sin that had broken fellowship with the Most High -- the very thing they were not willing to face. And how very few there are, even now, who are willing to cry out: "Search me, 0 Lord!"; 'Show me where I am wrong

that I may repent!'; "Cleanse me, that I may magnify Thy holy name!" Nor will they be turned by the hand of divine chastisement; under its loving pressure they only rebel the more.
    Like Jeremiah's peers, many today, in arrogance and self-will, speed toward destruction. They have a false sense of security (Like a horse rushing into battle), and insist: "I know what I want!"
    God has given to most of His creatures the ability to sense danger, and to see the necessity of abiding by certain laws, but His people sometimes are so blinded by self-will that they refuse to know. Knowing the "terror of the Lord" the apostle Paul "persuaded men". But many, like the Israelites in Jeremiah's day, refuse to be persuaded.
    Too often prayer is used as an easy substitute for obedience, but it will not work. It is always useless to pray if we: trust our own wisdom, in preference to God's Word (Jer. 8:8-9); follow false teachers (Jer. 8:11); or have no sense of shame, (Jer. 8:12).
    Multitudes of God's people have worn themselves to exhaustion in a flurry of religious activities -- never admitting that "There is no profit in all this". So they suffer the loss of those glorious privileges and blessings that belong to such as walk in the obedience of faith.
    Learn to "wait on the Lord", and He will "renew" your strength. He gives "grace and glory" to such as trust and reverence His name.
    When a person "ACTS as if a thing is true", he REALLY BELIEVES IT. Do not let mere words deceive you.


If your boy or my girl were in
  Were groping alone in the night,
Soul weary, and helplessly seeking
  In vain for a glimmer of light
Through the dangerous depths of
    a forest,
  Bewildered and frightened and
Would we be at home by the fireside
  Demurring and counting the cost
Of an organized search for the lost
  Or grumbling because we must pay
For the service of guides and for
  To drive the dark shadows away?

If your boy or my girl were in
  In imminent peril of death,
Were standing, unwarned, in its
    pathway --
  Do you think we would waste any
In complaining about the 'depress-
  Bewailing our loss and our lack,
When a clarion call should be

  To summon the wanderer back?
Oh! What if our own were in peril,
  Would the sacrifice then be too
Even though we must strain to the
  To save them before 'twere too

Then away with delays and excuses!
  There are souls lost in sin-
    darkened ways,
And the voice of the great Guide is
  For searchers, with torches
To carry the light to the hopeless
 In the homeland & over the sea;
For the Father who seeks the
    unsaved ones
  Is depending on you and on me.
Send the clarion call of salvation
  Ringing out in its wonderful
Send the guides with their Gospel-
    lit torches
  For wand'rers are lost in the
    night! -- Marion Phelps

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