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    Many a time in secret we are faint with sad hearts to complain to God - "Alas! Lord, we have spoken to them in Thy name, but they little regard us. We have told them what Thou biddest us to tell them, that if they die unconverted, they shall never enter the kingdom of heaven, but they do not believe us. We have told them that Thou hast protested that there is no peace to the wicked (Isa. 48:22), but the worst of them will scarcely believe that they are wicked!
    We have shown them Thy Word where Thou hast said, "If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die", (Rom. 8:13). They say that they believe it, but they do not! They say that they trust in Thee, yet, they give no credit to Thy word! They profess to have hope in God, when they hope that the threatenings of Thy Word are not true.
    We show them where Thou hast said, that when the wicked man dieth, all his hopes perish; yet we cannot persuade them that their hopes are deceitful! We tell them Thou art ready to receive them, but this doth but make them delay
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"And when he had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts ..." (Mark 3:5).

    What intensity of emotion is suggested by this brief word - spoken, as it is, of a sinless nature! On this one occasion ONLY is such an expression used of Jesus: "He looked round on them WITH ANGER!" Never did He grieve for Himself. His interests were reserved for those who were tampering with their own souls - while dishonoring His Father-God. The constant spectacle of moral evil, thrust on the gave of spotless purity, made His earthly history one consecutive history of grief - one perpetual "cross and passion"!
    There is no doubt that sympathy was involved in the tears He shed at the tomb of Bethany, but a far more significant cause was one that went undiscerned by the weeping sisters and sorrowing crowd; He knew the deep and stubborn impenitence of those who were about to observe this mightiest of His miracles, only to "despise, and wonder, and perish!" "JESUS WEPT!" Yet, His most profound anguish was over grace resisted, privilege abused and mercy scorned! The Divine Art-

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ist mourned over His shattered handiwork; the Almighty Creator wept over a ruined world; God, the God-man, grieved over the temple of the soul - a humiliating wreck of that which was once made "after His own image!"
    Is there any sense in which we can sympathize with such exalted tears? Do we mourn over our own sin - the deep insult that it offers to God - and the destructive force that it brings into our lives? Do we grieve over the sins of others? Do we know anything of the vexation of soul over the world's unlawful deeds - the foolish, stubborn hardness of the depraved heart that equally resists wrath and love, judgment and mercy?
    It is a simple thing to condemn sins in general terms, and to castigate the guilty with harsh, severe and cutting denunciations. It is easy enough to make unloving comments about the inconsistencies and failures of others. But, to

"grieve" as our Lord did, is an entirely different thing! He was grieved over the hardness of men's hearts, yet had a burning desire to teach them BETTER THINGS! He hated the sin, but dearly loved the sinner!
    We must learn to mourn over the sinfulness of our own hearts - knowing what displeasure it brings to our loving and compassionate Saviour. We should purpose, in every moment of temptation, to ask ourselves: "How CAN I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?"
    Grieve for a perishing world - a groaning creation fettered and chained in unwilling subjection to vanity. Do what you can, by prayer and deed, to hasten the hour of Jubilee - when its robes of sin and sorrow will be laid aside, and, attired in the "beauties of holiness" it shall exult in "the glorious liberty of the Sons of God!"


    Since the editor plans to be out-of-state for a week during the month of July there will be no July issue of THE CLARION HERALD.
    Pastor Leonard C. Ford, and the First Missionary Baptist Church, of Anchorage, Alaska, will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their church. They have planned a Fellowship Meeting on July 12 - 14, and I expect to attend. Perhaps you could attend also.
    It is my understanding that Bro. Edward Byrd (of Kailua, Hawaii) will be speaking in a series of evening services from July 2-15. I look forward to a time of real fellowship in the Word. E.G.

COMPLAINT - Continued

their repentance, and be bolder in Sin.
    Some of them say they purpose to repent, but they still remain the same; we entreat them, but cannot prevail. Some of them confess their sin, but few forsake it!
    Many take comfort in the belief that they will be as well off as others; thus, they go together on the broad road to destruction!
    We try to stress matters of eternal importance, but cannot get a word of it to their hearts - for they are filled with the love of other things. In their own eyes, they are wiser than their teachers.
    O Lord! this is the case with our miserable neighbors, and we cannot help it. We see them ready to drop into hell, yet, if we would beg of them on our knees, and with tears, to turn to Jesus, that they might be saved, WE CANNOT PERSUADE THEM!
    And, now, O Lord! what more can we do?" -- Selected
    "When a man desires to sleep, he desires to hear no noise; so, when a man doth desire to sleep in sin, he desires not to hear the voice of grace disturbing him. And the devil, like a diligent chamberlain, draweth the curtains of darkness and security about him."
-- Fenner, 1656
    The greatest sinner, who trusts in the blood of Jesus, will assuredly be saved. The best man in the world, who trusts in his own goodness, will be forever LOST!


"He was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for our iniquities", (Isaiah 53:5).

Thy works, not mine, O Christ,     Speak gladness to this heart;
They tell me all is done,
    They bid my fear depart.

Thy wounds, not mine, O Christ,
    Can heal my bruised soul;
Thy stripes, not mine, contain
    The balm that makes me whole.

Thy cross, not mine, O Christ,
    Has borne the awful load
Of sins that none in heaven
    Or earth could bear, but God.

Thy righteousness, O Christ,
    A1one can cover me;
No righteousness avails
    Save that which is of Thee.

Thy righteousness alone
    Can clothe and beautify;
I wrap it round my soul;
    In this I'll live and die.
-- Bonar


    "Able even to subdue all things unto Himself", (Phil. 3:21).
    "Able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work", (2 Cor. 9:18).
    "Able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy", (Jude 24).
    "Able to succor them that are tempted", (Heb. 2:18).
    "Able also to save them to the

uttermost that come unto God by Him", (Heb. 7:25).
    "What He had promised ... able also to perform", (Rom. 4:21).
    "Able to make him stand", (Rom. 14:4).
    "Able to keep that which I have committed unto Him", (2 Tim. 1:12).
    "Able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified", (Acts 20:32).
    "Able; to do exceeding abundantly above all that we are able to ask or think", (Eph. 3:20).
    "Believe ye that I am able to do this?" (Matt. 9:28)


    To help the helpless is an absolute duty not only of every working citizen, but also of every responsible government.
    It is also, however, the responsibility of every working individual and government to watch lest they are taken by advantage.
    A recent report of the Census Bureau has revealed the following:
    Any girl is offered an irresistible solution by the U.S. government. It presents her at age 16 a chance for independence in an apartment of her own: free housing, medicine, legal assistance, and a combination of payments and food stamps worth several hundred dollars a month.
    It is a package far beyond the earning capacity of any of her male acquaintances and it is offered without any requirement of work. There is only one crucial condition: SHE MUST BEAR AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD!
    If she has three children, her effective welfare income in New York State will rise to $8,333 which is more than 45% above the after-tax earnings of a full time job at the minimum wage.
    With such an overwhelming inducement from the state, millions of young women have indeed launched illegitimates into the welfare culture. As this behavior becomes accepted in welfare communities, it is adopted by many girls, black and white, without calculation or deceit, as a simple reflection of a way of life.