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    The late Dr. B. H. Carroll related a New Year's incident from his youth which had a marked effect on his later life. At the age of eleven a beloved teacher said to him: "Now today, my boy, I want you to fix your mind on definite things. Do not be a dry leaf that this wind will pick up and carry that way, and yonder wind pick up and carry another way -- be somebody; have a purpose; preserve your own individuality; do your own thinking; regard the teachings of the Bible. If you are ever whipped in this life, it will bebecause you are whipped ON THE INSIDE. There is the place men are whipped."
    Carroll never forgot the advice of his teacher. He often urged the same principle upon others. In one of his sermons he pleaded; 'If there is in you an inclination to weakness, an inclination to let other people push you where they want you to go, and thrust you into situations that you do not approve; for manhood's sake, try to settle one question; come to one resolution: 'I will not only be myself, but I never will, God helping me, demoralize myself. I know that that is one thought that comes to me in the darkest situations of my life.....but I have never yet been
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    When Paul wrote his first letter to the church at Corinth he called attention to scandalous sin that they were neglecting to judge. While vainly puffed up because of a supposed philosophic superiority over others, they were divided over men. They flaunted their "wisdom", gloried in their gifts, and despised any who fell behind them in anything.
    These people did not hesitate to pass harsh judgment on the very apostles themselves. Tolerating such sin in their members as would sicken pagans, they questioned the authority of the Lord's servants, pretended themselves to be kings -- wealthy, wise, honorable and strong -- despising the foolishness, weakness and dishonor of being counted the "skum of the earth" and the "offscouring of all things" for Jesus' sake.
    Alarmed that church action had not been taken against open and flagrant violation of righteousness, Paul called upon them to exercise discipline without delay. He had no difficulty in judging the matter -- even at a distance. So, they should assemble "in the name of Jesus Christ" and "deliver unto Satan" the offender. Sin is a deadly contagion; whoever touches it
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    There are many ways by which men are enslaved, though bondage is often described by some more accept able terminology. Whatever gains the mastery over one's life actually brings him into bondage -- makes him a slave. One may be enslaved to Satan, to sin, to the world, or to "fleshly lusts which war against the soul". The bondage of self will is, perhaps, the most difficult of all servitude to escape.
    The tragedy of it all is that many who were once loosed from such spiritual bondage, by divine power, have refused to walk in the path of light and liberty. Walking in the shadows of the questionable, or forbidden, they have stumbled and fallen into the net of the wicked one -- becoming entangled once more in chains of hopeless bondage.
    So long as one renders servitude to anyone but Jesus Christ he cannot have assurance in his heart. It is only as he walks "in the light" in obedience to God's Word and identity with the living Christ that he can even maintain assurance

of His salvation. What a pity that multitudes who once rejoiced in a sense of liberation from bondage to sin and Satan now wallow in the "Slough of Despondency" --- having forgotten that they were ever purged from sin-guiltiness.
    It is a merciful God who refuses assurance to such as turn aside from the path of His ordering. If YOUR "Christian joy" was short lived, it is an evident token of rebellion and unbelief in your heart. Return to the Lord with your whole heart! He will then restore unto you the joy of His salvation. But, so long as you are self-willed -- rejecting His plan for your life -- then you assuredly deserve the misery and uncertainty that comes with broken fellowship.
    Blessed assurance belongs to all who allow Jesus Christ to be the absolute Master of their lives. Will YOU permit His mastery of YOUR LIFE? NOW??


    Landmark Church was richly blessed last week to have Bro. Don Ross minister to us each evening. Every message was a blessing and challenge. Our hearts were made to rejoice in the Lord as we feasted together on His Word. On Thursday evening, in addition to the message, Bro. Ross showed slides of the many mission projects and churches in Brazil and Paraguay -- an excellent presentation that made my own heart rejoice to know that I had a small part in such a work.
    Thanks to pastors Beckham, Yandell, Fountain, Mooney and Pounor for their cooperation and encouragement. All manifested a wonderful spirit that we will remember.


is affected by it. A little leaven will soon permeate a whole mass of dough; it must be purged before its deadly poison spreads too far. Once it goes beyond a certain point no remedy will prevent the contamination and destruction of the whole body.
    The apostle had already written to this church and warned against fellowshipping "fornicators" (the practice of sexual looseness) among their members. The business of a New Testament church is to judge "insiders"; God will take care of judging those on the outside.
    But just what did the apostle mean when he said: "Therefore, PUT AWAY from among yourselves that wicked person", (I Cor. 5:13)? Must such a person be cast, bodily, from the building, and a sign erected forbidding his return? Shall he be declared insane, and committed to an institution? Shall someone take a sword and chop off his head? Or, shall he be cast into a barrel of boiling oil until he promises to do better? No, the "putting away" is a matter of sealing the deal such a person has already made with the devil --- the master he has chosen to serve. He is "delivered unto Satan" that he may learn what his kingdom is really like -- that he may see the folly of self-will and rebellion against the divine order.
    But there is a proper way for a New Testament church to exercise the discipline commanded. First, by the exercise of self-judgment, each body member confesses and forsakes his own sin -- rending his heart,and not merely his garments. Then, when the church assembles in the name of (by the authority of)

the Lord Jesus, a charge is brought against the offender. A vote is taken, and such as have already judged themselves --- repudiating their own sin --- now vote to repudiate that sin in the life of the brother who is desecrating the good name of the Saviour, shaming the whole church, and casting a stumbling block in the way of lost men. Under the Spirit's direction, the vote should be unanimous to publicly withdraw from the sinning person.
    Just as a church votes, upon the profession of one's faith, to RECEIVE him into its fellowship -- following his burial in Christian baptism, wherein he pledges himself to a walk of faith-obedience -- so now the church votes to WITHDRAW that fellowship because he has repudiated his baptismal pledge and brought into the body the leaven of wickedness that, if left alone, will soon destroy the purity and testimony of the whole. The vote to withdraw FELLOWSHIP is just as binding as the one that confirmed his membership in the first place.
    It should be understood that such action on the part of a church does NOT rob a person of his salvation. It does mean that he no longer enjoys the privileges of a member of Christ's body. He is now outside the covenant position where "all spiritual blessings" are made available. He is outside the house hold of faith, outside the common wealth of Israel -- a Gentile who can make no claim on the promises given to men of faith -- outside the sphere of the Spirit's special "indwelling", and destined to walk in shame and nakedness at the coming of the Lord, UNLESS HE REPENTS!
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    When the Corinthian church obeyed the apostolic injunction to discipline a sinning brother, it was effective in bringing him to repentance. The indignation of a spiritual church toward sin is always representative of God's own indignation. He is angry with sin every day. And when the hearts of His people are sound and healthy, when their view of moral evil is not perverted or sentimental, they will also feel such indignation. In expressing that indignation in the Manner He has prescribed, a church makes the wrath of God credible.
    Once an offender hears the voice of condemnation, and feels himself shut off from the fellowship that he once enjoyed, his sleeping conscience begins its dreadful work. The anger his sin has aroused in one's brethren becomes a symbol of the irresistible "wrath of God". Thus, in the church there is lodged the authority to loose one's sin, or to bind that sin upon him, according to the divine instruction. But only as this authority is exercised in a Christ-like spirit is God really glorified, the church strengthened, or the offending per-

in depths so deep nor in situations so unfavorable, but in the darkest hour of it, when I am alone, I say to myself: "As far as men are concerned, I will be the master of my own fate. I never will take counsel of my fears. I will not be demoralized'."
    It is impossible for one to sin and remain strong. When the foundation is undermined no house can stand safely. Nor can anyone honeycomb veracity and remain brave and true. Abstain from the very appearance of evil -- lying, adultery, deceit, fraud, etc., do not barter your soul in a trade. Be true to God and conscience -- even if it puts you in hard and trying circumstances. Let not your life be one that is lived in vain, but for the glory of God.
son rescued from the pit into which he has fallen.
    God's way is always best; it is tragic to neglect it or despise it. Any church that rejects it will soon cease to enjoy His presence or His peace.

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