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    The following letter was recently received from missionary Dick Ferris in Japan. Though it was read in a recent service at Landmark, it may be of interest to others who do not regularly receive it.

Dear Brethren,
    Again we send our greetings, trusting that all are enjoying peace of heart and mind in these troublesome days. Since it is the heritage of those who belong to Jesus it would be a waste indeed not to take full advantage of our position in Christ, but worry and fret over "things" like the Gentiles do, (Matt. 6).
    Everything continues to go along here rather good. Because of poor attendance last time we didn't have a tent meeting this Summer but did have a special meeting at the church house two weeks ago. As usual, when we have a revival it rained every night and some folks we expectedto come didn't, but two people committed themselves to Jesus and made public confession of their faith during the meeting. The following Sunday an elderly lady declared that she had trusted in Jesus and requested baptism. We are hoping to see more results even yet. Due to transportation diffi-
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    Does your LIFE confirm this profession? What sort of evidence may others see in your living which testifies that you have truly been born from above? Do you live any differently than before you professed to trust in Jesus? What about your motivation? Do you live each day for YOURSELF? or for Christ? If for self, can you truthfully declare that Jesus Christ is your LORD? Isn't it a bit presumptuous to claim Him as Saviour while rejecting His "lordship" over your life?
    What is your attitude toward the Word that God has spoken? Do you love and obey it? Despise and reject it? Or do you treat it with indifference and neglect? And what is your attitude toward the church that Jesus Christ established during His earthly ministry? Do you share His love for it? Have you identified yourself with it? Or are you ashamed to bear the reproach of His cross?
    What sort of company do you keep? Are you aware that this reveals a great deal about your profession? Do you love and seek the fellowship of the godly -- those who really care for your soul? Or do you avoid them -- living for the moment, and loathe to turn aside from the
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The Clarion Herald The Clarion Herald


    A recent issue of THE HAWAII MESSENGER ran the following interesting excerpt from "God's Plan With Man" by Dr. A. J. Kirkland. There are some thoughts well worth considering contained in this article.
    There are some prophecies which very definitely indicate that the church age saints will go into the tribulation period, but they will not go through it. This would establish a time in the tribulation period for the Antichrist to rise before the church is raptured. It also harmonizes with the scriptures that declare Antichrist will make war upon the saints. This interpretation is not accepted by a lot of good orthodox brethren, but it is the author's belief. Many do believe as he does.
    This interpretation does deny the continual or age-existing imminence of Christ's return for His saints. The doctrine of the imminent return of Christ for His saints does not harmonize with the Lord's teaching on the subject of His return. (The doctrine of the

imminent return of Christ, briefly stated, is: The Lord may return to day, tonight, or at any time for the saints.)
    That position weakens in the light of what the Lord said in Matthew, chapters 24-25, and in the light of what Paul taught in 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, and other scriptures. These scriptures forced the author to the conclusion that the coming of Jesus has not always been imminent, and that the Bible teaches the very opposite. The Lord gave some signs that are to characterize the last days. He said to His disciples -- His church: "When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh", (Luke 21:28).
     This scripture would be absolutely meaningless if His coming were always imminent. Why should they be looking for His return every hour of the day and every hour of the night when these things had not been fulfilled? This emphasizes that many people accept a thing as true just because it is tradition. Let the student seek to think things through and study truth for truth's sake, and not merely to support a theory. He may have to change his thinking here and there, but who has not? If wrong, it is better to make some mistakes and correct them than to continue in the errors of unscriptural traditions.
    Except for the brief assertion "but they will not go through it", found in the opening sentence, I say a hearty "Amen!" This sounds to me like sensible interpretation and wise counsel. E.G.


    Some people indulge themselves in foolish notions about sin. They imagine it possible to live in disobedience of God's commands and defiance of all moral laws, and then, by a single act of penitence have all the consequences of their sinning wiped out, all the effects of their life-long indulgence of evil habits reversed, and their character changed into saintly beauty and fitness for the Kingdom of God.
    Such insanity has no basis in the Word of God. Such as choose to live in sin must eat its bitter and inevitable fruits. Some trees cast forth their fruit, but the fruit of sin ever remains in the life -- becoming a part of it. In the realm of material things one may plant seed while another will gather and eat the harvest. In the spiritual realm things are different; every sinner must eat the fruit of his own sowing.
    Sundown does not bring an end to the lives that we live each day. Every act, word, thought, desire, and choice is a seed which we drop. Carelessly, we rush through life - never expecting to face our deeds. But then we come upon some ugly plant and ask, "What is this?" The answer comes, "I am one of your plants. You planted the seed from which I came."
    Every day of our lives finds us involved in planting some kind of seed. What will the harvest be? "Be not deceived, God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap", (Gal. 6:7).
    "The most sublime moments of life lies close beside its most painful situations."


    "I will bless thee....and thou shalt be a blessing," (Gen. 12:2).
    That is God's offer and message to all of us. He wants to bless us and then He wants us in turn to be a blessing to others. God's way is to send very many of His good things through human mediators. When He would bless a little child, He puts a gift of wondrous love into a mother's heart. When He would bless a class of young people or children He sends a teacher with a heart full of sympathy and earnest interest in life. When He would bless a community, He raises up a good man, and touches his heart, that he may scatter benefits among the people.
    When God enriches us with gifts of whatever kind, He wants them to be a blessing to others. Nothing that we have is ours for ourselves alone; we receive that we may dispense. When God gives a man money, He intends him to use it so as to make it a blessing to the world. When God bestows upon any one the gift of song, of eloquence, of the artist's power, He desires these gifts to be used to make men better and happier. We should never live for ourselves. We should seek always to live so as to make the world purer, truer, richer, sweeter.
-- Miller
'He liveth long who liveth well;
  All else is being flung away:
He liveth longest who can tell
  Of true things truly done each
-- Bonar
"The lone, wolf travels a lonely path, but he beats the pack to the kill."


culties and contaminated rivers it is difficult to find a suitable place to baptize, so we have built a baptistry that can be disassembled and put in the closet when not in use, and are looking forward to that service on the 25th. There seems to be a fresh awareness of the power of God --- a new confidence in Him manifesting itself in the speech and actions of some of the brethren and we are rejoicing in that.
    We appreciate the concern, prayers, and offerings of our brethren that sustain us here and know that a report of lost folk being saved out of the power of Satan to God, as a result of your faithfulness, will bring joy to your hearts.
    Our family is well.
In Jesus' Love,
Dick Ferris
    Let us remember to ask God's daily blessing on all those who faithfully proclaim the "unsearchable riches of Christ" --- at home, and abroad.
    Why not begin THIS MOMENT?


paths of sensual pleasure?
    Can you imagine that God is fooled by your pious pretensions? Do you think your brethren are deceived by your self-centered expectation of being treated as a "special case"? as one who "really means well" but is constantly being tripped and caused to stumble?
    If you have REALLY BEEN SAVED, shouldn't you stop this silly, selfish, sinful demand for special attention, and yield your life to the service of Jesus? Or are you so stupid as to imagine that God will change the rules just to get you on His team?
    Where is the EVIDENCE that you have been saved? (See James 2:18) If you are not actively and faithfully engaged in the work to which Jesus Christ has called those who are His, then you have NO RIGHT to call yourself a Christian.

    Isn't it about time that YOU ceased this self-centered existence and started living in such a way as to glorify Him Who took your place at Calvary? Today? Right NOW?

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