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    In response to the expressed desire of Bro. Edgar Potter to serve the Lord on the Brazilian mission field, the following resolution was unanimously adopted by Landmark Church in her regular conference on October 3, 1970.

    'Believing that Jesus Christ has wisely entrusted the task of perpetuating His life, message and ministry into the hands of His church, BE IT KNOWN, therefore that we, the Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, of Rockford, Illinois, recognize and accept the responsibility of "holding forth the Word of life" as God directs.
    WHEREAS, Brother Edgar R. Potter has made known his call of God to labor on the Brazilian Mission Field, and WHEREAS he is a member of this church, in good standing, and has manifested a sustained interest in the souls of men and the blood purchased church of the Lord Jesus Christ;
    BE IT, THEREFORE, RESOLVED that we "separate him" unto the work whereunto God has called him -- recommending him "unto the grace of God" with full confidence that He Who has called him will, through the generosity of His own people, supply his needs "according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus".

    BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that we authorize our Treasurer to establish a permanent Savings Account to be designated:
to which contributions may be made at any time for the transportation of Bro. Potter and his family to and from the mission field so long as they serve under the sponsorship of this church and in harmony with the principles and teachings that we hold dear.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, should said missionary cease his mission labors, the balance of said funds will be transferred to the General Mission Fund of this church to be used in assisting those missionaries then receiving our regular support.
    BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we unite our hearts, prayers and financial abilities in the support of this brother as he goes forth to make Christ known in regions beyond.'
       Signed: B. F. Ward
               Glenn B. Nunally
               Eugene Garner

    We feel confident that many of our brethren will share our joy in seeing another laborer called unto the harvest of the Master's vineyard. We hope that as many as pos-
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The Clarion Herald The Clarion Herald


Courage, Brother, do not stumble,
  Though the path be dark as night;
There's a star to guide the humble.
  Trust in God and do the right.

Let the road be rough and dreary,
  And its end far out of sight,
Foot it bravely, strong or weary;
  Trust in God and do the right.

Perish policy and cunning,
  Perish all that fears the light;
Whether losing, whether winning,
  Trust in God and do the right.

Trust no party, sect, or faction,
  Trust no leaders in the fight;
But in every word and action
 Trust in God and do the right.
Some will hate you, some will love
  Some will flatter, some will
Cease from man, and look above you,
  Trust in God and do the right.
--Norman McLeod
  "We never get deeper into Christ than we allow Him to get into us."


    Such as set their hearts on the applause of the world tend to think too highly of themselves. Zealously do they exalt self at the expense of others, whom they constantly criticize in an effort to focus attention on their own imagined excellence. This sort of thing is often found in the church, (Rom. 12:3).
    It is easy to get a distorted sense of one's own worth and worthiness. How often do men judge God harshly for His failure to recognize and appreciate their merits. All such have failed to accept the view of themselves that is clearly revealed in the mirror of God's inerrant Word, (Jas. 1:22-25). It is possible for one, by his attitude and deeds, to judge himself "unworthy of everlasting life", (Acts 13: 46); so one should always walk in the fear of God.
    A balanced idea of one's worth may be attained only through consideration of God and His Word. He declares some "worthy" of certain blessings He has reserved for His own. The workman is "worthy of his meat", (Matt. 10: 10). One day some will be permitted to walk with the Lord "in white...for they are worthy", (Rev. 3:4; See Lk. 20:35; 21:36; 2 Thes. 1:4-5). Paul prayed for his brethren, that God might "count you worthy", (2 Thes. 1:11-12). In reality, one is "made worthy" only by the power of the indwelling Christ, (Col. 1:12-14). But some are declared "unworthy", (Matt. lO:37-38; 22:8). And others are plainly declared to be worthy of condemnation, (Rom. 1:32; Heb. 10:28-29; Rev. 16:4-7; See Lk. 23: 41).

    The scriptures speak of some who came to feel a sense of unworthiness. John the Baptist did not consider himself worthy to bear the shoes of the Christ, (Matt. 3:11). The centurian felt himself unworthy of entertaining Jesus under his roof, (Matt. 8:8). The righteous will one day be amazed to hear what it was that Jesus regarded in declaring them worthy of His kingdom, (Matt. 25:34-37). Paul considered himself unworthy to be called an apostle, (I Cor. 15:9). And the Prodigal Son, awakened to see him self in a true light, cried out: "Father, I have sinned against he ven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son," (Lk. 15:21).
    Whenever a person honestly faces himself, in the presence of God's perfect holiness, he will cry out: "Unworthy am I of the grace that He gave, Unworthy to hold to His hand. Amazed that a King would reach down to a slave, This love I cannot understand!" (Stanphill).
    But there is One who is fully worthy of our confidence and absolute trust; He is worthy also of heaven's eternal praise. He is JESUS, the Lamb of God. There is coming a day wherein the voices of multiplied myriads will resound in shouts of adoration and praise, saying: "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing". Every living creature, in heaven and earth, will join in the refrain to proclaim: "Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb forever and ever" (Rev. 5:11-13). Jesus Christ, and He alone, is worthy of such praise

and universal acclaim. He invites us to come unto Himself and find "rest" for our souls, (Matt. 11:28-30). And, if we will trust in Him, He will receive us JUST AS WE ARE.

'Not worthy, Lord, to gather up the
With trembling hand, that from Thy
    table fall.
A Weary, heavy-laden sinner comes
    To plead Thy promise and obey
      Thy call.

I am not worthy to be thought Thy
Or sit the last and lowest at Thy
Too long a wanderer and too oft be-
I only ask one reconciling Word.

I hear Thy voice; Thou bid'st me
    come and rest;
I come, I kneel, I clasp Thy pier-
    ced feet;
Thou bid'st me take my place, a
    welcome guest
Among Thy saints, and of Thy ban-
    quet eat.'(-- Bickersteth)

    What marvellous grace! What tender care! What faithful love, and enduring mercies! Surely all who know the wretchedness of their own empty hearts should cry out: "Just as I am....O Lamb of God, I COME!"

    A cordial, Christian welcome awaits all who attend the services of our church. We are interested in our friends, neighbors, fellow-workmen, community and nation. Our concern is not in what you may give to the church, but in what we may SHARE TOGETHER "in Christ". COME AND SEE if you do not find Christ!

    It is wonderful to be able to discern the working of God's hand in human history. It is marvellous to note how faithfully and incessantly He has worked in our past lives. To know Him as our EBENEZER -- to be able to say, "hitherto the Lord hath helped us" is a blessing that should never be minimized. But to know Him merely as "Ebenezer" is insufficient for triumphant Christian living.
    Again, it is not sufficient to think of God as being One Who assures for us a certain and wonderful future. It is right that God's people live in earnest expectation of receiving the many blessings He has promised for the future. However, this ALONE will not enable us to live triumphantly.
    To live as victorious Christians it is necessary that we know Him as the great "I Am". God must be very real to us NOW! We must be aware that He is a "very PRESENT help" in our day-to-day living. Such a role of "nearness" He desires to fill in our lives each day. And, provided we are willing, He WILL "work in us both to will and to do" of His good pleasure.
sible will invite this Brother to visit in your churches before he leaves the states next Summer.
    The "Mission Transportation Fund" is designed to help relieve his concern of whether funds will be available for going to or returning from the mission field. We INVITE the assistance of sister churches in this endeavor. Contributions to this fund should be sent to:
Ben F. Ward, Treasurer
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
2519 Lindberg Drive
Rockford, Illinois 61109
    Should you desire to contact Bro. Potter after November 1, you may address him at:
   4861 Linview Drive
   Rockford, Ill. 61109.
Your correspondence will be forwarded to him immediately. E.G.
    "Even a battleship cannot go into battle with a mutiny raging on board."
    "No public feast with God can compensate for the loss of the private interview."

3026 Horton Street
Rockford, Illinois 61109

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