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    The heart of Jesus is loving and tender, but it is not sentimental. Some people are so soft that they cannot endure the sight of suffering; this is not true of Jesus. He knows that suffering is sometimes necessary for our growth. When such is the case He does not immediately lift the burden from our shoulders.
It is possible to be too tender toward pain. Some parents are so soft, emotionally, that they pamper and spoil their children to the hurt of all concerned. Pity with out control is a definite weakness, and it is sometimes very injurious.
    The tenderness of Jesus was always a wise tenderness. He never once yielded to the entreaties of a sufferer when He knew that denial would be best for him. He does not grant our requests because He is unable to say "no" to our tearful pleadings. Nor will He allow any disciple to go unchastened if chastisement is necessary for development in Christlikeness.
    Sometimes, in fact, Jesus seems to deal very severely with those who come to Him; it is always a severity prompted by love. At times He appears to deny our requests and turn a deaf ear on our pleadings. He so tests us that He may determine the sincerity and depth of our
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    Within the next few weeks two of our missionaries will be returning to their fields of labor in South America. Bro. Eldwyn Rogers and family will be returning to Para guay; Bro. Steve Montgomery and family will be returning to Brazil. Both of these brethren have been in the States, visiting among sup porting churches, for more than a year and are looking forward to rejoining their fellowlaborers with eager hearts.
    There is one disappointing note. Bro. Montgomery has not yet been able to obtain the necessary documents (from the Brazilian government) for taking his airplane into the country. It will be necessary for him to leave it behind until he can secure the documents necessary to make certain that the plane will not be confiscated upon its arrival in Brazil. But he is confident the Lord will open the way for its use in His service there. Pray about this.
    The work continues to grow and prosper in both Brazil & Paraguay, but the hearts ofmany native workers will rejoice at the return ofthese beloved missionaries.
faith. But He does not withhold any good thing from one who walks uprightly.

The Clarion Herald The Clarion Herald


    Since the CLARION HERALD last went to press so many joyful things have blessed the life of this edit or that it seems appropriate to share them with the readers.
    First, on the night of May 27, I flew to Florida to be with my brother, Dr. Albert Garner, in the activities involved in closing out another school year at the Florida Baptist Schools. There I enjoyed the fellowship of brethren whom I had not seen for many years, attended a testimonial dinner in Albert's honor (as he is retiring from his work of Administrative President of the Florida Baptist Institute), and was privileged to bring a brief devotional on their Commencement Program. Beside this I was able to spend a little time with my parents -- and with a nephew, and family, that I barely knew before.
    On June 4-7 it was the privilege of Landmark Church to have Bro. Michael Rogers with us for a Youth Revival. His messages blessed our

hearts, and challenged us to a closer walk with God. The fellowship we enjoyed together has been precious. On Friday evening of our Youth Revival, Bro. Lory Poynor showed a filmstrip and spoke briefly on the subject of "Drug Abuse & Addiction". His was a very timely and practical message. We appreciate his willingness to take time out of a very busy schedule to be with us on this occasion.

    Then, on Saturday morning, June 6, Bro. Rogers and I attended a Quarterly Meeting at Bethel Church, St. Charles (where Bro. Poynor is the beloved pastor and gracious host to many gatherings). The brethren graciously selected me to bring the opening message. Then we were challenged by a timely message from Bro. Jarrel Huffman.
    In addition to all that, Bro. Rogers is continuing in our home for a while, and we are finding great joy in fellowship and a study of God's Word together. Wish it were possible to share these joys with each of you.
-- E. Garner
    "The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad", (Psa. 126:3). Shouldn't we PRAISE HIM ?

    Jesus likened the Kingdom of Heaven to "a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants and delivered unto them his goods", (Matt. 25:14-46). There are several things that may be observed in this illustration.
    1. IT IS TO "HIS OWN SERVANTS" THAT OUR LORD ENTRUSTS HIS GOODS. No servant has any excuse for idleness. Each has been given his own work. The responsibility of each one is determined by that entrusted to him, (Mk. 13:34). It is easy for one to meddle in the affairs of an other while neglecting his own; it is so much easier to supervise the talents of others than to use our own, (Jn. 21:21-22). We should not be too concerned about the judgment of others since it is to our Lord that we must give account for our stewardship, (I Cor. 4:3-5). To judge others censuriously is always wrong, (Rom. 14:4; Jas. 4:11; Matt. 7:1-5). But each of us should be concerned to do our own work well, (Rom. 14:10-13).
    2. NOT ALL ARE ENTRUSTED WITH THE SAME WORK OR ABILITY, (Matt. 25:14; I Cor. 12:4-11; Rom. 12:3-8). Each one has an equal responsibility to USE WHAT GOD HAS ENTRUSTED TO HIM, but all do not have an equal regard for that responsibility, (Matt. 25:16-25). While some are faithful, others see no advantage in fidelity. Isn't it strange that men attempt to judge God by the very worst in themselves? (Psa. 50:20-21; Lk 19:20-21).
    3. GOD WILL JUDGE EVERY MAN BY HIS FIDELITY IN USING WHAT IS ENTRUSTED TO HIM, (Matt. 25:21, 23, 26-29). If faithful, the one talent man may receive the same com-

mendation as those more liberally endowed, (I Cor. 4:1-2; Lk. 16:10). The day will come when each person must face his record on high; it isn't too late to improve it, (2 Cor. 5:10; Eccl. 12:14; Rom. 14:12; John 9:4). Every unprofitable servant faces terrible loss, (Matt. 25:30). Yet, it is only "by grace, through faith" that one is enabled to live triumphantly. No one may "earn" or "merit" a reward.
    4. HOW ARE YOU USING YOUR TALENTS? (Matt. 25:31-36; 41:43). It is significant that Jesus bases His distinction between "sheep" and "goats" on OCCUPATION, (Jas. 1:27; 2:14-18). Talk and activity are invalid as substitutes for Christ like unselfishness in behalf of others, (Isa. 58:3-7). We must not become pre-occupied with self; our lives must be lived for others, (Matt. 25:44-46). God's judgment will not merely involve wrong deeds but also everything that has been left UNDONE, (Matt. 7:16-23; 25:37-40). What significance may be seen in the words "inasmuch" and "well done"! The smallest talent, fully and faithfully used for Christ will receive a great reward.
    Are YOU a wise and faithful steward? DON'T LOSE EVERYTHING!!


    Within the next few weeks it is our intention to publish a special edition of the CLARION HERALD dealing with the history of our mission work in Japan. Devoted brethren have rendered years of faithful and sometimes thankless service in that vast mission field. We appreciate their labors, and trust that others may be enlisted as "fellowhelpers" to the truth in that field.


    Some of you have urged the publication of my "Outline Studies in the Covenants" which were prepared for the instruction of Landmark Church some time ago. By God's grace, this work is almost ready for publication; NOW I NEED YOUR HELP! This business of publication is an expensive thing --- more than this editor can bear alone. Perhaps we may help each other. If YOU are willing to invest in this ministry, in advance, I will be delighted to give a liberal discount for your investment. This book of about 8O pages will have to sell for $1.00 when single copies are desired. For the next month, however, I will reserve 10 copies for every $5.00 investment toward its publication. In addition they will be shipped to you "postage paid". It is not the desire of this author to realize any personal profit on this publication. He does believe it will strengthen the lives of God's people and bring glory to His name. Will YOU help?

    We want not merely a high and full theology,but we want that theology acted out in life; embodied in daily, doings, without any-thing of what the world calls "cant and simper". The higher the theology, the higher and manlier should be the life resulting from it. It should give to the Christian character and bearing a divine erectness and simplicity; true dignity and demeanor, without pride, or stiffness, or coolness; true strength of will, without obstinacy, or caprice, or waywardness. The higher the doctrine is, the more ought it to bring us into contact with the mind of God, which is "the truth", and with the will of God, which is "the law". He who con cludes that, because he has reached the region of the "higher doctrines", he may soar above the law, or above creeds, or above churches, or above the petty details of common duty, would need to be on his guard against a blunted conscience, a self-made religion, and a wayward life.
-- Horatius Bonar

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