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    In First Samuel 15:35 is recorded a sad statement that may be understood by any man of God whose heart is constrained by unmeasured love in its yearnings for careless and wandering souls. "And Samuel did not see Saul again until the day of his death, but Samuel GRIEVED OVER SAUL."
    It is not at all difficult for one who has loved deeply to understand how Samuel felt. His disappointment was that of a faithful teacher whose hopes and expectations for a promising young man had been frustrated and betrayed. He had anointed Saul and trained him in his duties as King of Israel. He remembered the high ideals of this young man --- his consecration, and his early reliance on God. When the prophet had spoken unto him the Word of God he had always listened with eagerness. This had thrilled the heart of the man of God.
    But things were much different now. Saul was still alive, but a sad change had taken place. He had deliberately rebelled against the Word of God -- against what he KNEW to be right. He no longer cared for the loving counsel of his godly old teacher. Lifted up in pride, he had succumbed to the voice of selfishness and ease --- insisting on his own way. His occasional show
of religion was insincere; he merely wanted to use God's man as a tool to exalt himself in the eyes of men, or to soothe his conscience.
    Saul's life becomes a failure. Because he has rejected God's Word, God has also rejected him from being King over the covenant people. And Samuel, who has loved and nurtured him so faithfully, is chosen of God to deliver this sad news to the haughty king. Sadder than an untimely death, Saul soon suffered the loss of his mental powers. He became incapable of rational judgment. No longer did he receive any word from the Lord whose will he had so brazenly defied. And he ultimately took his own life.
    "But Samuel GRIEVED over Saul." His love being genuine, he loved to the uttermost. What base ingratitude must fill the heart that can treat such love with indifference! Still, a greater than Samuel loves all men --- having borne in his own body the penalty of their sin. Calloused indeed must be the heart that can, through rebellion and unbelief, disappoint that love!!
    What about YOUR life? Is it a disappointment to someone whose love and yearning for you have all seemed in vain? Or is it such as brings joy to the very heart of God and to such as love Him, and you, sincerely? The answer is important -- both for time and eternity.

The Clarion Herald The Clarion Herald


    There is a surprising number of people, calling themselves "Christians", who are living lives of constant defeat. Nor do they have the slightest idea as to the cause of their stumbling. They want to do right. They mean to do right. They TRY to do right. But their experience is one of failure after failure, after failure.
    Many have no abiding experience of Christian joy because they are ever looking in the wrong direction. Instead of setting heart and affection on Jesus Christ, they are turned "inward" --- ever searching for signs of faith, spirituality, or sin. And they are always discouraged by what they discover.
    Others are driven near to despair because of evil thoughts and impulses. They need to realize that one is not condemned for evil impulses unless they are allowed to take control of the will and manifest themselves in action. (The idea that "it is as bad to think a thing as to do it"; is the Devil's lie.) That "the flesh" is still

present in the child of God ought not be a surprise, or a cause for remorse. Only when evil desire, or impulse, is CHERISHED does it really become sin.
    The lusts and desires of the flesh cannot be brought into subjection by "will power". So long as one enthrones self, and indulges in the game of "playing God", he will never be able to live a victorious Christian life. But once that life is yielded in loving subjection to the will of God it will be liberated from bondage to self and to sin. Spiritual defeat will be a thing of the past; for Jesus Christ loses no battle that is committed fully unto Him. TRY IT!


I bring my sins to Thee,
  The sins I cannot count,
That all may cleansed be
  In Thy once opened Fount.
I bring them, Saviour, all to Thee,
The burden is too great for me.

My heart to Thee I bring,
  The heart I cannot read;
A faithless, wandering thing,
  An evil heart indeed.
I bring it, Saviour, now to Thee,
That fixed and faithful it may be.

To Thee I bring my care,
  The care I cannot flee;
Thou wilt not only share,
  But bear it all for me.
O loving Saviour, now to Thee
I bring the load that wearies me.

I bring my grief to Thee,
  The grief I cannot tell;
No words shall needed be,
  Thou knowest all so well.
I bring the sorrow laid on me,

O suffering Saviour, now to Thee.

My joys to Thee I bring,
  The joys Thy love hath given,
That each may be a wing
  To lift me nearer heaven.
I bring them, Saviour, all to Thee,
For Thou hast purchased all for me.

My life I bring to Thee,
  I would not be my own;
O Saviour, let me be
  Thine ever, Thine alone.
My heart, my life, my all I bring
To Thee, my Saviour and my King!
-- Frances Ridley Havergal


    Though determined not to turn the columns of this paper into an instrument of self-promoting testimonials, the editor does appreciate the kind words of encouragement that come from many quarters. Since publication of the last issue several new addresses have been added to the mailing list -- all having been sent in by some reader who felt that the CLARION HERALD would be a blessing to some of his friends. This is a real encouragement. Now, will you pray that God will grant me wisdom to prepare the right sort of material -- that which will glorify our common Lord, be useful in rescuing many precious souls, and encourage the hearts of those who tend to faint along the narrow way.

    Late word indicates that Missionary Don Ross & Family will be with us in late December -- possibly on Christmas week. Ask God's blessings on these services.

    The story is told of a modern shepherd, who, hearing there were lost sheep in his neighborhood, built a fold and erected a sign which read: "ALL STRAY SHEEP ARE WELCOME". But no sheep came. The shepherd had to go out and find them.
    There are many self-satisfied Christians (?) these days who seem to believe it sufficient to put a welcome sign over the churchhouse door, or an advertisement in the newspaper. Having done this, they presumptuously declare: "I have done my duty". It is obvious, however, that this is NOT the way lost men are brought to Jesus. They do not come seeking; they must be sought and found.
    It is a blessed experience for those who know God to meet together regularly for prayer, praise and worship. But no one is actively "Christian" unless he is engaged in searching out the lost and urging them to come to Jesus. Paul's motivation in "persuading" men to Jesus was twofold: (1) He knew "the terror of the Lord", and (2) he was "constrained" by the love of Christ. Can we remain unmoved by these and still claim to be "Christians"? If YOU are not an active Christian, don't you shudder at every conscious anticipation of the fast approaching "judgment seat" of Jesus Christ? You SHOULD!!
    "No one can live in peace who allows the shadow of willful sin to come between himself and God."
'He who cannot think is a fool;
He who will not think is a bigot;
He who dares not think is a slave.'


'Jesus and Alexander died at
  One lived and died for self;
    one died for you and me.
The Greek died on a throne;
    the Jew died on a cross;
  One's life a triumph seemed;
    the other but a loss.
One led vast armies forth;
    the other walked alone,
  One shed a whole world's blood;
    the other gave His own.
One won the world in life
    and lost it all in death;
  The other lost His life
    to win the worlds faith.

Jesus and Alexander died at
  One died in Babylon,
    and one on Calvary.
One gained all for himself;
    and one Himself He gave,
  One conquered every throne;
 the other every grave.
The one made himself God,
    the God made Himself less,
  The one lived but to blast,
    the other but to bless.
When died the Greek, forever
    fell his throne of swords;
  But Jesus died to live
    forever Lord of lords.

Jesus and Alexander died at
  The Greek made all men slaves;
    the Jew made all men free.
One built a throne on blood;
    the other built on love,
  The one was born of earth;
    the other from above.
One won all this earth, to lose
    all earth and heaven.
  The other gave up all,
    that all to Him be given.
The Greek forever died;
    the Jew forever lives.
  He loses all who gets, and
    wins all things who gives.'
-- Charles Ross Weede
    For what are YOU living? Have you a worthwhile goal? Will it last? Isn't it high time we renounced SELF and desired JESUS ONLY as our goal? Shouldn't we yield up the throne of our hearts to His lordship? Isn't it a bit presumptuous to claim that we have Him if He does not REALLY YET HAVE US?

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